Professing Ourselves to Be Wise, We’ve Become Fools

For the last several decades conservative Christians have been warning that each successive step in the ladder of the sexual revolution was just that – a step, not a destination.

  • No-fault divorce
  • Tolerance of obscenity and mainstreaming of soft-core porn
  • Promotion of pre-marital cohabitation
  • Acceptance of lesbian and gay relationships
  • Subsequent celebration and promotion of those relationships
  • The un-defining of marriage
  • Lowering of age-of-consent laws
  • And now a transgender mania that is exploding around the country

Each has been both predictable and predicted as nothing but the next logical step up this ladder to sexual anarchy. And each time conservative Christians have predicted it, the left has countered by rolling their eyes and screaming “slippery slope fallacy.” But it’s never been a fallacy. It’s been a revolution.

And it’s not just a revolution against sexual mores. It’s a revolution against God’s moral order for mankind. And just like if we walk off the edge of a building proclaiming we aren’t bound by God’s natural laws, there will be severe consequences for any society that breaks God’s moral laws whether we claim to believe in them or not.

And it seems fairly obvious that the first consequence is the death of reason and science. Last week I pointed out that even the conservative-supported Trump administration is threatening teachers in America’s schools that they have to play the “pick your own gender” game with their students. That invitation to chaos in our schools is beyond unkind; it’s criminal. But Trump is just following the winds of culture.

Right there in the city where he lives, the District of Columbia is issuing “genderless driver’s licenses.” Meanwhile, some left-wing website called Refinery29 has started running a video called “Trans 102.” The entire video is self-imploding illogic, but this is what now passes for reason in a culture like ours.

This is what is now celebrated by our media as forward thinking, compassionate, progressive, and enlightened. It’s not. It’s dumb. It’s all dumb. But in our rebellion to God, we have become a dumb people. Which is why you can’t help but hear the echoes of Paul’s words to the Romans (“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”) in your mind as you watch nonsense like Trans 102 and realize that American lawmakers in New York are actually moving towards making it against the law to “mis-gender someone.”

Yes, if you dare call a man “he” without finding out first that he prefers to call himself some asinine term like “xe” or “zir,” you get fined or worse.

I’d say “God help us,” but we don’t want Him to. We’re too enlightened for Him these days. I’ll give you one guess how that’s going to turn out for us.

Pediatrician: Transgender Treatments Are ‘Child Abuse’

The movement to normalize transgender medical treatments for children has seemingly come out of nowhere. In the course of a few short years, cases of gender-confused children, some in kindergarten, seeking medical treatment to alter their sexual characteristics have become commonplace. Today, at least one pediatrician is speaking out to call the practice “child abuse.”

In an op-ed for the Daily Signal, Dr. Michelle Cretella writes that the treatments advocated by many in the “transgender affirming movement” can cause severe damage to children and “constitute nothing less than institutionalized child abuse.”

“Today’s institutions that promote transition affirmation,” Cretella says, “are pushing children to impersonate the opposite sex, sending many of them down the path of puberty blockers, sterilization, the removal of healthy body parts, and untold psychological damage.”

Michelle Cretella is no stranger to controversy and criticism from the left. A graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in 1994, she practiced pediatric medicine for 15 years before becoming president of the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) in 2015, a group that the Southern Poverty Law Center labels “an anti-LGBT hate group.”

Cretella attacks the sacred cows of the gay rights movement with science and logic. She points out that scientific studies of identical twins prove that gay and transgender identities are not a product of genetics since in 72 percent of cases of a transgender twin, the other twin’s sexual orientation is different. If sexual orientation were purely genetic, correlation would be 100 percent in identical twins.

She also points out that gender identity is very malleable in young children. Cretella cites the American Psychological Association’s Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology which acknowledges that 75 to 95 percent of children eventually come to accept their biological gender. In most cases, puberty is the cure for a confused gender identity.

Unfortunately, a new trend is preventing many sufferers of gender dysphoria, the new medical term for the problem, from going through puberty. A treatment that is becoming more common is the prescription of puberty blockers. Cretella writes that there have been no studies that prove these drugs are safe for the treatment of gender dysphoria. She writes that a new study of the treatments shows “evidence for decreased bone mineralization, meaning an increased risk of bone fractures as young adults, potential increased risk of obesity and testicular cancer in boys, and an unknown impact upon psychological and cognitive development.”

Perhaps even more disturbing, Cretella points out that there is not a single case in the scientific literature of transgender children choosing to discontinue the puberty blockers. “The only study to date to have followed pre-pubertal children who were socially affirmed and placed on blockers at a young age found that 100 percent of them claimed a transgender identity and chose cross-sex hormones,” says Cretella. Cross-sex hormones are associated with health risks including cardiac disease, high blood pressure, blood clots, strokes, diabetes, and cancers.

