Pelosi: GOP ‘Should Be Ashamed’ For Not Allowing Taxpayer Money To Fund Sex Changes

The House minority leader is livid at Republicans over public funding for something extremely vital to the American people. Something so crucial – it tears at the very foundation of this country. The fact that the GOP would even consider cutting taxpayer money from this service is proof that they are heartless, soulless monsters.

Nancy Pelosi is mad at the GOP for cutting Department of Defense funding specifically set aside for servicemen and women who want the government to pay for their gender transition surgery.

Missouri GOP Rep. Vicky Hartzler offered an amendment to the House National Defense Authorization Act. The amendment stipulates: “Funds available to the Department of Defense may not be used to provide medical treatment (other than mental health treatment) related to gender transition to a person entitled to medical care.” It passed the House Rules Committee and now moves to the House floor.

Transgenders have been allowed to openly serve in the military since last year. The current policy allows them to receive any medical help deemed necessary – including surgery and hormone therapy. The Rand Corporation estimates the annual cost for medical services for transgender military members to be between $2.4 and $8.4 million.

Democrats are livid over Hartzler’s amendment. Pelosi, believing cutting off your manhood is a human right to be publicly subsidized, issued a blithering statement:

“Republicans should be ashamed: instead of protecting the men and women who risk their lives to defend our freedoms, they are fighting to rip away the health care of thousands of brave service members. This cowardly Republican amendment targeting transgender men and women in uniform effectively bans these patriotic Americans from serving their country. This disgusting amendment is unprecedented, unacceptable and undermines our national security.”

Pelosi is not the only liberal angry at the legislation. The co-chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus, Colorado Rep. Jared Polis, tried to block the amendment, but was blocked by the Rules Committee. American Military Partner Association President Ashley Broadway-Mack referred to the amendment as “vile” and a “vicious attack on service members.”

How in the world are our troops going to defeat ISIS if they can’t get the hormone therapy they so vitally need? To be honest, I’m more embarrassed Democrats didn’t address the issue of where gender fluid troops can go to the bathroom while fighting in Tora Bora mountains.

The minority leader continues to demonstrate why she should stay on as the leader of House Democrats. Her presence makes things too easy for the GOP.



Remember When The Mainstream Media Seized on This Talking Point?

“Trump transition claims another victim,” reported Tina Nguyen at Vanity Fair on November 17th.

“Inside Donald Trump’s chaotic transition,” Zeke Miller’s headline read at Time on the same day.

“Donald Trump’s transition: Five reasons why chaos reigns on the top floor of Trump Tower” was the Independent’s headline the day before that.

The Guardian reported, “Trump transition team in disarray after top adviser ‘purged'”

It all started on November 15th as MSNBC reported “Trump transition team chaos”. The Chicago Sun-Times editorial that day headlined “With transition in chaos, McCain warns Trump on Russia”.

As I told you on November 16th, those stories were spun up by Washington lobbyists suddenly marginalized in the transition as Mike Pence took over.

We are now two weeks removed from the “chaos” stories and not even into December and what do we have? We have an Attorney General and secretaries for Commerce, HHS, Education, Transportation, and Treasury. All are ahead of Barack Obama’s first major pick or, for that matter, the major picks of other incoming administrations.

There was never chaos. There were disgruntled lobbyist spinmeisters and reporters eager to help spread the news and perception of chaos reigning within Team Trump. The media seems inclined to report any story that confirms their biases against Trump without any evidence.

The transition is not chaotic, but actually ahead of schedule.

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Olympus Has Fallen: Trump Transition Is Not Behind Despite Media Spin

The fact that CBS News threw this story up at all is proof that the media spin machine is crashing. The main stream media wants Trump’s transition to fail. As Jim Stinson wrote, “there is outright media lust for failure.” The New York Times headlined a Wednesday piece “Trump Says Transition Going ‘Smoothly,’ Disputing Disarray Reports.”

This drew a tweet from Trump disparaging the NYT (not unusual).

Then the media criticized Trump for tweeting about the media! They really do think they are gods and goddesses on Olympus. Well, Olympus has fallen.

Looks like that @POTUS Twitter handle will be very active under President Trump and many of those tweets could be directed at the press.

Now CBS News reports that, gee wilikers, Trump’s transition isn’t really behind.

People who have paid close attention to presidential transitions over the years note that they rarely run smoothly. “There is a long history of unfortunate transition activity,” Max Stier, the president and chief executive of the Center for Presidential Transition, told the New York Times.

And David Axelrod, President Obama’s chief strategist, tweeted Thursday that the Trump campaign isn’t behind at all:

In fact, Trump is somewhat ahead of Bill Clinton in 1992, way ahead of George W. Bush in 2000, and about even with Barack Obama in 2008.

Turns out this is just another media spin crash. If you’ve got extra investment money, you might put it into egg production, because the main stream media is looking at four years of constant egg on their faces, as they constantly predict failure around every corner and are proven wrong again and again.