DUMB: BLM Activist Shaun King Accuses Philadelphia Eagles of Racism for Refusing to Sign Kaepernick

Football is a sport. Professional football is a sports-related entertainment business. The distinction matters. Businesses exist to make money. Period. End of sentence; end of debate. Any business that fails to satisfy the customer’s expectations is doomed.

That’s a simple fact of life that seems to have eluded leadership of social justice causes. Enter Shaun King, professional agitator.

Of course, to actually understand business one would actually have to work for a living, rather than constantly trying to foment racial tensions to turn a quick buck, but it’s obviously much easier to make demonstrably false claims about an NFL franchise so people donate to the cause. So King recently tweeted that Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie had publicly announced that his team would never sign QB Colin Kaepernick because of his kneeling protest of the national anthem.

The only problem is that the tweet wasn’t remotely close to being true. The Eagles soon released the transcript of what Mr. Lurie actually said — which was the team was currently happy with their current quarterback situation, but if anything changed, the team would be interested in a further evaluation of Mr. Kaepernick as a potential replacement for an injured or under-performing team member.

Mr. King asserted that the Eagles retained a white player in the past known for using a racial epithet in order to portray the team as discriminating against Kaepernick because of race, while conveniently ignoring the fact that the Eagles had also employed Michael Vick after his release from prison at the risk of alienating animal lovers nationwide. Other critics have more generously described Mr. King’s tweet as unfair, wrong, and inaccurate.

Personally, I think they were deliberate and malicious lies being spread for personal profit.

Sure enough, the professional rabble-rouser doubled down. Rather than apologizing for what theoretically could have been an honest mistake, King has since called for a general boycott of the NFL. Presumably he intends to lead public pressure on the entire league until somebody capitulates and offers Kaepernick a contract.

Once again, the problem for Mr. King is his lack of understanding that professional football is a business with a customer base known as the general public.

This includes some people who are sympathetic to Black Lives Matter protestors, and others who aren’t. In reality, no one has deprived Colin Kaepernick of his First Amendment rights to free speech. At the same time, no business has an obligation to hire and pay someone millions of dollars for the privilege of potentially angering millions of their customer base and potentially causing themselves financial harm.

People also seem to forget that Kaepernick was under contract. He got greedy and opted out, gambling he’d make more money. He took the risk, and should have known the reward was not guaranteed. The problem for a player like Kaepernick is that football is a team game where the quarterback manages the offense, but that doesn’t always make him the best player on the team.

In fact, Trent Dilfer only passed for about 150 yards and one touchdown, but still led the Baltimore Ravens to victory in Super Bowl XXXV because he didn’t turn the ball over. He played smart and didn’t try to do too much. Ray Lewis was the star on that team.

Strangely enough, the same networks who pay millions of dollars to the NFL for the privilege of televising games continue to call attention to the small minority of players protesting such as Michael Bennett, Marshawn Lynch, or Kaepernick.

It would seem that if the cameras simply stopped panning the sidelines during the anthem and stopped reporting on the players showing disrespect to the very country giving them the opportunity to earn millions of dollars, for one year of work, people might forget about Kaepernick and someone might even decide he’s worth the risk and the headache of having an attention-seeking player on the team.

After all, teams need fans, but ideally, they also want to win football games. Perhaps the league ought to consult with their business associates about this issue.

The NFL must compete for entertainment dollars with many other possibilities including college football, which some fans already prefer. The problem for the league is simple economics. Fans making less than $75,000 per year may not want to spend more than $100 per ticket to watch an average to mediocre player sit on his fanny as a deliberate show of disrespect for this land of opportunity. Quite frankly, it’s bad for business to let a few disgruntled employees drive away their customer base, especially if the customers perceive the anger issues are somewhat directed toward them.

That’s Economics 101. I’m guessing Mr. King must have studied drama instead.

Only Liberals Are Allowed To Refer To Slaves As Immigrants

Some liberals have lost their minds over Ben Carson’s poorly-considered words as he addressed HUD employees.

The newly-sworn-in HUD secretary thought he was being clever and inspirational. He only missed the mark by a few astronomical units, but who’s keeping score?

“That’s what America is about. A land of dreams and opportunity,” Carson said. “There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less.”

He added: “But they, too, had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great-granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.”

It was a really bad juxtaposition, placing slaves alongside free people who came here voluntarily. But Carson wasn’t the first to make the comparison. Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering (formerly of the Washington Examiner), dug up this quite recent remark from former President Barack Obama.

