Peter Thiel’s Speech: A New Era In the GOP

Billionaire PayPal co-founder, Facebook investor and Gawker bankrupter Peter Thiel spoke tonight at the GOP convention, and provided a completely different perspective than most who graced the #TrumpCircus stage.

Some key lines:

– “Instead of going to Mars, we have invaded the Middle East. We don’t need to see Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails. Her incompetence is in plain sight.”

– “It’s time to end the era of stupid wars, and rebuild our country.”

– “Now we are told that the great debate is about who gets to use which bathroom. This is a distraction from our real problems. Who cares?”

– “I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be a Republican. But most of all, I am proud to be an American.” (To huge applause and standing ovation.)

Watch the full speech here:

Heidi Cruz Had To Be Escorted Out For Her Safety Because of Trump Unity

“The one person who attended Trump’s coronation and escaped with his integrity and conscience intact is Ted Cruz.”

Donald Trump graciously extended an invitation to his main rival, Ted Cruz, to speak at his coronation convention. Cruz congratulated Trump for winning the nomination, expounded at length on Republican values, attacked Hillary Clinton, President Obama and the Democrats, and exhorted the crowd to show up in November and vote their conscience.

After the speech, Trump appeared on the stage with Cruz, linked arms with him, with Heidi and Melania, waving to the adoring crowd.

And snowballs rose up from Hades, striking the flying pigs. Except for part about Cruz’s speech. That actually did happen.

In the closing moments of Cruz’s speech, when it became obvious that the Senator was not going to pledge personal fealty to the Orange Throne, the Trumpkins became agitated and started chanting. They whipped up a frenzy that caused RNC staffers to escort Heidi Cruz from the floor amid chants of “Goldman Sachs” according to Megyn Kelly. And they called Cruz “classless.”

Trump wasn’t in the room when Cruz spoke, until the speech ended. He didn’t appear on the platform. Cruz’s speech was scheduled for 9:45pm, which Cruz mass emailed to everyone on his mailing list. Then the RNC changed the time at the last minute to 9:30 without warning. Oops, maybe some of his supporters missed it.

I won’t blame the RNC for the power glitches that plagued Cruz’s speech, where the video wall kept jumping and blacking out like Max Headroom. Since Apple wasn’t in the room, having withdrawn all support from the #TrumpCircus, apparently nobody could figure out how to fix it.

Then the Trumpkins, along with the media, were out in force, calling Cruz’s lack of a by-name specific endorsement “classless” and predicting Cruz’s fade from the political scene, and his doom in 2020. Some of these people couldn’t predict their way out of a Walmart parking lot.

At least Stuart Rothenberg gave Cruz credit for following his own conscience.

But Trumpkins gotta Trump for their Cheeto Jesus.

The grace and unity from Trump supporters was palpable. It’s obvious that Cruz gave a speech gunning for 2020, while not disparaging the nominee. Suddenly the 40 percent who voted for Trump–many of them who have behaved like jackasses–have become the arbiters of what is “classless.”

Even Cruz supporters like Chuck Woolery turned on Cruz because he made some remarks uncomfortable to Branch Trumpidians (if the shoe fits…).

Unity, Trump style is still “convert or die.” His Twitter hordes, along with their Moscow-controlled tweet-bots and troll farms, still move according to their master’s whims. The one person who attended Trump’s coronation and escaped with his integrity and conscience intact is Ted Cruz.

Bravo, Senator. You will be rewarded for your stand after Trump reaps the whirlwind.

Why The RNC Kicked Democracy To The Curb And Kneeled Before Zod

Yesterday was a shameful day in the history of the Republican Party. If our founding fathers had acted like the GOP leaders in Cleveland did over the last four days, we’d be offering fealty to an emperor complete with lords and nobles.

Reince Priebus and the Trump campaign (which are now one in the same) displayed no willingness to hear legitimate grievances in the nomination process that produced the worst candidate since the Ford/Rockefeller ticket lost to Jimmy Carter in 1976. They shut down debate on a rules package which would have offered a more united party at the end, regardless of which candidate emerged. They made it very clear that this was not a nominating convention, it was a pageant intended to coronate Donald Trump.

