Shameful Liberal Media Buried Black on White Torture Hate Crime

I got up this morning and checked my Apple News app, expecting to see the vicious Chicago hate crime and torture of a disabled white man leading the news. It wasn’t. Not only “it wasn’t” but it was totally absent.

Only Fox News led with the story, calling it a “possible hate crime.” This is absolutely shameful and beyond biased.

The New York Times buried the story, with the headline “4 Questioned After Video Shows Racially Charged Beating in Chicago.” Come on! If this was a black man beaten by four white young people live on Facebook while chanting “Trump! Trump!” it would be the headline on every major U.S. newspaper today, with nonstop head-spinning commentary.

President Obama would already have addressed the nation, calling for justice and berating Trump supporters.

Suddenly, though, the media is all “wait and see” on this story, because the facts are not all in. But they streamed it on Facebook. You can see the poor white boy being tortured and taunted. You can hear them curse Trump and “white people.” What more do they want?

They want to bury the story because it doesn’t fit the narrative. How can the whole country be up in arms against pro-Trump racists if there exist monsters who torture disabled kids for pleasure, for the purpose of hate against Trump and white people? No such people can exist in their story, so the story must disappear.

  • The Washington Post made a better attempt at a headline, but it’s not the top story. “4 held after Facebook video shows torture of disabled man by group railing against Trump, whites.” They wouldn’t dare mention in the headline that the attackers were black.
  • USA Today threw the story in the sidebar. “Chicago Facebook Live beating: Charges expected soon”
  • NBC News “Four Teens Held in Connection With Kidnapping After ‘Facebook Live’ Torture Video Airs” is far down the page.
  • ABC News “Chicago Police Arrest 4 in Connection With ‘Sickening’ Assault Video Posted to Social Media” at least featured it in top stories.
  • CBS News buried it in the sidebar, with a headline so confusing I almost missed it entirely. “Chief: Chicago attack live-streamed on Facebook is ‘sickening'”
  • MSNBC didn’t cover it at all on their front page.
  • CNN threw it on the sidebar, “Chicago torture: Teens stream abuse of special needs man on Facebook Live.” (But on the front page it simply reads “Torture broadcast live on Facebook.)
  • Huffington Post threw it under “crime” way down the page with the “alleged” headline “Man With Special Needs Allegedly Bound, Gagged And Tortured On Facebook Live.” Maybe they think it was staged?

Without a doubt, this is a disgusting student-body left play to keep the narrative decidedly anti-Trump and to bury any story that would distract from that. The media should be ashamed.

Jane Mayer is an Idiot

Jane Mayer is a staggering idiot. I say that because of this line in her piece on the Democrats’ torture propaganda:

“in releasing the long-awaited Senate Select Intelligence Committee report on the C.I.A.’s interrogation-and-detention program, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Dianne Feinstein2%Senate Democrat AverageSee Full Scorecard2%, the committee chairman, proved that Congress can still perform its most basic Madisonian function of providing a check on executive-branch abuse”

This would be the same Dianne Feinstein who was apprised of the what the CIA was doing, turned a blind eye the whole time the CIA was doing it, and suddenly claims heroine status by exposing what she long knew was happening.

That’s not checks and balances. That is political gamesmanship. And that Jane Mayer cannot admit this makes her an idiot. Of course, given her flimsy attacks on the Kochs, the tea party, and this, we should not be surprised.

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Moral Preening and the Luxury of the Hypothetical

Conor Friedersdorf thinks I have tribal loyalty to the GOP (HAHAHAHAHAHA) and therefore cannot admit that water boarding is torture.

I would note my tribal loyalty is to the country. I would also note that Conor being kept safe by the American military gives him the luxury of moral preening and time to write hypotheticals to me on twitter:


Here is a hypothetical for Conor.

ISIS members smuggle a nuke into Conor’s city. One of them is captured and waterboarded, revealing the location of the nuke.

I suppose Conor would be fine if the city went into a mushroom cloud.

But . . . but . . . but . . . that did not happen.

You’re right. It did not happen. And my family was not waterboarded by ISIS. ISIS would have beheaded them. And Romans did not waterboard Jesus. They actually, physically tortured Jesus then nailed him to a cross crucifying him.

What else happened? Men hijacked airplanes, killed the pilots, and flew those planes into buildings killing more than 2,000 Americans. Their cohorts would have killed many more of us but for brave men in the shadows working to uncover their plots.

Conor can pose all sorts of wonderful hypotheticals that make him feel good about himself. And he can do so because he did not die in an inferno caused by a terrorist thanks, in part, to American intelligence officers and soldiers keeping him and me safe.

But I’m glad he can live in a world where he can morally preen in outrage and pose revisionist hypotheticals about Jesus where the decent into his hypothetical world leaves him willing to let many die in a nuclear explosion so that no one dunks a terrorist in water.

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The Moral Minority

Turns out that 49% of people believe sometimes water boarding is justified. Further, 57% think it may lead to useful information. That is a CBS News poll.

According to Pew, 51% think the CIA methods against enemy combatants were justified, 56% think we gained useful information from doing so, and 42% oppose the Senate releasing its report while 43% support it.