White-African-American race troll Shaun King slammed Carson (who is a Black-African-American).


King’s got a short memory. On Christmas Day, 2015, he published this in the NYDN:

Maybe it’s because we have a Statue of Liberty, or possibly it’s because over 98% of Americans are immigrants or descendants of immigrants (forced or otherwise), but whatever the case is, the United States has a sterling reputation for being an immigrant-friendly country that far outpaces both our history and our present reality.

Blinded by success stories, and the cold hard truth that being a white immigrant in America is, and always has been, an altogether different experience than being an immigrant of color, any color, myth ultimately dominates the popular American immigration narrative.

If Obama and King can refer to slaves as immigrants, then why is Ben Carson an “Uncle Tom” for saying the same thing?

We know why, of course. It’s because only liberals can make the claim that blacks who entered the country as slaves were a kind of immigrant. Conservatives like Carson making that claim are presumed to be out of touch with the claims and hardships and victimization of the progeny of slaves.

The prejudice against conservatives has nothing to do with history or facts. It has to do with ends and outcomes. Race baiters and victim hucksters want there to be a permanent underclass, deserving of government protection and special privileges. Carson and conservatives simply want there to be no discrimination and equal opportunity.

Carson should not have made the “immigrant” remark. Not because it was so offensive, but because he should have known that only liberals are permitted to say these things and get away with it. If Ben Carson is an insensitive “Uncle Tom” for calling slaves immigrants, then so is Barack Obama. As for Shaun King, I don’t really know what he is (other than a jackass).


Shaun King Needs Treatment For Dementia

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, goes the saying. And when black-acting, “white African American” (like a white Hispanic) social justice pimp Shaun King accuses the entire GOP of perversion because of Milo Yiannopoulos, that’s proof he’s suffering from dementia. King clearly needs treatment after coming up with the garbage he wrote at the New York Daily News today.

I won’t spend any more words on Yiannopoulos. More than enough has been written about him than I care to read. One silver lining of this sordid affair is that it exposed a hugely under-reported issue in the LGBT community: that young barely sexually “woke” kids get their first taste of intimacy by older men, forever sealing them into the “you’re gay and always have been” camp.

Read Robert Oscar Lopez‘s excellent piece as a good primer here. Or Michael Brown‘s. Or Chad Felix Greene‘s soul-crushing story at HuffPo.

Back to King and his shallow, partisan, dehumanizing attack. Yes, Yiannopoulos spewed his worst venom on King and his social justice elitist ilk, who reflexively protect their P.C. world like a schizophrenic protects his delusions. Yes, people have been doxxed and threatened by Milo’s Twitter fans. Yes, it’s horrible.

But King takes it way, way further. He calls Milo “the most visible spokesperson” for the so-called “alt-right.” Umm. Maybe if you’re a Twitter addict or on a college campus. Otherwise, not even close. I suppose one could claim that the entire “alt-right” movement is nothing but an invention of Twitter and college campuses. I’d be more inclined to believe that.

Writing that Steve Bannon is Yiannopoulos’s “longtime boss” is a lie. Milo only started working at Breitbart in late 2015. Bannon left Breitbart for the Trump campaign on August 17, 2016. So even if Milo worked directly for Bannon (he didn’t), it was for less than 10 months. That’s hardly “longtime.”

That’s not the most grievous deception. Somehow, King ties Milo, and his pederast-friendly remarks, to President Trump, with only the most tenuous threads. Skipping any real evidence that Milo and Trump ever had a single conversation, he heads for the conclusion.

But here’s the thing — this is who the Republican Party is. The President of the United States has more than a dozen women claiming they were sexually assaulted by him. His first wife said in a sworn deposition that he brutally attacked and raped her (she later said she did not want the word rape to be interpreted in a criminal sense). He was recorded bragging that he forces himself on women and grabs their genitalia whenever he feels like it. And after our nation heard that recording, he was still elected.

King concludes: “Donald Trump is a pervert. Milo is a pervert.”

This, my friends is proof of dementia. He totally forgot about President Bill Clinton, who, by physical evidence, was proved to have had carnal knowledge of a White House intern, in the Oval Office. Clinton had more women with solid accusations of molestation than Trump–although not by Hillary.

Calling the GOP a “party of perverts” simply ignores–or by physiological damage to higher brain function, forgets–evidence that the Democrats have plenty of perverts of their own. That’s dementia.

