Senate Republicans Gear Up for Failure Theater

Get ready. The Senate Republicans are about to engage in one of their regular bouts of “failure theater,” that favorite show of theirs where they pound their chests, declare their loyalty to the cause, and arrange the game so they are guaranteed to lose while telling you how hard they fought.

Just check out this quote from Roy Blunt:

Sometimes, you have to go through an exercise in futility a time or two to truly prove it is an exercise in futility.

That’s right. You hicks and rube who think the government should shutdown rather than another child have his head cut off with federal tax dollars subsidizing Planned Parenthood can just go to hell. Senate Republicans are going to show you.

They’re going to declare they stand on the side of babies.

They’re going to set up a piece of legislation the Democrats will block.

Then they’ll tell you they tried, but keep the money flowing to kill children.

Republicans in Washington will do anything and everything possible to fail. They want to fail because they want you to fail. And they might get National Right to Life Committee to join them at the press conference to tell you caving is good for the babies.

CONFIRMED: Senate Republican Leaders Paid for Attacks Against Conservatives

I can confirm that the attack ads in Mississippi run by “All Citizens for Mississippi” were funded by Senate Republicans, including Senators Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Rob Portman, Bob Corker, and Roy Blunt. It appears our Senate Republican leaders are willing to risk losing a Senate majority so long as they can get their own re-elected. Yes folks, it is true. I can confirm what we all suspected.

The advertisements attacked Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel and painted conservative Republicans and tea party activists as racists. According to documents filed with the Federal Elections Commission, All Citizens for Mississippi received funding from a Haley Barbour backed group called Mississippi Conservatives.

Mississippi Conservatives, in turn, was funded in part by Sally Bradshaw of the RNC’s Growth and Opportunity Project, former RNC Chairman and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, the United States Chamber of Commerce, and the political action committees created for Senators Mitch McConnell ($50,000), John Cornyn ($50,000), Rob Portman ($25,000), Bob Corker ($25,000), and Roy Blunt ($5,000).

Interestingly, Sally Bradshaw and Henry Barbour (Haley Barbour’s nephew) worked on the autopsy of the 2012 GOP loss.

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Hold Mitch McConnell To His Word

In February, Mitch McConnell told Senate Republicans he would not bring up any votes on Obamacare repeal.

On March 1, 2012, the Senate considered Senator Roy Blunt’s amendment to the Senate version of the highway bill. It was the only amendment the Senate GOP offered.

On its surface, it was a good amendment. It would allow religious employers to opt out of the new Obamacare mandate on contraception and abortifacient drugs. But strategically, it is another lame effort by Senator Mitch McConnell to let Senate Democrats in swing states absolve themselves of any blame for what Barack Obama has done.

Consider the alternative. There is another amendment Senator McConnell expressly refused to bring up that week as an alternative — an amendment by Senator Jim DeMint for full repeal of Obamacare.

“Wait,” you say, “It’d never pass.” True. But neither did Roy Blunt’s and they knew it going into the vote.

At the time, McConnell’s loyal lieutenants went on record that McConnell did not want to anger Harry Reid with Obamacare votes.

The outrage over McConnell’s refusal to bring up the DeMint amendment caused McConnell to promise several outside groups he would dedicate an entire month, the month of March, to efforts to repeal Obamacare and get Democrats on the record.

He did not keep his word.

Now it is time for him to do so.

There are a number of close Senate races with incumbent, endangered Democrats. It is time to put them back on record on whether or not they support the most massive tax increase in American history.

It is time for Mitch McConnell to keep his word.

Running Sarah Steeleman

Sarah Steeleman is thinking of getting into the Missouri Senate race against Roy Blunt. Those two do not like each other one bit.

Steeleman ran for Missouri Governor and lost in the primary. Her opponent went down in flames in the general election.

Steeleman is making the rounds to all the conservative groups trying to line up support. It is no secret that Roy Blunt, while a conservative standard bearer on social issues, is squishy on fiscal issues. He has been a porker and recalcitrant on many reform issues.

So here is where we find ourselves: Roy Blunt is an extraordinarily nice guy. It’s no secret I have not been a fan of his leadership in the House Republican Conference, but I like him and his staff a great deal.

I don’t know Sarah Steeleman. Looking at her record and her positions running for Governor, I’d say she’d be my ideological pick. But more and more people tell me she’s a jerk. And these are not the types of people who view self-starting conservative women as jerks. These are people who supported her for Governor. They tell me they are deeply fearful that were she to lose the nomination to Roy Blunt that she’d run a behind the scenes slash and burn campaign, which would only help Carnahan.

We cannot afford to lose Missouri in 2010. If Steeleman wants in, I’ve got no problem. But I am deeply, deeply concerned that even a number of her supporters from her last race are concerned about her entry and attitude.

I hope she thinks carefully before pulling the trigger on a run.