Cruz says Congressional leadership void could lead to 2018 bloodbath

Speaking to the NE Tarrant Tea Party last Saturday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz warned that a lack of leadership in the 115th Congress could lead to a nightmarish scenario for Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections.

“If we go through 2017 and 2018 … and the only two legislative accomplishments of a Republican Congress are a massive bailout for insurance companies and a massive amnesty package, we’re headed for a bloodbath in 2018.”

Later, in response to an audience member shouting “Mitch McConnell needs to go today!”, Cruz avoided going full-on attack, but made clear that he, too, is disappointed in the Senate leadership.

“Leadership needs to lead. We’re not getting an awful lot of that … If we don’t see leadership now, in 2019 we’re not going to be electing a majority leader – we’re going to be electing a minority leader … It’s a very simple thing. Let’s do what we said. Let’s get it done. Failure is not an option”

Cruz spent the first 20 minutes of his speech addressing continuing hurricane cleanup efforts in the Lone Star State, then transitioned with “Shifting from one disaster to another, let’s talk about Congress.”

Agreeing with frequent audience shouts echoing disappointment in Congress, Cruz also decried the lack of legislative accomplishments since January, and shared his own frustrations over great effort expended by conservatives behind the scenes with very little to show.

In an extended review of the Obamacare repeal effort, Cruz stated that he was doing all that he could to forge an agreement that could address some of the concerns of the holdouts from previous efforts.

“I can’t promise you we will get there; I can promise that every ounce of strength in my body will be spent trying to bring 50 votes together to get the job done.”

The entire speech and Q&A session – recorded by an audience member – may be viewed here.


Cruz lays out priorities for Congress

Ted Cruz is a planner. He’s one of those people who like to set priorities and then meet them. So it should come as no surprise that he’s developed a list of priorities for the 115th Congress to get back on track.

Or perhaps we should leave out the word “back”. Going back implies you’ve been there before – and a strong case could be made that this Congress has not.

Speaking to a gathering of the NE Tarrant Tea Party last weekend, Cruz issued a reminder to his Republican colleagues that voters have given them a mandate to enact positive, conservative change.

“The voters have given us a Republican President, Republican heads of every agency, and Republican houses of Congress … It’s a very simple thing; let’s do what we said.”

He went on to list four points that he believes Congress should act upon: Obamacare repeal, tax reform, regulatory reform, and the appointment of “strong Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court and all the federal courts … if we could deliver on those four, this could be the most productive Congress in decades”.

On tax reform, Cruz stated that “Ideally what I’d like to see is a simple flat tax where we abolish the IRS”. The notion received high praise from those in attendance.

Speaking of praise, the Texas Senator offered examples of praise for the Trump administration regarding two of the four priorities mentioned in his speech.

On regulatory reform: “That may be the single thing I’m most optimistic about in this administration … It is a powerful, powerful thing if we get government out of the way and let each of you the small businesses in this country go and create jobs.”

On judicial nominees: “Neal Gorsuch is the single best thing President Trump has done, and confirming him is the best thing the Congress has done.”

The question is whether voters will remain engaged enough to hold their elected officials’ feet to the fire, a point Cruz made clear.

“Its the grassroots that produced this electoral victory … We need those elected officials – every one of them, myself included – to be held accountable to the people to do what we said we would do.”

The entire speech and Q&A may be viewed at the link below.


Trump’s latest judicial picks have Cruz and Cornyn smiling

Conservatives may differ in their overall assessment of President Trump, but you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone on the right to complain about the judicial nominees put forward by the Chief Executive thus far. As our own Dan Spencer noted back in July, “Trump is on course to reshape the judiciary in a notably conservative direction, even if he doesn’t get any more appointments to the Supreme Court.”

Among the latest entries are two well-known Texans with strong conservative credentials and close ties to some of the Lone Star State’s most popular federal figures, both selected to fill vacancies on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

“Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett and Dallas appellate lawyer James Ho emerged from a field of a half-dozen contenders for two open Texas seats on the court, which covers Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.” – Houston Chronicle

The selection of Willett and Ho met with praise from both Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. The Texas Senators – both of whom serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee – had recommended the nominations.

“I am thrilled to support the nomination of Don Willett and Jim Ho to the Fifth Circuit,” Cruz said in a press release. “I have been close friends with them both for decades, and I know them personally to be brilliant lawyers and principled conservatives.”

Also from the Chronicle story:

“Both of these gentlemen will do an outstanding job once confirmed,” Cornyn said. Ho worked as Cornyn’s chief counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Cornyn said both are viewed as conservatives who will strictly interpret the law. “I’m confident that both Judge Willett and Jim Ho will be that kind of judge,” he said.

