George Clooney donates $1 million to Southern Poverty Law Center

Actor George Clooney and his wife Amal recently announced that they are contributing $1 million dollars as a donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in the wake of racially-motivated violence in Charlottesville, purportedly in order to combat hate. A prepared statement from the Clooneys said:

We are proud to support the Southern Poverty Law Center in its efforts to prevent violent extremism in the United States. What happened in Charlottesville, and what is happening in communities across our country, demands our collective engagement to stand up to hate.

The problem is that the SPLC only cares about certain kinds of hate — extremist and violent liberals are curiously exempt from their scrutiny.

For example, conservative David Horowitz was speaking at the University of California-San Diego, and a woman in the audience stood up to challenge the veracity of the information offered on a pamphlet that Horowitz had produced, because it identified the Muslim Student Association as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood — a terrorist group. Not only did the young Muslim student refuse to condemn Hamas as a terrorists, she also openly admitted that she’d like to see the Jews from around the world to be gathered in Israel specifically for the purposes of another Jewish genocide. Yet somehow, David Horowitz was the one deemed guilty of hatred by the SPLC and bizarrely landed on their hate map.

Based on that odd turn of events, one might reasonably presume that Horowitz was somehow supposed to be more tolerant and understanding of people who are openly expressing a desire to see him murdered, and only because of his religion. Horowitz has been classified by the SPLC as “anti-Muslim” but given those circumstances, who wouldn’t be?

Even more strange, the Omni Christian Book Club (allegedly a group of “radical traditional Catholics”) of Palmdale, California, makes the SPLC hate map. So do organizations such as The Pray in Jesus’ Name project of Colorado Springs, Colorado, or Tom Brown Ministries of El Paso, Texas, whose statement of faith is similar to the Nashville Statement.

This book club of allegedly radical Catholics and other organizations that espouse traditional Christian values are lumped together on the hate map with the Nation of Islam, the Ku Klux Klan, and neo-Nazis. Apparently the SPLC has some very odd ideas about what actually constitutes hateful behavior.

Conversely, radical liberal groups such as By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) that do belong on a “hate map” have been strangely ignored by the SPLC, even though random acts of violence and the wanton destruction of private property are certainly a part of their repertoire.

Which prompts an interesting question — what is the real purpose of this so-called SPLC “hate map”, anyway? Does the map serve to identify groups and organizations that exist to foment hatred and division between Americans, or to inspire hatred of conservative groups targeted by the SPLC?

Or is it nothing more than a hit list for the radical left, making it easier for extremist lunatics and anarchists to locate their intended targets and victims, funded by “charitable” donations?

Consider the disturbing case of Floyd Lee Corkins II, who planned and attempted a mass murder attack on the Family Research Council (FRC) headquarters. His goal was to kill as many employees as possible because the SPLC identified the Christian organization as a “hate group” on their map, due to their opposition to same-sex marriage. Corkins wanted to murder innocent strangers in cold blood merely because of their religious beliefs, and then he wanted to smear Chic-Fil-A sandwiches on their dead faces, and all because the SPLC had identified the FRC as a hate group. Naturally, being the callous, cold-hearted hate mongers that one might expect to be associated with a devout Christian organization, FRC President Tony Perkins said that he felt sorry for Corkins, and that he had prayed and would continue to pray that the would-be assassin would find spiritual peace.

Because the IRS considers the SPLC a non-profit “charity” organization, the donation from the Clooney Foundation for Justice will be tax-deductible. But what will happen to this money donated by George and Amal Clooney?

Of course, some of the money will probably be used to pay the exorbitant salaries of SPLC founder Morris Dees and other VIPs within the organization, and some will be spent on lawsuits for dubious social justice causes, or legal action for the purpose of interfering enforcement of laws against illegal immigration.

But during the past several years, millions of dollars donated to the SPLC have also been funneled into offshore bank accounts, for questionable and unknown reasons. Why on earth would a domestic charity need to stash a massive war chest (or slush fund) of money overseas?

Furthermore, is Christianity really a religion that preaches hate? Of course it isn’t. Jesus told his followers to love their enemies, not to hate them. The problem with the SPLC is that it wants to be treated as an impartial watchdog organization, but they also serve as a media outlet for uber-liberal political activists.

Therefore, the IRS should immediately revoke the SPLC’s status as a charitable organization, because they are up to no good.

Senator James Lankford Takes on ABC For Labeling Christian Organization a Hate Group

On July 12, 2017, reporters Pete Madden and Erin Galloway, writing for ABC News, referred to the Alliance Defending Freedom (“ADF”) as an “anti-LGBT hate group” suggesting Attorney General Jeff Sessions was speaking behind closed doors to ADF. In fact, Sessions released the transcript of his remarks to the ADF.

ADF is a group that coordinates pro bono Christian legal representation around the country and has been unfairly labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center because ADF represents Christians being persecuted for their refusal to provide goods and services to same sex weddings, among other things.

ABC News’s reporters took a leftwing activist group’s characterization and labeled ADF a hate group in their report. Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma is having none of it and is sending a letter to the President of ABC News calling him out on the network’s biases.

“Since I think I can confidently assume that ABC news is a strong supporter of the First Amendment, why would ABC News label a peaceful group as a ‘hate group’ simply because of a difference of opinion?” the Senator asks. It is a great question and it is one ABC News should answer.

You can read Senator Lankford’s letter here:

Relying on a Favorite Group of Two Assassins, ABC News’s Pete Madden Calls a Christian Organization a “Hate Group”

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a favorite group of Floyd Lee Corkins, the assassin who went into the Family Research Council intending to murder its employees and stuff their mouths with Chick-Fil-A sandwiches. Corkins said the SPLC website is where he saw the Family Research Council listed as an anti-gay group for its support of orthodox Christian values.

James Hodgkinson, the assassin who attempted a mass assassination of Republican congressmen, was also a fan of the SPLC, going so far as to list it on his Facebook profile as a group he liked.

Now, ABC News is using the Southern Poverty Law Center to label a group of Christian lawyers a hate group. In an article by reporter Pete Madden, the headline reads: “Jeff Sessions addresses ‘anti-LGBT hate group,’ but DOJ won’t release his remarks.”

ABC News calls the Alliance Defending Freedom a hate group because the SPLC says so. The ADF is a voluntary group of Christian lawyers who work pro bono for Christians around the country. They have sought to prevent Christian business owners from being shut down if they refuse to provide goods and services to gay weddings, which is why the SPLC labels them a hate group.

ADF also defends Christian students who groups are denied access to school campuses. They defend Christians fired by governments for their views. They are a terrific group I have long supported and are highly, highly respected in the Christian community.

They are the furthest thing possible from a hate group, but because they defend Christians ABC News and Pete Madden are perfectly happen to label them a hate group and try to shame Attorney General Jeff Sessions for speaking to them.

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I Have Arrived!!!!!

Friends, I have arrived. If ever you doubted that I am somebody, we now have definitive proof brought to us by the Southern Poverty Law Center. They list Sean Hannity, Chuck Norris, Glenn Beck, Rick Perry, and me as examples of prominent voices on the right stirring up the next generation of Timothy McVeigh’s.

Apparently, daring to be critical of government and pointing out the right to defend yourself against tyranny is too much for the SPLC, which has taken a formerly proud history of fighting racism to whole new planets of absurdity.

But, I have arrived!