In so doing, they kicked democratic process to the curb. Far from being “the will of the people” that produced Trump as the delegate frontrunner, it was a series of open primaries in states designed to railroad the establishment’s anointed candidate into the nomination. Trump took full advantage of this, without ever achieving a massive supermajority of voters over the primary process, and losing 11 states to Ted Cruz.

Why was democratic process and real discussion shut down behind closed door arm-twisting, retreating behind security guards, and refusing to even negotiate a new rules package or allow it to be voted with a roll call of delegates?

It was fear. Plain, simple fear.

The GOP leaders were actually acting very predictably. They saw what happens when rabid Trump supporters are slighted in any way. They saw the people Trump calls forth from the dark corners of  the Internet, into real violence. The same kind of unhinged violence that mars Trump campaigns orchestrated by leftist organizations is right there at Trump’s fingertips to use.

We don’t even know the depths of potential plata o plomo (silver or lead) deals that Trump’s coercion machine produced, silencing media figures, politicians and other leaders. Watch Mike Lee get pilloried for maintaining his Never Trump stand at the convention. Ted Cruz is nowhere to be seen, preferring to fight another day in exchange for a prime time address.

The RNC is more scared of Trump and his Know-Nothings than they are of their own delegates. They are more scared of the carnage they would personally face by a billionaire willing to sue at the drop of a hat, mock reporters, and malign federal judges than they are committed to preserving democracy.

They would rather elect Hillary Clinton to the White House than suffer the retribution of a petulant man-boy vulgarian who has never spent a day in his life working for groceries.

I am not bitter about those who support Trump for their own reasons–to keep Hillary out of the presidency (which is more and more a remote possibility each day). But it’s terribly sad to see the leadership of the party cower in fear and kneel before Zod.

Shame on them all.

The #TrumpCircus Begins Tonight With A Reality TV Line-up – How You Can Get Involved

The #TrumpCircus has come to Cleveland, and kicks off tonight with a variety of reality show contestants who will serve as speakers in primetime. Just who will be involved? Find out more below.

But we also want YOU to join the conversation, at our live blog each night. In order to do this, use our hashtag on Twitter, #TrumpCircus, and we’ll bring in the best commentary into our live blog – you can find tonight’s live blog here.

We’ll be covering the #TrumpCircus in depth every night of the GOP convention, but as for TONIGHT’s speakers, you might recognize them from TV – reality TV to be exact. Take a look at some of Monday’s primetime speakers:

Scott Baio – the actor, who was big back in the 80s with Happy Days and Charles in Charge, had a VH1 reality show in 2007 called Scott Baio Is 45…and Single. The show traced Baio’s relationship with his buddies, his girlfriend and his life coach. It was renewed for a second season and renamed Scott Baio Is 46…and Pregnant. This isn’t a joke.

Antonio Sabato, Jr. – the actor and model came to fame because of his underwear-wearing and appearance in a Janet Jackson music video. But his career has featured a variety of reality TV, including Dancing With The Stars. But like Baio, Sabato got his own VH1 reality show as well, called My Antonio (pictured above). He apparently didn’t find love on the Bachelor-like show in 2009, because he later was on Celebrity Wife Swap in 2012 with a different woman.

Willie Robertson – Perhaps the most famous reality show participant on the GOP convention slate, Robertson and his family were featured on the wildly-popular show Duck Dynasty that lasted seven seasons.

Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy – Sean Duffy is now a Congressman from Wisconsin, but he’s known to TV audiences for his role on MTV’s hit show The Real World. In his Boston season, he got into a giant fight with one of his roommates. Obviously he later appeared on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Seasons. His wife, Rachel Campos-Duffy, will also speak at the GOP convention on Monday, and was also a cast member on a Real World season. She was part of the iconic San Francisco cast, where she dated Puck.

Bonus Tuesday speaker:

Natalie Gulbis – Gulbis isn’t just a professional golfer, she’s also a former contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. Her strong eighth place finish had her besting competitors like Andrew Dice Clay and Khloe Kardashian, but Melissa Rivers and her mom, the eventual winner, Joan Rivers had a better run.

Yes, the #TrumpCircus is underway. The greatest show on earth? Come and join the conversation with us at The Resurgent.