Because Sean Spicer Is a Far More Decent Person Than Them

Hollywood and a lot of reporters are outraged — OUTRAGED I TELL YOU — that Stephen Colbert would dare “normalize” or “rehabilitate” Sean Spicer. “Why?” they are asking. Some Hollywood stars who support the ability to rip up children and suck their brains out had the audacity to call Spicer evil.

So why do it?

Because Colbert could and did and I am glad.

I have had more than one solid journalist I deeply respect lament Spicer’s role in the White House this past year. At first they were sorry for him, then mad at him. But repeatedly reporters in the White House would note how helpful the staff was behind the scenes when the cameras were not rolling.

The fact is Sean Spicer is one of the vastly more decent people in Washington, D.C. and always has been. He made the best of a disastrous situation and whether you agree with his decision or not, it seemed to me pretty clear he thought he was taking one for the team, doing what was necessary, even if unpleasant and uncomfortable.

There will be a lot of people who do not look at Sean Spicer the same way again and there will be a lot of people who resist ever allowing Spicer to return to his pre-Trump normalcy. But he deserves that normalcy and that rehabilitation.

Many of the people most openly hostile to Spicer are far less decent people who have behaved vastly more shamefully in their public and private lives than any level of shame they attribute to Spicer. If he deserves no release, they surely do not and yet have already been given it.

At the end of the day, if we force others to hang on to their actions that make us cringe and give them no room to do new things that make us smile, we will be a nation in permanent cringe at each other. And Sean is a good guy.

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Sean Spicer Is Looking For Work

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer is being scouted by top outlets for a new TV gig.

Despite a rocky and short tenure under the Trump administration, “Spicey” is a sought-after commodity by major media companies due to his long career in political communications and his high ratings draw. Before entering Trump’s orbit, Spicer served as the communications director for the Republican National Committee from 2011 to 2017.

Spicer met with all the major news networks over the last few days. He held meetings with NBC News president Noah Oppenheim and David Rhodes at CBS. He also met with executives at Fox News regarding potential work. You may have heard about Spicer becoming a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars” – this is very much a possibility. The 45-year-old spent time in Manhattan meeting with ABC executives and was offered a chance to compete on DWTS.

Spicer, who abruptly resigned as press secretary on July 21, was interviewed on Wednesday by MSNBC senior political analyst Mark Halperin at a Manhattan restaurant. The two reportedly “go back a long way.” Spicer has also looked to Halperin, an acclaimed reporter and editor, for book-publishing and career advice.

Spicer is being pursued by top Hollywood agencies such as WME, UTA and CAA. Along with making the television news rounds, he has also met with various agents over a possible book deal and speaking appearances.

Despite being highly coveted by news outlets across the political spectrum, there is one network in particular that he has yet to meet with. Unsurprisingly, Spicer has held no talks with CNN regarding a possible job.

A source with Page Six explains, “Spicer has met with everyone except CNN — for obvious reasons. Everybody wants to get the first interview with him, he’s a huge booking right now — but Sean’s got his own agenda and he’s first looking for a big TV job.”

It’s safe to say there is still bad blood between CNN and Spicey. The Trump administration has been extremely critical of their news coverage in the past months. The contentious relationship hit a breaking point when President Trump tweeted a gif of him body slamming a man with a CNN logo superimposed over his head.

New WH Comms Director in ’12: We Have 50% of Guns, Need More Gun Control

Thanks to the watchful eye of radio talk show host Dana Loesch, this alarming tweet from the incoming White House Communications Director will have a lot of Trump supporters scratching their heads. Scaramucci tweeted his support for more gun control in August 2012:

Dana is right to ask if he’s changed his mind on the issue.

Scaramucci will be filling the position outgoing White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer temporarily filled for the past Communications Director, who left earlier this year.

To ensure fewer communications gaffes and mishaps, an effective communicator must be at the helms of this position. Will that be Scaramucci? If he still holds these aforementioned tweets, that’s very concerning. We shall see.

