Support Your Favorite Small Businesses This Week

This week marks National Small Business Week. This celebration will take place from April 30-May 6, 2017. Since 1963, the country has celebrated this week honoring American small businesses. Here’s more about it from the Small Business Administration (SBA), which is under the leadership of Linda McMahon:

Every year since 1963, the President of the United States has issued a proclamation announcing National Small Business Week, which recognizes the critical contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Per SBA estimates, more than half of Americans “either own or work for a small business” which help create “two out of every three new jobs” here each year. In January, the SBA found there were nearly 30 million small businesses that employ 58 million people:

Credit: Small Business Administration








The White House issued this press release on behalf of Vice President Mike Pence to commemorate the week:

Since 1963, the White House has honored America’s small businesses by marking this National Small Business Week and recognizing the tremendous contributions that small businesses make to our country every single day.

Just this weekend, President Trump declared that “small business owners embody the American pioneering spirit and remind us that determination can turn aspiration into achievement.”

I know firsthand how true that statement is. I grew up in a small business family in a small town in Columbus, Indiana. I went to work at my father’s gas station when I was only 14 years of age. And as the world knows, President Trump grew up in a family business, too.

We both know the sacrifices that are required to make a business work. And we know that when small business is strong, America is strong.

A stunning 99.7 percent of all American businesses are small businesses. And no fewer than 57 million Americans work for small businesses – nearly half of all private-sector jobs in the United States.

Our economy, from coast to coast, depends every day on small businesses.

Here’s how social media users are spreading the love of small businesses:

How will you honor small business this week? What a great way to celebrate and appreciate American free enterprise!


Virginia Company Aims to Increase Access to Great Outdoors

What happens when you marry love of the outdoors with a touch of Airbnb? You get companies like Outdoor Access, the Richmond, VA-based company all anglers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts should familiarize themselves with.

Outdoor Access, Inc., is an online marketplace for fishing and hunting properties that launched last September. Their goal? To make the outdoors more accessible and affordable for outdoor enthusiasts–especially those with kids. They work closely with private land owners to showcase and rent out their properties. Despite launching in September, the company is seeing immense success with their intended audiences.

This is a new avenue in the outdoor industry that hasn’t been done before. With the rise of the gig economy and ride-sharing, companies like Outdoor Access should be welcomed with open arms.

In an exclusive interview with The Resurgent – with video to be published shortly – co-owner Buck Robinson said his company is all about affording choice and opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

“In our model, landowners are able to make their properties available on a fractional basis for a day, a weekend, or a week for any variety of outdoor recreation,” Robinson said.

The East Coast doesn’t have much of public lands like the Western United States does. Recognizing this, Buck and his team realized why not make extend access to outdoor opportunities through a service like theirs?

“Sometimes the public option is not exactly the ideal outdoor experience,” Robinson said.  “We wanted to create a platform that utilized private land but also doesn’t require you to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a traditional club or something along those lines.”

Even Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe recognized Outdoor Access, Inc.:

Robinson said the goal of Outdoor Access is to provide an immediate clearinghouse to find properties. The company, he said, has immediate plans to expand to North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and even as far south as Florida. Their goal is to be national within a few years.

Members must submit to a comprehensive background check before using the platform. Below is a sampling of their prices (screen shotted for you from their website):


Memberships are valued at $9.99/month and $99.00/year. Additional charges for property rentals may apply but average about $35 for daily use. How about that? Time in the outdoors at a reasonable cost–something our readers will enjoy discovering.

Stay tuned for our exclusive video with Outdoor Access’ Buck Robinson to learn more about this great new online marketplace. In the meantime, follow Outdoor Access, Inc. on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

D.C. Hoagie Chain Unfairly Targeted for Promoting Small Business, Regulation Cuts

Washington, D.C. – based Taylor Gourmet – which specializes in hoagies and other delicious sandwich creations – is the latest target of leftists who hate seeing business leaders collaborating with President Trump to jumpstart the economy.

Here’s more from Washington Business Journal:

Taylor Gourmet co-owner Casey Patten took part in a White House photo op with President Donald Trump on Monday, and the meeting quickly led to calls on social media to boycott the local hoagie chain.

Patten, who co-founded Taylor Gourmet with partner Dave Mazza in 2008, was on hand as Trump signed an executive cutting regulations for small businesses. Photos show Patten standing next to Trump in the Oval Office while signing the order and shaking hands with the president in the Roosevelt Room.

Not surprisingly, certain angered customers took it to Twitter to express their outrage with Taylor Gourmet’s co-founder for taking part in this photo op.


Here’s the picture in question. Patten is on Trump’s right:

In response to some of the backlash, here’s Patten’s take:

Amazing! He has an open mind? Small business should be above politics and for fewer regulations, not more. However, Patten gave the follow-up statement to Washington City Paper to appease angered customers:

“Taylor Gourmet rejects any and all hate and/or discrimination against any human being. Yesterday, I attempted to affect change in a positive way by voicing my concerns for small businesses at The White House. To those who view this as wrong, I accept and respect you opinion. I believe change can be achieved through dialog and activism. I strongly reject any and all forms of hate and/or discrimination.”

Taylor Gourmet isn’t the first business to be caught in the Left’s crosshairs. Uber similarly faced criticism for failing to entangle itself in the refugee debate that has erupted. (Although its CEO Travis Kalanick said he will pledge $3 million to those affected by this executive order.) Chick-fil-A is also a constant target of boycotts from those on the opposite side of the aisle. Their crime? Having a Biblically-centered business model. The horror, the horror!

