Disagreement Means Death

I was at CNN during the August recess townhalls of 2009. I remember one Virginia Democrat congressman discovered someone had tampered with a propane tank for a grill at his home. CNN gave it extraordinary attention. They showed a graphic on screen of all the Democrat members of congress that had been harassed or received death threats. They noted that Eric Cantor, then one of the leading Republicans in Congress, had also gotten harassed, but downplayed it. One Republican got a bullet through his campaign office window, but it appeared to be unrelated to Obamacare they reported. Democrats nationwide, however, were routinely being harassed and targeted.

Nevermind that of all the arrests during that August period all but one were union activists trying to incite conservatives to violence. It was the conservative disruption that got all the attention. It got lots of attention. When Congresswoman Giffords was shot, I remember distinctly the conversations at CNN turned to war rhetoric in politics and how it needed to change. At one point, I was on air with John King and he used the word “targeting” before stopping and rephrasing. In the aftermath of the Giffords situation, he didn’t think it appropriate. Given tensions at the time, he was right.

When Democrat congressmen claimed they were being spit on and called racist expletives, again the media gave it extraordinary coverage until it turned out the stories were not true.

I bring that all up because I can’t help but note how times have changed. Harassment of Democrats got extraordinary, multi-day coverage on multiple news networks in 2009. Now? A Republican congressman was driven off the road by a Democrat and some media outlets, BuzzFeed included, have written about how the Republican congressman had ignored his constituents. He was not the victim, the woman who ran him off the road was.

Democrats at townhalls who are disrupting Republicans are treated as heroes. It is democracy in action. Mock a congressman whose daughter died? It’s acceptable. The media barely covers it. Now, Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina has collapsed and Democrat partisans are openly hoping he dies because he opposes Obamacare.

I can’t help but think if Republicans were doing this to Democrats, CNN and other networks would again give multiple days of coverage to it. But it has become so commonplace for Democrats to do this that it does not get covered, or the media is sympathetic to their acting out.

Democrats and much of the media have become convinced that not supporting Obamacare means Republicans want to deny people healthcare and let them die. They truly believe it. The truth is that the GOP does not want people to die, but believes there are better ways of providing people affordable health care. These are policy differences. Both sides still want roughly the same outcome, but they still disagree philosophically on how to do it.

But Democrats are now openly cheering on the deaths of Republicans because of public policy differences. It is sick and if the shoe was on the other foot, the media would be giving extraordinary coverage to it.

UPDATED: Sen. Thom Tillis Collapses, New Details

See updates at bottom.

The AP just tweeted: Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) collapsed during a race, received CPR and was taken away in an ambulance.

Regardless of your political persuasion, pray for Sen. Tillis.

Tillis was elected to the Senate in 2014, following an eight year stint in the House of Representatives.

UPDATE: The AP is reporting that Tillis “first appeared unconscious but was revived and breathing when taken away by ambulance from the ACLI Capital Challenge 3 Mile Team Race.” Thanks to alert bystanders for performing CPR.

UPDATE 10:12 AM. It turns out there was no SPR.

Senator Tillis tweeted a short video. “I’m fine. Just running two and a half miles in, got overheated, no CPR, no special measures, just checking me out. See you back on the Hill.”

The scare certainly had many praying for him, and I’m glad he’s okay.

I Gave $100 to Thom Tillis’s Campaign

Whether he wins his nomination or not, I won’t send even a penny to Tom Cotton in Arkansas unless he fires his campaign manager Justin Brasell. Brasell used Ben Sasse’s children in a television commercial to attack Ben Sasse. Then, after producing and placing the ads, Brasell quit his PAC that placed the ads. What a cowardly thing to do. You’d think a guy like Tom Cotton who touts his military career and values would object to that, but Tom Cotton is keeping Justin Brasell on the payroll. So I won’t give a penny to Cotton to subsidize Justin Brasell’s income, whether Cotton becomes the nominee or not (and he will be).

But I am sending money to Thom Tillis whose candidacy I opposed in the North Carolina Republican Primary. For conservatives, Thom Tillis was the worst possible outcome in North Carolina. Backed by Crossroads and the Chamber, Tillis will not back free markets and small government to the extent either of his other major competitors would.

But Tillis is massively better than Kay Hagan. Tillis would not vote for Obamacare in the Senate, unlike Kay Hagan.

Many conservatives are upset by the outcome in North Carolina. But politics is always about choosing between the lesser of two evils. Every one of us is a sinner. We all fall short of the glory of God. And we must sometimes in a democracy (“It’s a republic, dammit!” screams the crowd) choose between people we may not prefer. There are no perfect candidates. There will never be a perfect candidate.

You could choose to sit home and claim Tillis is no better than Hagan, but that’s just bitterness talking. Tillis is an improvement over Hagan and I say that as someone who opposed him in the primary.

I gave $100.00 to Thom Tillis’s campaign. We should all rally now to defeat Kay Hagan.

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Thom Tillis: Fabulist

Thom Tillis is the Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives. He is also a Republican Senate candidate. He is not a graduate of the University of Maryland College Park. That’s what Thom Tillis has claimed. But now he is having to admit it is not true.

That’s not all. Tillis has a new ad out. It shows Tillis in his front yard, picking up a newspaper, talking about his everyman street cred with light music in the background. The ad is titled “Paper Route” and highlights Tillis, the everyman done good, and his first job as a paper boy.

Tillis has actually done far better than he wants you to think in the ad. His real house is not the one in the advertisement. His real house in on a golf course and valued close to a million dollars. He also has a town home in Davidson, NC, right on the water.

Good for Thom Tillis being successful. We should applaud that. I want a lake house or a beach house. But first Tillis got caught fibbing about the school from which he graduated. Now he’s playing every man using someone else’s home. It’s worth noting that one of the attacks on Matt Bevin in Kentucky is that he listed MIT as a school he went to. He actually did go to MIT for a certificate program in entrepreneurship. But if the attack is solid on Bevin, it should be more so on Tillis who claims he graduated from the University of Maryland College Park.

Tillis actually was working and 37 when he got his degree. He got it via the distance learning program at University of Maryland University College. According to the News Observer

His alma matter also is listed incorrectly in the N.C. Center for Public Policy Research legislative guidebooks, a well-respected source published every two years, dating back to his first term in 2007.

Ran Coble, who helps assemble the book, said the information is gathered from the lawmakers’ websites and local media reports. A draft profile is sent to each lawmaker for review ahead of publication. “We ask them to make any corrections and that’s the fail-safe in the end,” he said.

Tillis’ biography on the Republican State Leadership Committee website still included the wrong information late Thursday.

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