Two other nominees – both from Louisiana – were nominated for spots on the 5th Circuit Court. Kyle Duncan was lead counsel in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case, and Kurt Englehardt is the current Chief Justice for Louisiana’s Eastern District Court.

In addition to the four 5th Circuit nominees, The White House announced nominees for five other federal court seats on Thursday.

Cruz’ statement went on to note the importance of selecting conservative judges for federal court positions, particularly in the wake of Obama administration nominees.

“Our country learned under President Obama just how fast liberty recedes when judges decide cases based on personal preference rather than the law as written. I am encouraged that, with these individuals on the Fifth Circuit, the tide will steadily turn back towards the rule of law. I commend the President for these nominations and hope that my colleagues in the Senate quickly confirm all of them.”

Ted Cruz Won’t Beat a Dead Horse on Graham-Cassidy

Graham-Cassidy is as dead as a horse at the glue factory, but the Senate seems determined to go through its kabuki disaster theater anyway.

At least Sen. Ted Cruz knows better than to beat a dead horse.

“Right now, they don’t have my vote,” Cruz said during a panel discussion at the Texas Tribune festival in Austin that also included Sen. John Cornyn. “And I don’t think they have Mike Lee’s vote, either.”


Consistently, Cruz and Lee have focused on the right thing: making health insurance premiums more affordable for those who have to pay out of their pockets for it.

Sen. John McCain has decided his vote will go to the plan with the most Democrats involved in its crafting, that follows the long, winding road of “bipartisan” support. That means it will be single-payer, but by golly, it will be completely transparent and worked out in every detail to bankrupt the country.

Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins simply want free health care for Maine and Alaska, because those two states are trend-setting in every way and are entitled to make the rest of America suffer to get their way.

In the meantime, America’s health care system, under increasing federal control, is suffocating. Congress will do nothing and we will soon end up with Hillarycare. Then Hillary can write a book about how she planned to lose all along so her health care plan would be passed by Republicans.

Unless Congress can act to repeal Obamacare and restore the proper function of health insurance versus what doctors and nurses do (that’s called “health care”) to the private sector where the economics of supply and demand, unfettered by the Leviathan government-cronyism system can keep costs down, at this point no Republican senator should bother beating a dead horse.

Ted Cruz knows when to trade his horse whip for a fly swatter, because the dead carcass of Graham-Cassidy is already attracting them in droves.

Stop the Pornographic Voyeurism About Ted Cruz

I can’t think of a more unbecoming topic for the press to indulge its white-hot hatred of Ted Cruz than someone on his staff “liking” a porn site’s tweet and the media treating it like Watergate.

I thought it was bad when Donald Trump implicated Cruz’s father in President Kennedy’s assassination. But this is far worse. That was roller-derby politics. This is smut and vengeance.

When Dana Bash at CNN has nothing better to do than ask Senator Cruz to name the staff member who clicked “like,” then ask “I can’t believe I’m going to ask you this, but so you’re officially saying Ted Cruz is okay with people buying sex toys?” it’s not really news anymore.

Not when Sen. Bob Menendez is on trial for bribery–a real crime. Not when Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was forced to resign, but only after FIVE men went public with accusations that he abused them when they were youngsters. Both Menendez and Murray are Democrats, and are being treated with kid gloves by the press.

I implore the media: Stop it.

Stop the disgusting pornographic voyeurism. Stop the references to masturbation that Cruz’s hate-filled former college freshman roommate keeps flingling like a monkey throwing feces through zoo cage bars.

Stop promulgating terrible, potentially libelous smears against a sitting U.S. Senator.

Have they no self-respect at all?

Don’t answer that.

This post also published at The New Americana.

Cruz on tax reform: “Simpler, flatter, fairer”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz issued a press release today outlining seven key principles he sees as crucial to reforming the federal tax code.

Among the items mentioned are the establishment of a single “low flat tax rate”, a reduction in the corporate tax rate, and simplification of the tax code so that those filing can “file their returns on a postcard”.

“Now is our moment to remake our tax system from the ground up, employing conservative principles to create a new tax code that is simpler, flatter, and fairer,” Sen. Cruz said. “Much like Ronald Reagan, today’s conservatives hold to the simplest of ideals: that the best-utilized tax dollar is the tax dollar that goes uncollected. The best place for a taxpayer’s money is with that taxpayer, not the federal government.”

Cruz presented his seven elements earlier today during the keynote speech at a Tax Foundation event. Those elements are “based on three key principles of growth, simplicity, and fairness”.

Though the list is rife with conservative ideals, getting such a proposal through Congress and past President Trump will be a monumental task. Trump is scheduled to discuss tax reform over dinner with his new liberal friends “Chuck and Nancy”, neither of whom is likely to endorse any of the seven items on Cruz’ list. Add to that the fact that establishment Republicans seem either unwilling or unable (or both?) to enact substantive change and … well, you get the picture.