Even notable chef Jose Andres, a notorious Trump critic, said people should lay off Patten and Taylor Gourmet:

As a D.C. metro area resident, I find comfort in knowing that local businesses here actually want to see regulatory and tax reform. Why? Because they know firsthand the toll of burdensome regulations and fees. Small businesses comprise roughly half of the private workforce. Why shouldn’t they have a say in the economy? They are on the frontline supplying quality products and supplementing people’s livelihoods–unlike the government. It’s a shame the Left wants to bully businesses that don’t align with their worldview or those who put free enterprise first out of existence.

I’ll happily give Taylor Gourmet my business and you should too.

New Study Says Millennials Leading the Way on Small Business

A new study suggests Millennials, in spite of the poor business climate created by big government and cronyism, are more equipped than ever to run small businesses. Here’s more on the study from Forbes:

The study found that boomer business owners launched their first businesses at roughly 35-years-old compared to just 27-years-old for millennials. This is due in large part to the greater access millennials have to the necessary resources compared to previous generations when they were the same age.

The difference does not stop there. As business owners, millennials are shifting the status quo and are making business leaders from previous generations rethink their own business models. The recent Small Business Indicator report from Nationwide found that millennial business owners are the most prepared and forward-focused in the market.

 What could explain this? A recent study from San Diego State University concluded that younger people today are more conservative than Generation X:
Additionally, millennials are more likely to identify as conservative than either Generation Xers or Baby Boomers were at the same age, said Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University and lead author of the paper.
“High school seniors are more likely to identify as political conservatives now compared to 10 years ago. Most surprising, more identify as conservatives now compared to the 1980s, presumably the era of the young conservative, such as the character Alex P. Keaton in the 1980s show ‘Family Ties.’ That goes against the common view of millennials as very liberal,” said Twenge, author of the book about millennials titled “Generation Me.”
“So the current view of millennials as liberals might be due to their age — young people are more likely to be liberal. But if you compare young people now to young people in previous decades, those now are more conservative,” she said.

This is quite fascinating. It can be argued that the presence of the gig economy and startups– like ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft, plus Airbnb–have enabled Millennials to create their own opportunities and provide quality services to large swaths of consumers. While many of these entrepreneurs oddly skew to the Left, they are harnessing the fruits of free enterprise to launch their businesses, employ others, and profit. Perhaps they’ll see the light soon? Wishful thinking!

We always hear politicians from both sides of the aisle talk how, if elected, they’ll create jobs. No candidate for president can guarantee jobs or create businesses. They can create a pro-business climate by imposing few restrictions onto or lifting burdensome restrictions currently placed on business.

It’s up to small business owners–including Millennial-run businesses–to fill the void in the country. We must lead and not repeat the mistakes committed by our predecessors.


NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is Very Triggered by Chick-fil-A

Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-NYC) has issued a dire warning to the residents of New York City: don’t you dare give your business to that hateful, bigoted fast-food chain Chick-fil-A!

Chick-fil-A opened its Manhattan location last year and has unsurprisingly been met with a lot of excitement by locals. A fourth location is set to open in Queens soon. According to a source, here’s what de Blasio said:

“Chick-fil-A is anti-LGBT,” he said in a statement.

“This group imparts a strong anti-LGBT message by forcing their employees and volunteers to adhere to a policy that prohibits same-sex love.  It is outrageous that Chick-fil-A is quietly spreading its message of hate by funding these types of organizations.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio also spoke out against the chain’s newest restaurant at an unrelated press conference Tuesday — noting they have every right to open, but New Yorkers shouldn’t eat there.

“What the ownership of Chick-fil-A has said is wrong,” he said.

“I’m certainly not going to patronize them and I wouldn’t urge any other New Yorker to patronize them. But they do have a legal right.”

Here’s a picture of that supposed hate-filled, wretched place de Blasio speaks of:

DeBlasio isn’t the only mayor of a major city to make such a proclamation. He echoed the same sentiments from the late Boston Mayor Tom Menino, who warned Boston residents to stay far away from the popular fast-food chain.

Does the smell of meaty morsels irritate Comrade DeBlasio? Do the long lines of hungry patrons eagerly waiting to purchase Waffle Fries drenched in special Chick-fil-A sauce bother him? Chick-fil-A’s existence is a beautiful testament to free enterprise and small business. It certainly beats the long lines of dispirited people waiting for food rations as they did in de Blasio’s beloved former Soviet Union. Here’s more about his 1983 trip there from the New York Post:

De Blasio’s trip also occurred five years before he went to Nicaragua in support of the Marxist Sandinista regime there to distribute food and medicine during its civil war. At the time, the US government opposed the Sandinistas, which had received weapons from the Soviets and supplies from Cuba.

The trips show de Blasio’s fascination as a young man with the workings of leftist and communist countries. He also honeymooned in Cuba.

While de Blasio has discussed and defended his work in Nicaragua, he has said nary a word about going behind the Iron Curtain.

A popular fast food chain with an ethical, principled business model bothers de Blasio, yet he tolerates transgender bathrooms, desired to ban horse-driven carriages from Central Park, and is vehemently opposed to charter schools?  But alas, Chick-fil-A is the problem.

As we enter this dystopian society, remember all is not lost. Snack on Chick-fil-A with pride and continue to put your principles into action.