Democrat Blames Christians for Orlando Terrorist Attack

A prominent Milwaukee, Wisconsin Democrat has found out who is responsible for the horrific terror attack at an Orlando, Florida nightclub over the weekend: Christians. On Sunday, state Rep. Mandela Barnes (D) who is also running for state Senate and fancies himself a rising star in the Democratic Party, took to Twitter to blame churches and Christians for the mass shooting that took the lives of 50 people.

“How many people have been driven to hate and act violently towards the lgbt community by ‘conservative Christian’ ideology?” queried Barnes.

The legislator then proceeded to blame “terroristic enablers in churches, in Congress, and state houses” for the actions of Omar Mateen, a man who pledged allegiance to the radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS as he carried out his one-man rampage that was eerily similar to the Paris, France attacks of November 2015.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.49.27 AMAlthough Mateen was investigated at least twice by the FBI for possible ties to terror suspects, including one man who ended up journeying to Syria to be a suicide bomber for the al Nusra Front, an al Qaeda affiliate, not one single fact has emerged that shows any sort of relationship between Mateen and a church or Christianity.

Whether or not Barnes recognizes the absurdity of his statements remains to be seen. One thing is clear: the Left has been hasty to blame guns and just about anything else for the Orlando attack. Missing from the debate has been a serious discussion about how the country can best fight back against radical Islamic terrorism that manifests itself in domestic attacks like this incident and the San Bernardino, California attacks.