How about Anthony Weiner‘s ongoing sexting relationship with a 15-year-old girl? (Ironically covered by the New York Daily News, the same publication where King works.) Then there’s the late Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, Brock Adams, Fred Richmond, Mel Reynolds (who Clinton pardoned for 12 counts of sexual assault against a 16-year-old). There’s no shortage of Democrats caught with their pinkies in the pushka, so to speak.

Republicans also have no shortage of sex scandals. In fact, sex scandals and politics go all the way back to Thomas Jefferson.

But none of that even remotely matters. Milo is not a Republican. He’s not even American. He’s a Brit. Trump should have his green card revoked and send him back there–I’ve seen people deported for less than what he did. Milo is not a conservative. He was not a part of Trump’s campaign, and he’s not associated with the Trump administration.

The only connection between Milo and Trump is the fact that Milo calls Trump “daddy,” and professes admiration for him. That’s it.

This dementia that King’s suffering from won’t let him acknowledge history or break his own fabulous narrative that the GOP is perverted and Democrats aren’t. I can’t believe that NYDN editors are so blind and permissive as to let King publish such blatant garbage.

Apparently, garbage sells papers.

Shaun King Compared Chicago Monsters To George Zimmermann

Shaun King is a one-track audio tape playing on a loop. That loop is “white people are bad, black people are wonderful.” It plays no matter what is going on in the world–even when four black monsters kidnap and torture a white disabled boy and stream it live on Facebook.

Little kid gets killed by an alligator at Walt Disney World (which had nothing to do with race)? White people are bad. Micah Johnson shoots 14 Dallas police officers and kills five? White people are bad. A silly Youtube video-maker gets himself booted from a Delta flight? White people are bad. President-elect Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton in a presidential election? White people are bad.

Listen, we get it. King thinks white people are bad, 365 days a year. According to him, there are no good white people. And there are no truly awful black people, because no matter what awful thing they might do, they’re being oppressed for it.

King wrote “thousands of white folk online” asked him why he’s not speaking out about the latest atrocity. I suppose he does owe the country some kind of statement, given that–regardless of whether he just returned from some foreign vacation with his family–if the situation was four white kids torturing a black disabled boy, he would find a way to file a story from Zimbabwe or the Kalahari Desert.

This country does not need me to speak out on crimes committed by black folk because nobody in this country is held more responsible for the crimes they commit, and even the crimes they don’t commit, than black folk in America. Right now, young black men in America are incarcerated at a rate higher than South Africans were at the height of Apartheid.

I speak out on injustice. What happened to this man in Chicago was terrible. It was criminal. I hate it, but guess what — justice was swift. It was miraculously swift.

What a hateful jackass. A dangerously hateful jackass who can’t conceive of anything bad enough that black people would do to trigger his condemnation.

He compared those four kids to George Zimmermann, who killed a black teen in self-defense, was arrested, tried, and found not guilty. He wrote “Justice is always swift when black folk mess up.”

Mess up?

Those four little monsters messed up, I guess. Like when my six-year-old takes a chocolate bar from the fridge without asking. They committed a hate crime, on purpose, for their own amusement. I suppose Micah Johnson messed up too.

Justice is based on facts. Malice is one of those determining factors in any criminal case. Police officers, by the nature of their job, are subject to a different standard in applying lethal force on duty. And here’s King comparing officers who in fact mess up with black people who target white people on purpose, with malice.

When white people like Dylann Roof commit heinous crimes, white writers like me call for him to be executed. I don’t write that Roof messed up because I’m upset that South Carolina was forced to remove the Stars & Bars from its statehouse grounds (I’m not upset). Justice is done, because Roof acted with malice.

For King to say that the country does not need him to speak out on crimes committed by black folk because “nobody in this country is held more responsible for the crimes they commit, and even the crimes they don’t commit, than black folk in America,” is dangerous hateful rhetoric.

If King refuses to speak out when “black folk” target a white disabled boy for torture and laugh about it online, perhaps he should seek psychological help. His refusal isn’t just an agenda, or issue advocacy anymore. It’s hate.

Bigots Like This Are Why Democrats Continue To Lose

UPDATE Dec. 23 7:30 a.m.:

The New York Daily News reports other passengers on the flight where Adam Saleh was removed dispute his story, claiming he and his mate staged their disruption on purpose in order to make a video. That makes a whole lot more sense. But will the bigot Shaun King admit this? He writes for the same paper, but didn’t cover the followup story because it doesn’t fit his narrative.

