What? Mass Mooning Targets Trump Taxes

Over the weekend a “rowdy and enthusiastic” crowd gathered in front of Chicago’s Trump Tower and engaged in a coordinated mooning of the building bearing the brand of the president. Chicago’s Fox 32 recorded the event for posterity.

The video shows a small crowd of 100-200 people gathered at the River Walk across from the imposing edifice. As the crowd counts down from twenty, they simultaneously drop their trousers and flash their posteriors at the architectural stand-in for the president. Video of the event does not require parental discretion due to the camera angle.

An obvious question is why? The Facebook page “Chicago Moons the Trump Tower” gives the official name for the event as “Operation ‘Kiss Our Asses, Release Your Taxes!’” and notes that it was presented by “S#!TSHOW,” a satirical Youtube show.

A second Facebook page for the show contains a more graphic video of the mass mooning, which we watched so that you don’t have to. Accompanied by a tuba and drums, the protesters chanted “This is what democracy looks like” and “We don’t want your tiny hands anywhere near our underpants.”

What did the protesters hope to accomplish? The statement on the Facebook page says, “Donald Trump doesn’t think the American people want to see his tax returns, so let’s show him that we do in the classiest way possible! Meet at 3:30 PM at Trump Tower, right in front by the riverside. At the crack of 4:00 PM (pun intended), we’ll pull down our pants for a whole 10 seconds and send a powerful message to the Washington elites.”

Precisely what the message was is unclear other than that the protesters do not like Donald Trump and think that mooning the Trump Tower will somehow influence him to release his tax returns. This logic is reminiscent of the Underpants Gnomes from “South Park.” Phase one: Moon the Trump Tower. Phase two: ? Phase three: Trump releases tax returns.

At the time of the protest, President Trump was 1,300 miles away at his Mar-a-Lago resort in West Palm Beach. The president was not injured, emotionally or otherwise, by the mooning. The White House had no comment and Mr. Trump’s taxes have still not been released.

No protesters were apparently injured either. It is unknown whether any were injured or murdered as they returned home after the event. The Chicago Tribune reports that 14 people have already been murdered this month in the city.

The protest was a microcosm of the leftist resistance to Trump. The plan was to engage in an utterly pointless and offensive action that accomplished nothing other than make the participants feel better about themselves and allow them to vent their anger.

It did do one other thing as well. It showed the world what the left thinks democracy looks like: A bunch of asses.


You Should Know This About That Burning Limo

You should know whose limousine those rioters in Washington, D.C. burned after President Trump’s inauguration. It’s not some establishment Republican, or country club cis-genered white person born with a silver spoon.

The limo is owned by a company, National Chauffeured Services, which in turn is owned by a Muslim immigrant named Muhammad Ashraf. Ashraf spoke with Red Alert Politics (which is owned by the same group as the Weekly Standard and the Washington Examiner).

Ashraf is no fan of the new president, but probably appreciates Trump more now that he’s seen what the people who are supposedly fighting for his “rights” think of him.

“I have a different point of view,” Ashraf told Red Alert. “I did not agree with many of the things he said, but that still does not give me the right to go and affect someone’s livelihood.”

As 58-year-old driver Luis Villarroel (whose name seems different from Smith or Roberts, and who probably needs his limo to make a paycheck) dropped off his client, the rioters turned their sites on his limo. They pounded on the car and threw stones and bricks at him. He suffered minor cuts (and has a bloody picture to prove it) on his hands and arms.

Ashraf said he’s been in business for over 25 years, and “this is the first time this has happened.” If his insurance won’t cover the loss–and “riots” are usually lumped in with “acts of God” and “civil insurrection” as non-covered perils–he’s out $70,000.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover expenses, and Ashraf has promised any unused funds will be sent to charity.

Liberal agitators don’t care who is harmed, and who has to pay for it. Ashraf said he’s much more pleased at the way the Women’s March was handled. “I really don’t think we need to take this [violent] route,” he said.

While Ashraf and his employee should be taken care of, we know that the rioters are about to get what they deserve also: up to 10 years in prison.

Rush Limbaugh Continues Proving Liberals Are Stupid

So there’s this video of Rush Limbaugh that’s surfaced. In it, Rush talks about keeping people tuned in and engaged to his radio program.

Naturally, many on the left are portraying this as the caption at Fark does — “Early interview with Rush Limbaugh shows him bragging how he manipulates his listener’s emotions for profit. Right-wingers insist they are not being duped.”

There’s just one problem. If you actually take the time to listen to what Rush is saying, he’s talking about people who hate him continuing to listen to him. That’s the whole point.

Rush says, “The key is knowing that nobody can get everybody to like them. Keeping in mind that the law of averages indicates that half of the people who listen to you are not going to like you. You’ve still got to find a way to make those who don’t like you keep listening to your program.

In other words, it’s not about right-wingers getting duped, it’s about roping in stupid liberals, many of whom contribute to Rush having a 20 million person listening audience.

I cannot believe someone is so stupid he could listen to that entire clip and somehow think Rush was talking about the right. We like him because he’s right.