“There is an obvious self-fulfilling effect in helping children impersonate the opposite sex both biologically and socially,” writes Cretella. “This is far from benign, since taking puberty blockers at age 12 or younger, followed by cross-sex hormones, sterilizes a child.”

Cretella also debunks the liberal claims that therapies affirming gender identities will result in fewer suicides of transgender children. “Adults who undergo sex reassignment—even in Sweden, which is among the most LGBT-affirming countries—have a suicide rate nearly 20 times greater than that of the general population,” Cretella says.

The fundamental problem is that the transgender politics have outstripped medical studies and laws. The controversy over bathroom policies shows how difficult it can be to enact laws that restrict perceived transgender rights. Restrictions on the ability to administer puberty-blocking drugs to children or even commit children to gender-reassignment surgery would be no different. In the end, it will be the children who suffer.

Oregon Becomes First State To Issue Gender-Neutral ID Cards

Following a 2016 court-order, the Beaver State is now issuing licenses that include “X” in the gender category for anyone who chooses. The move comes after a local judge allowed Portland resident, Jamie Shupe, to be the first person in the country to obtain a gender-less driver’s license.

Washington D.C. was the first jurisdiction to allow such a policy last month, but Oregon became the first official state to do so on Monday.

Oregon’s Driver and Motor Vehicle Services are now issuing ID cards that can include an “X” for gender instead of the standard “M” or “F” letters. Following the court ruling in 2016, DMV officials said they updated their computer systems, considered state laws, worked with police and changed administrative rules in order to comply with the court ruling.

Ironically, it’s easier to obtain the gender-less ID than it is to change your gender from male to female or vice versa. While changing genders on your Oregon driver’s license requires a court order, doctor’s certification or birth certificate or passport with the altered gender, any applicant can opt out of the gender category altogether by choosing “X” with no additional paperwork.

Shupe – who does not identify as male or female and prefers the “they” pronoun – was ruled non-binary in 2016.

Shupe described watching online as the Oregon Department of Transportation voted to allow a third option for gender identification:

“It was highly emotional. Me and Sandy watched it on YouTube, the whole time the two of us tightly clinging to each other, and crying. I keep drying them, but the tears keep coming,” Shupe said

New York and California are considering similar legislation.






Canadian Mother Wants Baby’s Gender To Be ‘Unknown’

This is liberalism in the 21st century.

Kori Doty of British Columbia gave birth to a baby girl last November. Despite the baby (named Searyl Atli) having female genitalia, Doty is determined to make the government recognize her as gender unidentified. The mother is fighting for the birth certificate to read “gender unknown” until the baby is old enough to make the decision on her own.

She spoke to CBC News about the purpose in what she’s doing (note: Doty refers to herself and her baby with the “they” pronoun):

“I’m raising Searyl in such a way that until they have the sense of self and command of vocabulary to tell me who they are, I’m recognizing them as a baby and trying to give them all the love and support to be the most whole person that they can be outside of the restrictions that come with the boy box and the girl box.”

Doty – who identifies as a non-binary transgender person and maintains a spotty beard – argues it’s a human rights issue. She believes it’s injustice for the government to force people to choose between only two genders. Strongly believing in her baby’s right to gender self-determination, she is currently lobbying the Human Rights Tribunal in British Columbia for the omission of gender identification in all government documents.

Currently, local government officials have allowed Searly to carry a health card with “U” for sex identification (meaning “unidentified”), but British Columbia is refusing to issue the family a gender-less birth certificate.

The mother explained her upbringing as transgender and how it lead her to make this fight:

“When I was born, doctors looked at my genitals and made assumptions about who I would be, and those assignments followed me and followed my identification throughout my life,” Doty stated. “Those assumptions were incorrect, and I ended up having to do a lot of adjustments since then.”

Doty has applied for a judicial review to exclude gender identification on birth certificates.




Equality: Transgender CT Runner Wins Girls’ Championships

The freshman year of high school is a crucial time of transition for all students and athletes. Moving from middle to high school brings numerous challenges that many young people are unable to handle.

Andraya Yearwood’s freshman year was more transitional than most. For Yearwood – who is in the process of transitioning from male to female – this spring marked her transition from competing with the boys to competing with the girls.

And a very successful spring it was. Yearwood enjoyed an undefeated season in the 100 meters for Connecticut’s Cromwell High School, then went on to capture the state title in Cromwell’s classification. She also won the state title in the 200-meter race.

Yearwood experienced her first defeat in the following week’s state open 100-meter race, finishing 2nd. She followed that up with a 2nd-place finish in the New England Track and Field Championships this past weekend.

Yearwood’s success prompted Hartford Courant reporter Jeff Jacobs to ask in his column, “Was it fair?”

In answering his own question, Jacobs goes on to essentially straddle the fence, finally reaching the conclusion that “the question of what constitutes fairness in the world of sports remains to be settled.”