♦ ♦ ♦

President-elect Donald Trump is great at taking credit for other people’s work. He’s really got a knack for latching on to the winning side of something, such as working class whites feeling disenfranchised by a Democratic Party that left them a few decades ago.

It’s unclear whether the other Republicans would have won Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, but it’s certain that Hillary Clinton was the poster child for a terrible candidate who bought into all the worst parts of progressive bigotry, without offering any of her own positives. It might sound trite to say this, but yes, at least President Obama is black. Being a woman wasn’t enough for Clinton.

One almost perfect example of why Democrats have lost 900 seats in state legislatures in the last eight years, and the House, Senate and White House, is the attitude of people like Shaun King, a bigoted man who writes for the New York Daily News. To King, there’s no such thing as a good white person, because with that skin color comes a panoply of privileges and rights denied to those he feels are more worthy to receive them.

To wit: “White privilege extends to flying, which people of color know too well.”

Earlier Wednesday, on a Delta flight scheduled to go from London to New York, popular YouTube star Adam Saleh was put off of the flight by security. He claimed that it was because he was overheard speaking Arabic. A passenger sitting close to him was visibly upset by it all.

First, let me dispense with the non-sequitur “popular Youtube star.” If one’s sole claim to fame is that a large number of pre-teens or pubescent kids watch your silly videos on Youtube, that does not make one “popular” nor does it make one a “star.” In fact, I had never heard of Adam Saleh until I read King’s article. Having looked him up on Youtube, I remain singularly unimpressed. But you be the judge.

Granted, Saleh might be a really nice guy. He might not deserve to be kicked off a Delta flight. But it wasn’t “white privilege” that caused his ouster.

Maybe King missed this, but 19 men with beards who spoke Arabic crashed two 767’s into the World Trade Center towers, another airplane into the Pentagon, and one more in a field in Pennsylvania in 2001. Richard Reid tried to detonate a shoe bomb in December of the same year, which is one of the main reasons we now must practically disrobe (electronically at least) to board a commercial flight.

But King’s take on the incident is totally different:

The way I see it, if by chance Saleh was deliberately or loudly speaking Arabic on the plane to see what would happen, which I doubt, the fact that he was put off of the plane over it is a major problem and gets to the root of a much a deeper issue. Flying on an airplane — for a person of color, for a Muslim, for someone speaking Arabic, or for virtually anyone who does not fit a very narrow, white heteronormative slice of the world — can be like walking on eggshells.

Hmm…if I were to grow a beard, learn Arabic, and board a flight in London, while speaking that language loudly “to see what would happen,” I should not be surprised if someone is alarmed and I’m kicked off the flight until authorities could figure it out. Especially if I’ve got compatriots with me videoing the whole thing.

This isn’t “eggshells,” it’s common sense. And it has nothing at all to do with white privilege. What King’s view does present, is bigotry against white people, pure and simple. And linked with “whiteness” is heterosexuality, as if both things are some abomination to be stamped out. But that’s how bigotry perverts people’s view of things.

The Democratic Party, likewise, has been taken over by bigots, who view white, heterosexual, and especially self-identified Christians, through the lens of deep prejudice. It’s why Democrats are worried they’ll never get their white working class voters back (they have reason to worry, because they’re probably not coming back).

Democrats are nervous not just about the fact that Trump won, but how he did so. The New York real estate mogul won because of his popularity with white working-class voters, whose slow drift from the Democratic Party he accelerated to devastating effect. They abandoned Democrats as few, even seasoned, party operatives suspected they could, leading to victories in places like Michigan and Wisconsin that President Barack Obama won easily just four years ago.

Unless, and until, Democrats boot their bigots out, as they once did with white bigots who ran their party, they will continue to be driven further and further into the fringe of prejudice, led by city-dwelling progressives who must be treated like walking on eggshells lest they be triggered.

Meanwhile, the rest of the commonsense world will rightly be frightened if a bearded man gets on an airplane speaking Arabic in a loud voice while having his mates video him.

Shaun King: Your Racist Cake Analogy Is Right, But Guns Isn’t The Bad Ingredient

Shaun King published a cake recipe in his column in the New York Daily News. He used that as a metaphor for why we have race haters in America and why we have people like Micah Johnson killing “white people,” preferably police officers.