In fact, as Pew noted, “the public expresses the most doubt not about the CIA methods and program itself, but about the Senate committee’s decision to release its report”.

What we have here is akin to the left/media furor over gay marriage, gun control, and its mythic creation of college rape culture. Convinced that gay marriage is a natural right, gun owners are monsters, and rape culture is pervasive, the left/media has set out to build a narrative on both complete with a quasi-religious canon and levitical judgment against those who refuse to believe.

Now with “torture,” they are at it again. They’ve defined torture as “all forms of interrogation we disagree with” while ignoring a key substantive point — no reporter would sign up for torture and yet many signed up to be water boarded and lived to tell the tale without PTSD.

They are invested not in facts, but in a cause. Facts are ancillary to their cause. It would factual to report that those involved in the CIA’s projects were not interviewed. It would be factual to report that the very same Democrats who are now blasting the CIA were, at the time, briefed by the CIA. But those facts undermine religious dogma and narrative.

The left/media finds itself a minority and, like so many opinion minorities in this age, have decided if they just shout and scream enough they will transform themselves into a majority.

The morally preening left/media would rather be outraged than be right. And if you are not as outraged as they are, you are not pure enough.

The left/media moral minority has all the hallmarks of a deranged cult. It’s only a matter of time before many of them lie down and die waiting for a comet to deliver them from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Ted Cruz94%Senate Republican AverageSee Full Scorecard94% and conservatives.

In the meantime, when not distracted by the moral outrage of the day, they’ll salaciously report on leaks from Sony Pictures by terrorist hackers. The sick irony is that in claiming moral equivalence between the United States and jihadists, the media is collaborating with North Korean hackers. The terrorists have won. But not because we waterboarded them. It’s because the left/media has dutifully taken up their causes for them.

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God Bless Dick Cheney

Democrats who spent a number of years being advised of what the CIA was doing to extract information from enemy terrorists released a report claiming we were torturing bad guys. Further, they claimed that we were gaining no valuable information from that torture.

Individuals in the intelligence community have pointed out, mostly to deaf ears in the press, that (1) these same Democrats were well briefed for years; (2) there were no objections at the time; (3) we did, in fact, learn useful intelligence that kept us safe; and (4) none of the intelligence officers who were involved in the interrogations of the bad guys were interviewed by the Democrats.

The very same people embracing the Democrats’ report as some fountain of wisdom and salve to wash sins away were only two weeks ago claiming there’s a “rape culture” on American college campuses and anyone who dismissed Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s Rolling Stone article was siding with rapists.

Lest we forget, on September 11, 2001, a number of Muslim terrorists hijacked American airliners and flew them into the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and would have hit another building had passengers on United 93 not fought back. Subsequent terrorists tried to blow up other airliners and killed more people abroad.

It is a fact that enhanced interrogation, not torture, yielded useful information that helped the American military stop other Americans getting killed. Democrats have the luxury of peddling this report because they are all alive and our intelligence community successfully extracted information from bad men to avert further catastrophe.

What’s more, the media and left are now exposed as moralist preeners. They are vastly more concerned with a “narrative” that portrays the interrogations as torture and ignores the effectiveness of the same than they are the basic facts.

That leads us to Dick Cheney. He is one of the few men publicly pushing back against the Democrats. Cheney knows both what we did and how effective it was. He is willing to be unpopular to defend what must be defended.

Because of Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and many nameless men and women, the Democrats and their friends in the media get to morally preen because they are alive and might not be had Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and these nameless men and women not done what needed doing.

This whole episode is only possible because the very things the Democrats are attacking prevented other domestic and international terrorists attacks. Had there been more attacks, these same moral preeners would be looking for scalps of people who, the media and Democrats would have insisted, should have done more.

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How Many Americans Will Die Because of Barack Obama’s Weak National Security Leadership?

Let me say this without reservation, despite the left-wing assault when I twittered it: I do not doubt that more Americans will die at the hands of terrorists under the watch of Barack Obama than under the watch of George W. Bush.

Back on January 8th, I wrote

General Michael Hayden and John O. Brennan are career guys. They are not partisans. I could not tell you if either one was a Republican or Democrat or even if they voted.

They are professionals. But because they are connected to the Bush administration and the War on Terror, Obama is throwing them out.

These are the men who have kept us safe and alive for eight years. It was not Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld forcing policy positions on the intelligence community. It was the intelligence community making recommendations that were embraced by Cheney, Rumsfeld, and ultimately the President.

In Barack Obama’s rush to release memos outlining the enhanced interrogation techniques used by the Bush administration upon recommendation by the intelligence community and approval by the Department of Justice on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and others, the Obama administration has curiously refused to release two key details: (1) that the enhanced interrogation techniques were highly effective at revealing crucial, life-saving intelligence and (2) that the techniques were only approved after the events of September 11, 2001.

They want us to know that the Bush administration implemented interrogation techniques Barack Obama disapproves of, the people who allowed those techniques might be subject to prosecution, but will not reveal what data was gathered or the justification for the techniques.

Why? Because the American people might realize just how effective and the enhanced interrogation techniques were. For example, water boarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed revealed enough data to prevent a second wave attack against Los Angeles, California. In other words, without the enhanced interrogation, Jeaneane Garofalo could have been taken out by terrorists.

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