In large part, he is correct. In fact, state, national, and worldwide regulating bodies have struggled with fairness long before transgenderism gained such a public presence. Leveling the playing field for athletes from schools, states, and nations of differing sizes and political/social/economic situations has always been a challenge and will likely continue to be for the long term.

The difference, of course, is in how those challenges have been and will be addressed.

State-level athletic associations are constantly addressing perceived inequities related to issues like school size, travel time, public vs. private vs. home schooling, attendance zones, high school recruiting, and ever-changing content standards. Each of those areas brings its own challenges related to ensuring competitive fairness to athletes, and each of those areas is constantly being reviewed and addressed by those state bodies.

But in the case of transgender athletes, state athletic associations have largely sidestepped the question of fairness. Those who have addressed it – whether taking the conservative or liberal side of the issue – have failed to follow up completely (Texas, for example), often leaving more questions than answers in the wake of their decisions.

The bottom line is that whether athletic associations wish to deal with it or not – athletes like Yearwood do have an unfair advantage. If you don’t believe that, take a look at the photo in the story at this link by The Day on Yearwood’s state wins. The other athlete in that photo is last year’s state champion, Kate Hall. That photo tells all that need be said about Yearwood’s advantage in the race. That Hall was able to finish so close is a testament to her training and determination.

In another Courant story, a teammate says that Yearwood “loves who she is and embraces it”. But the truth is that this young man – and make no mistake, we are talking about a young man here by every definition of the term which was in existence until just recently – this young man hates who he is and is rejecting it.

Respect for one’s self is the foundation of maturity. And though Yearwood is setting him/herself up to experience a lifetime without self-respect, Hall showed the grace of a true champion who respects not only herself but also those around her – whether they respect themselves or not.

“I can’t really say what I want to say, but there’s not much I can do about it … If I ran my best race, I could have won. I didn’t. I hadn’t felt good the last three days, but there are no excuses … From what I know she [Yearwood] is really nice and that’s all that matters.”

It’s a great statement from an obviously mature and stable young woman dealing superbly with an inequity that for now only her generation has had to face.

WATCH: When Liberal Lesbian Pagan Feminists are Right

There are just some things that we all know don’t go together.

  • Nuts and gum
  • Kanye West and dignity
  • Taylor Swift and relationships
  • Beyonce and anything that isn’t sexual
  • LeBron and a hairline

And by all outward appearances, Camille Paglia and I would fit on that list. After all, she’s a pagan, I’m a Christian. She’s a lesbian, I regard homosexuality as sinful. She’s a liberal, I’m a conservative.  She’s a feminist, I’m a white male.

And yet we are on the same page when it comes to our unfolding crisis over transgenderism and gender confusion in America.  Take a look at this week’s riveting 414 Project video…

Your Genitals Are Not ‘Junk’ And Neither Are You

By now most of you have seen the now infamous video of Rachel Bloom singing at an event for Bill Nye’s new Netflix series, hilariously/narcissistically titled ‘Bill Nye Saves the World ‘. Leaving aside the fact that Bill Nye is just another sad example of how actors and entertainers think they are the most important people in and to the world, the whole kerfuffle is just another example of how the left sends conflicting messages and expects us to ignore the contradictions.

In the unsurprisingly unfunny “Sex Junk” musical number, Emmy-winner and star of ‘My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Rachel Bloom dances and comically gyrates while singing about the interchangeable nature of sex organs and how it’s just our ‘sex junk’ and nothing to be making a fuss over.  “It’s just evolution, it’s nothing new!”, Bloom sings in an ill-fitting bodysuit backed up by awkward dancers.

While many have been complaining on the basis of vulgarity, it is not vulgarity that is the real issue here. If you’ve watched the brilliant first season of Bloom’s musical comedy on the CW (the second season is tragically forced and awful) you know that raunch and vulgarity are the name of her game (check out the hilariously relatable “Heavy Boobs” number from Season 1 for more on that). That isn’t a surprise to any of her fans and observers, nor should it be. Nye’s people chose Bloom for that very reason.

Isn’t it ironic that in the name of normalizing something most people find vulgar they brought in the most vulgar performer they could find to tell people they shouldn’t find this vulgar?

However, the real shame of this whole thing is the increasingly popular idea that our organs are just “junk”. We can’t blame Bloom and Nye for this labeling. “Junk” has been a popular term for genital organs in recent years. While it is usually meant in the spirit of silliness, the fact that we’ve devolved into referring to our sex organs as trash is sadly indicative of our modern attitudes towards sex and love.

The left wants us to believe two competing ideas at the same time in the name of Tolerance (I capitalize that because at this point Tolerance is a god/idol that requires regular human sacrifices to appease it).