Spicer Out, Swamp Thing In?

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So now that Sean Spicer has resigned as White House press secretary, rumor has it that Wall Street muckity-muck Anthony Scaramucci is being tapped for communications director.  Truth be told, I would be just as surprised if President Trump was considering fellow Streeter and Chelsea Clinton hubby Marc Mezvinsky for the job, with as much as the two men have in common in terms of world view.

For instance, here’s Scaramucci on guns in America:

Sounds like he took that bit about America having 5% of the world’s population and using up 25% of the energy and shuffled it around a tick to bash the Second Amendment.  But that kinda makes sense, given his position on globalism:

Wait a second, I thought Trump was all about putting America first?  But whatevs.  Maybe he just misunderstood what the Donald was talking about.  That’s okay, because he’s totally on board with the rest of the agenda.

Um. . .all righty then.  Nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see here.

Or at least that’s what Scaramucci would like the Twitterverse to think, considering how fast he’s starting to delete things from his feed.

So tell me again why this guy is up for a job in the Trump administration?


BREAKING: NYT Reports Sean Spicer Has Resigned

The New York Times is reporting that Sean Spicer has resigned as White House Press Secretary.

Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, resigned on Friday morning, telling President Trump he vehemently disagreed with the appointment of New York financier Anthony Scaramucci as communications director.

Mr. Trump offered Mr. Scaramucci the job at 10 a.m. The president requested that Mr. Spicer stay on, but Mr. Spicer told Mr. Trump that he believed the appointment was a major mistake, according to person with direct knowledge of the exchange.

This is a breaking story.

Leaks, Tweets and the White House

27 Whoever restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding. 28 Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent. Proverbs 17: 27-28

The fact that the MSM is hostile to President Trump has been obvious to conservatives from day one,  and the fact that they will stop at nothing in their attempts to take him down while equally obvious; is now quantified: (MRC)

As President Trump approaches the end of his first 100 days in office, he has received by far the most hostile press treatment of any incoming American president, with the broadcast networks punishing him with coverage that has been 89% negative.

From overtly hostile statements to seemingly innocuous questions, the liberal news shows shape the narrative daily: (MRC)

Five big topics accounted for roughly two-fifths (43%) of the whopping 1,900 minutes of total network airtime devoted to the Trump administration. But those five topics accounted for a much larger share (63%) of the negative coverage hurled at the administration, as the networks covered each with an overwhelmingly hostile (more than 90% negative) slant. The next-most-covered item (222 minutes) was the continuing probe of Russia’s presumed role in last year’s hacks of Democratic e-mails, and whether individuals connected to the Trump campaign may have participated in the scheme. While this topic generated only about half as many evaluative statements as the travel ban, an overwhelming 97% (153 out of 157) were critical of President Trump and his associates. Network anchors used the flap to brand the President as an incorrigible liar. “After a string of unproven claims, will this President struggle to keep the trust of the American public?” NBC’s Lester Holt intoned on his March 20 newscast. Earlier, on March 8, CBS’s Scott Pelley suggested President Trump had psychological problems, asking longtime Democratic official Leon Panetta: “Is it appropriate to ask whether the President is having difficulty with rationality?”

In contrast, the prior President suffered no such indignity: (MRC)

Eight years ago, the networks’ treatment of President Obama’s first 100 days was very different. Back then, the networks delivered most of their coverage to Obama’s key policy priorities, topped by the nearly $1 trillion “stimulus” package (150 stories, or 15% of the total). The network spin for that legislation: 58% positive, vs. 42% negative. “The President’s first seven weeks have been a whirlwind, with often dramatic movement in all directions, on all fronts: the economy, health care, two wars and today education reform,” then-anchor Brian Williams marveled on the March 10, 2009 NBC Nightly News. On World News, March 1, 2009, ABC’s medical editor, Dr. Tim Johnson, gushed after a forum on health care: “I was blown away by President Obama’s grasp of the subject, how he connected the dots, how he answered the questions without any script.”

