NEW: Dana Loesch Lands Awesome Spokesperson Role with NRA

Conservative commentator and gun gal Dana Loesch has a new role with the National Rifle Association:  Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President for Public Communication. Previously, Loesch served as a Special Advisor on Women’s Policy Issues and currently hosts a show on their TV network, NRATV.

“During the past year Dana has proven herself to be a powerful voice for the Second Amendment rights of all Americans,” Wayne LaPierre said in a press release. “It is clear that Dana has the communication skills, experience, and natural ability to serve our organization well as one its very public faces in the news media.”

He added, “I’ve been impressed with Dana’s command of the issues facing the NRA, as well as her ability to communicate our positions and connect with women, and men, on those issues.”

Here’s more from Loesch on the announcement:

Many took it to social media to congratulate Dana on her new spokesperson role:

Dana Loesch couldn’t be a better fit for this role. Her tireless, impassioned defense of Second Amendment issues has made her a leader in the shooting sports. Moreover, she helps give life to the issue as a woman, mom, and constitutionalist. The world could use more Dana Loesch’s and fewer Shannon Watts’.

Loesch currently hosts a popular syndicated radio show and “Dana” on The Blaze. She is a frequent guest on major TV networks where she often appears on behalf of the NRA. Dana has also authored two bestseller books, Hands Off My Guns (2014) and Flyover Nation (2016).

I’m proud to know Dana and am confident she’ll excel in this role. You go girl!


Liberal Professor Melissa Zimdars and the Los Angeles Times Try to Blacklist Legitimate News Sites

The Los Angeles Times is running a story about a list prepared by Merrimack College Professor Melissa Zimdars. The list in question supposedly lists “[f]alse, misleading, clickbait-y and satirical ‘news’ sources.” Notice the punctuation around the word “news.”

You will not be surprised to learn that Melissa Zimdars lists a bunch of legitimate news sites that she does not like including my old site, RedState, as well as IJ Review, the Blaze, and more. She supposedly is not just going after “false” and “misleading” sites, but also “clickbait-y” sites, but does not include BuzzFeed, which certainly passes the “clickbait-y” test as does the Huffington Post.

What it amounts to is a national media outlet that leans left-of-center taking up the cause of a leftwing professor to blacklist conservative sites. There are certainly sites on the list that are false, misleading, and clickbait-y. There are sites on the list, including sites like Infowars and Prison Planet that I specifically refuse to use as show prep for my radio show.

But regardless of what you think of Breitbart, the Blaze, IJ Review Project Veritas, or RedState, they are legitimate sites.

To the extent they are on this list, they reflect the biases of Melissa Zimdars and nothing else.