Idea #1: Your genitals are junk. Junk is worthless. So your genitals are meaningless and worthless throw-away parts. Think about this for just a second – your genitalia is (are?) one of the most sensitive parts of your body. They contain nerves and blood vessels and responses that are directly connected to your pleasure centers. Even if all you believe in is the ideology of evolution it is safe to say that pleasure being directly connected to your sex organs is a vital part of the biological imperative to procreate.

Procreation quite literally means the act of creating something, creating life. The “your genitals are junk” crowd seeks to remove that very basic, primitive connection between pleasure and creation which directly undermines the concept of creation. It basically posits that creation is meaningless along with your tiddly-bits. Every single human being on earth who has ever lived is the result of procreation. If the procreation functions are considered nothing but “junk” what does that say about the people who are the product of procreation?

This is a movement that looks at people as worthless garbage. No wonder so many people who live the most comfortable, affluent lifestyle in the world are so woefully unhappy and hopeless these days. People like Bill Nye and Rachel Bloom go to great lengths make people believe that the most miraculous part of humanity – the ability to create and bear life – is nothing more than an accident that happens when your “junk” gets dumped on top of someone else’s “junk” momentarily. The current trend of bitter millennials and the angry protest class is the result of too many people living as though they were mere accidents of physics.

All of this drastically conflict with…

Idea #2: Your genitals define who you are, your value and your thought process. We just endured two years of nonstop admonishments to vote for the first female president precisely because she was a woman. Incessant talk about glass ceilings and history and women’s rights served to shame anyone who dared even give casting a vote for anyone else a second thought. Since Clinton lost in an epic trouncing last November there has been a constant drumbeat in the media about how sexism and misogyny is responsible for her downfall. Activists tell us Planned Parenthood is sacred cow of women’s health. Abortion rights are so coveted grown women dress like giant vaginas and march to protest the idea of men telling women what to do with their bodies. “Stay out of my vagina!” is a constant refrain.

Our genitals are supposed to be the one and only thing we are concerned about and they are what we are apparently required to base our votes, loyalties and sensibilities on.

So which is it? Are our sex organs garbage or gold? Are they vital or worthless? Are we accidents or creations?

Nye and Bloom shouldn’t be dragged for doing what they’ve been doing their entire careers – appealing to the lowest common denominator for the maximum amount of exposure as entertainers.

No, the real issue here…the saddest issue is how the mechanisms of intimacy and relationship have been twisted and devalued into just a form of entertainment. The still-evolving result is to create an entire culture that looks at the very miracle of life as trash.

It is not hard to discern the ripple effects of such a devastating ideology in modern America.

Social Justice Warriors are Doing Our College Kids a Disservice

Probably the best and worst thing that is available to our youth today is college.

It’s a wonderful thing to have access to higher education. If we want our nation to thrive for generations to come, our kids must remain competitive with the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, our colleges have become something less than institutions for educational growth, and more centers for liberal indoctrination, eschewing core academic instruction and exerting the personal ideological worldview of the professors into the curriculum.

The apparent goal is to create an army of social justice warriors for the future, rather than equip students with real world knowledge. As a result, parents (and very often, the tax dollars of U.S. citizens) are paying for indoctrination, with a side order of actual knowledge.

Case in point: An Ivy League giant, Harvard University, is allowing a school club to release a guide book into the stream of student life that is so incredibly out of touch with real life, you have to wonder what other fairy tales are being passed on as truth, there.

The office of BGLTQ Student Life, as it is called, recently released a guide suggesting that for some, gender can change daily.

“Sex assigned at birth and gender identity are not necessarily the same,” the flyer begins, elaborating that anatomical characteristics may not always align with “gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, hormonal makeup, physical anatomy, and/or how one is perceived in daily life.”

It then segues into the claim that “there are more than two sexes,” but this time focuses on biological considerations, citing a post by the Organization Intersex International (OII)asserting that “at least 2% of people” are born with some combination of male and female genitalia, hormones, or chromosomes.

Returning to the theme of “identity,” the flyer tells students that “for many people—cis and trans—gender expression, identity, and self-understanding can change from day to day,” noting that gender can be expressed through one’s “speech, mannerisms, clothing,” and more.

Let’s be honest, here (because the people influencing our youth won’t be): If you’re changing your mind about your gender every day, that has nothing to do with your sexuality and everything to do with your need for attention.

The fantastical, unicorns-and-fairy-dust claims being pushed “for informational purposes” on major college campuses are a distraction from the purpose of higher education. In fact, college should be the last place you expect to hear such inane dribble.

Classes in Advanced Virtue Signaling or Intro to Protesting today will not prepare students to leave the halls of academia and adequately fill the real world needs of tomorrow.

A better stance to be made on college campuses would be to simply use the label, “student” and do the job of teaching useful applications for the time after they leave the bubble of college life.