Over the past few weeks, it appears the MSM animus has increased by an order of magnitude. This seems to be correlated directly to the inordinate number of intelligence leaks flowing out of our capital city on a daily basis. The lack of actual reporting, the dearth of sourced journalism has led to a smarmy stream of gossipy innuendo rather than what was respected methodology just a few years ago.

That the WH and intelligence leaks must be stopped isn’t in question. The success of stemming those leaks is. The intelligence community appears to have the long knifes out for President Trump, and locating embedded liberal Obama supporters is akin to “whack-a-mole”. Like roaches, the bureaucratic deep state can’t be completely eliminated, and won’t go down without a fight.

 There is however a simple, perhaps even wise solution for the White House. Silence. Press Secretary Sean Spicer should announce the following as policy:

The White House will no longer respond to any question on any issue which stems from leaks or unnamed sources.

As oxygen is an oxidizer to fire, so is WH response to ongoing news coverage. The MSM needs, absolutely requires an official administration response to maintain any semblance of ongoing news coverage. Without official response, these anonymously sourced leaks would just become basement level op-ed.

This is not to say the President’s tweets should stop, just any official WH response. The single reply:  “We don’t respond to questions about stories with unnamed sources.” will effectively eliminate at least some of the white noise.

Today, Sean Spicer announced he would no longer address questions about All Things Russia, but would instead direct those questions to the WH Counsel. This is a great start, but Russia isn’t the only story that originated with unnamed sources, nor will it be the last. A standard WH reply would be highly effective, as well as serve to eliminate the odious and snide remarks that usually surround “No Comment”.

 Trying to muzzle the President is an exercise in futility. But, watching him twist the MSM into pretzels through his tweets, while at the same time seeing the DC coterie of news hacks chase Mr. Spicer or Ms. Huckabee Sanders around the press room squealing fruitlessly for any response to intelligence leaks would be fantastic early afternoon entertainment.

Melissa McCarthy, Scoot Over.

Well, Sean Spicer may be back from his partial week off the podium for Naval Reserve duty, but his deputy, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders made a splash of her own during perhaps the most tumultuous news cycle of this new presidency. He didn’t seem to miss it much, even though he quipped about the press missing him while talking to the press today. Perhaps she doesn’t want to give it back. Either way, Spicer would do better to stay out of (or, AWAY FROM?) the bushes during stressful stories in the future.

It’s safe to say though that regardless of who maintains press sec duties (that is, if the president doesn’t cancel them as he threatened to do today), either performer will provide plenty of comedic inspiration for America’s weekend SNL fetish. After a sustained ratings renaissance this last year, SNL has managed to hang onto most of it’s momentum with it’s cast and guests having tapped into the idiosyncrasies of both the press secretary and his boss behind the talents of Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin.

McCarthy prepared for Spicer’s return this week by a return of her own to host of the weekend show, prepping some film for Saturday by driving her infamous motorized podium down 59th st in New York City on Friday morning. [See video above] It was something you had to be there for.

Meanwhile, the White House was working on transitioning back to Spicer return, who many say may be on the rocks after the last week, and his bush incident, with his deputy showing she can handle a few questions, even if it was amusing at times. Her tough as nails persona and a few combative, mic drop moments this week (like this one with Jon Karl) even earned her own hashtag: #Huckaboom. You haven’t truly arrived until you get your own hashtag.

With the kind of week Huckabee-Sanders had, anyone could empathize with having twist like a pretzel while answering a barrage of questions from a legitimately stumped press corps. Nonetheless, even the best of intentions serve to make us laugh when the impressions are done well.

And I think there’s no one better to handle this week’s press briefings than six-year cast member, Vanessa Bayer. I think she can do it. What do you think? If it happens, you heard it here. And it means SNL reads the Resurgent!

Oh, and don’t forget to keep your sense of humor, America. It’s only politics!