Somehow, the United States of America wants to have all of the ingredients for murder and mayhem, cook it at 500 degrees for a few years, and be shocked when what comes out on the other end isn’t sweet peace and colorful rainbows. That’s not how recipes work.

What you put in, combined with the temperature and time you cook it, determines the final product. It’s not luck. It’s not chance. It’s not a flip of the coin. Baking a good cake is equal parts science and art. Building a harmonious society is no different.

In his basic analogy, King is certainly right. If you add a cup of salt instead of sugar, you’ll get an inedible mess of a cake. But somehow he’s way off on America’s ingredient list. Erick wrote about why liberals always come up with arguments for gun control, and that’s exactly where King went.

But he didn’t stop there. Because if he had just stopped there, we could say the missing ingredient in America is belief in a Creator, a beneficent God who gave us a Natural Law and an absolute moral reference. King went beyond that, into the jungle of full moral relativism.

The United States was not founded by sweet Pilgrims who ate turkey with their indigenous friends. This land was actually deeply loved and fully populated when Europeans first arrived here.

A combination of violence and new plagues killed millions of indigenous people and they were forcefully relocated to random swaths of land that we now call reservations. To develop the newly acquired land, the United States forced tens of millions of Africans into slavery for nearly 250 years. This was no kind request, but a forced brutality that I will not detail here today. About 250 years of slave labor built this nation from scratch. Enslaved Africans literally built our nation’s capital.

The violent and deeply unethical founding and growth of this country is a key ingredient. You don’t have to feel guilty for it if you don’t want to, but you can’t ignore it. It’s already in the mixing bowl.

Really, Shaun?

Because my history tells me that the Pilgrims were Christians here for Christ and their King (whom they fled for religious persecution). My history tells me the Indians saved their lives by showing them how to cultivate corn. My history tells me that many of the native Americans accepted the Gospel on the spot because they recognized the moral absolute that Christ presented in the Scriptures.

My history tells me that 620,000 Americans (north and south) gave their lives in a bloody war to end slavery, and they did end it. My history tells me that these soldiers gave “the last full measure of devotion” for the cause of liberty and freedom–that “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

The horrendous comment about “Enslaved Africans literally built our nation’s capital” is more than a bit misleading. While some contractors did use slaves as labor, “[the] slaves joined a work force that included local white laborers and artisans from Maryland and Virginia, as well as immigrants from Ireland, Scotland, and other European nations.” One-sided history serves nobody but demagogues.

Then King goes into how police have special privileges in America. But apparently, only white police? I don’t know, because the Dallas chief of police is black. There are, in some cities, a racial makeup of police departments that doesn’t match the communities they serve. But that isn’t an easily solved problem (if it were, it would have been solved already despite decades of trying). The implication that police should not be respected as law enforcement officers because the racial makeup of departments is majority white is a recipe for anarchy. In fact, it’s exactly what drove Micah Johnson to his deadly rage.

I think King is simply trying to grasp at straws to prove his point. There is a problem with racism in America, and police are not immune from it. The problem of racism isn’t just a white problem either. But yes, when the Walmart customer service person–who happens to be black–sends me to the back of the line while helping black customers first, it’s racism. Just not the kind that kills me.

I haven’t experienced the kind of racism that black Americans see from white police officers, (or even black police officers) who are scared because of how they dress or speak or what car they drive. I know that’s real and should be addressed. But we don’t have to delve into false history and white guilt to get there.

And now, to guns.

Planet Earth is made up of about 200 countries. We are the only nation in the world that has more guns than people. That’s no small thing because we are the third largest country in the world. China, for instance, has 4.9 guns per 100 people. We have 112 guns per 100 people. No other country is even close. China’s population is over four times larger than ours, but we have almost 23 times more guns than they do.

How in the world can King compare China, a police state, to America? China practices democide–the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder–as a government dogma. Between 1949 and 1987, the People’s Republic of China has murdered somewhere in the vicinity of 100 million people. Who the hell cares how many guns civilians have in China? Communist governments achieve harmony through tyranny.

Apparently, that’s what King wants. Because the alternative is to bake his cake the right way and liberals don’t like the taste of that cake–it robs them of their license to act however they want. The biggest ingredient is God and belief in an absolute morality. Love your neighbor. Give to the poor. Certainly, we will always have sinners among us, but law and order is to keep them from doing too much damage.

If you remove God from the ingredient list, no other mix can possibly compensate. But liberals like King would rather just redefine the meaning of “cake” and rewrite history to do it.