But we can always hope – and more importantly, we can call and email our elected officials and get the word out via social media that regular, everyday Americans want and need serious, conservative tax reform.

The “seven critical elements” as they appeared in the press release:

  • Create a Low, Flat Rate: Currently there are seven individual tax brackets, with rates as high as nearly 40 percent. We should have one low flat tax rate.
  • File Taxes on a Postcard: Each year, more than 90 percent of taxpayers seek help to prepare their returns, either through tax preparers or tax preparation software, costing them $99 billion. Simpler, flatter taxes will save Americans time and money, and allow them to file their returns on a postcard.
  • Allow Immediate Expensing: Domestic capital investment increases productivity, which results in more jobs and higher wages. And that means higher living standards for American families.
  • Lower the Corporate Rate: Companies are leaving the United States in droves, and taking their jobs with them. By lowering the corporate rate to 15-20 percent, America becomes competitive with the rest of world.
  • Encourage Repatriation: Current law discourages companies from bringing home foreign earnings. Moving to a territorial system would ensure foreign earnings are not double-taxed.
  • End the Death Tax: More than 99 percent of U.S. employer firms are small businesses, many of them family-owned. The death tax establishes a burden that prevents families from being able to keep their businesses running from one generation to the next, and should be put to an end.
  • End the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT): The AMT applies to four million households, and requires millions of taxpayers to calculate their taxes twice, once under the regular tax code and again under the AMT. Ending the AMT will drastically simplify taxes for millions of American families.

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Theresa Hong - MCC Podcast Header

How Trump’s Digital Team Broke the Mold in 2016

Love him or hate him, Trump’s campaign was a new animal. Today we’re talking with his Director of Digital Content about how they won the Presidency!

2016 was definitely a unique year in politics and we’ve talked to alumni of a couple different presidential campaigns here on the podcast. But we haven’t had the opportunity to sit down with anyone who served on the yugely successful campaign of President Donald Trump. Today we get to fix that!

Before we do, I want to remind y’all that we’re in the process of releasing a couple new free campaign resources through our website and launching our highly praised Advanced Candidate Course as a self-paced online class with live q/a. If you want to be a better candidate or run a stronger campaign, go to, check out our resources and sign up for our weekly tips email!

Now to the interview.

With a strong background in digital media strategy, implementation, writing, marketing and content creation, Theresa Hong brings more than 15 years of agency, private, nonprofit and government industry experience, creating and managing numerous marketing, digital marketing, communications and political campaigns.

While one of Theresa’s favorite components of working with clients is the opportunity to sit, listen and collaborate, she is the first to admit she is a proud sci-fi and tech geek – most notably, she loves integrating technology to relay powerful messages, fast.

Theresa finds satisfaction that the world of communications has managed to preserve the art of face-to-face relationship building, traditional media and advertising, while intertwining this art with the power of digital media. The power to share an idea, tell a story, and instantly disperse the message that, if done right, has the potential to promote action and change behavior is one of the many reasons why Theresa loves what she does.

In her past lives, Theresa has served as an account executive managing a variety of diverse clients for McNally Temple, a political consulting agency located in Sacramento. She’s also served as communications and digital media director for a California state senator, as well as worked in the tech and energy industries. In 2016, Theresa served as digital content director for the Donald J. Trump for President Digital Media Campaign and Presidential Inauguration Committee.

Right now, Theresa is the Senior Vice President of Communications for Political Branding Associates, where she works closely with Bonnie Siegel, who was our guest a few weeks ago.

A San Antonio native, she’s incredibly happy to be back in the Alamo City – where her heart and family reside. After hours, you’ll probably find her being a tourist in her hometown, accidentally photo-bombing families in front of the Alamo.

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On a Slow News Day, the Media Remembers Ted Cruz Generates Clicks

This is such a stupid story. Someone on Ted Cruz’s staff was logged into Cruz’s twitter account and liked a pornographic tweet. No one disputes it was a staffer. Multiple staffers help Cruz manage his social media presence.

But you’d be forgiven for not knowing a massive hurricane just blew through the Southeast United States with close to a million people without power currently. Because the media is giving this “scandal” wall to wall coverage in an attempt to embarrass Cruz. Naturally, Cruz is treating the whole thing with the humor it deserves and that is all it deserves.

But the media has moved from a model that reports news people can use to a model that necessitates user clicks for advertising. So a Cruz staffer liking a pornographic tweet from Cruz’s account is far more likely to get clicks today than coverage of the disaster in Florida because those people don’t have power to use computers to click. But San Francisco liberals and Beltway Republicans who hate Cruz do.