Senate Republicans Willfully and Knowingly Lie to Their Constituents

Last night, having noted the list of Republicans in the Senate who voted to fund Obamacare in yesterday’s Morning Briefing, I went through a series of emails from readers. Readers from Texas, Kentucky, Utah, South Dakota, and Georgia all had the same story. They’d called the offices of Senators Chambliss, Cornyn, Hatch, Thune, McConnell, and Isakson to object to those senators funding Obamacare. They were | Read More »

Regarding Saxby Chambliss

Saxby Chambliss is waffling around like a dog off its leash for the first time. He says he does not care about a “twenty year old pledge” he signed. He’s talking about the Americans for Tax Reform pledge that says he pledges not to raise taxes. He has clarified his remarks to mean he wants tax reform that increases revenue through job growth. Everyone knows | Read More »

“Self-Destructive Conservatism”

Charlie Cook has an article up in which he decides conservatives are self-destructive.

A fellow who oversees lobbying in all 50 states for a major corporation recently told me about a certain Republican U.S. senator up for re-election in 2010, someone generally regarded as fairly conservative who might face a serious challenge from a very conservative fellow Republican. The incumbent has not been tainted by scandal, has never embarrassed himself by making a major mistake, is highly regarded in Washington, and is considered a very effective senator.

I was dumbfounded. Although it isn’t hard to see why a moderate Republican such as Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter could face a conservative primary challenge, it is difficult to understand why a conservative Republican would be challenged from the right. This is a party in danger of cannibalizing itself. . . .

And it means that GOP primaries, particularly in open-seat races, will be even more likely than in the past to nominate ideologues. The party’s contraction and rightward movement have become self-perpetuating, and will continue to be until something breaks the cycle.

This, I think, is wrongheaded and is part of the inside the beltway thinking resonating with too many Republican Senators who will keep the GOP in the minority by following Charlie Cook’s conventional wisdom.

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The Old DSCC “Max Cleland” Smear

The DSCC is rallying support for Jim Martin by making false trumped up claims about how and why Sen. Saxby Chambliss ousted then-Sen. Max Cleland. Below is a list of some of their more egregious claims – mind you the DSCC is not the only group propagating false claims in a desperate attempt to unseat Sen. Chambliss.
Here and now, I challenge you to watch the campaign ad in question and decided for yourself if the below claims are true or blatant lies.

Max Cleland Email from 10/23/08 

  • In 2002, Saxby Chambliss won his Senate seat in the final days by putting my picture next to Osama bin Laden and lying about me.  It was despicable, but it worked.

J.B Poersch Email from 10/18/08

  • I have never forgotten Saxby Chambliss’ revolting and repulsive hit piece equating Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein to triple-amputee war hero Max Cleland in 2002.
  • We cannot forget that Chambliss has a sordid history of ugly, nasty personal attacks.

Max Cleland Email from 8/13/08

  • Our opponents put my picture next to Osama bin Laden and said I wouldn’t keep America safe.

J.B Poersch Email from 2/11/08

  • Remember, incumbent Senator Max Cleland was a decorated war hero – a triple amputee – and here were Georgia Republicans smearing his patriotism and equating him with Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.

Is there even a shred of truth in any of these claims? Not a one. But, there are two lines from these same fundraising emails (not included above) that are true; only they apply to Democrats not Saxby Chambliss and the Republicans:

  • The disgusting lies and the dirty tricks are just around the corner.
  • I’m not going to take their smears or their lies anymore.  Neither should you.

If you want to offset their lies and smears Democrats are using to prop up Martin in the run-off campaign, please go to and/or to donate and learn the truth.

I’ve given $500.00. What will you give?