Trump Hates Workers With The Heat Of A Thousand Suns

I can’t understand how people support Donald Trump against their own interests. I live in a military town where literally tens of thousands of government workers and contractors have their employment, and many of them drool over Trump.

Little do they realize that Trump hates them with the heat of a thousand suns. To Trump, they are what’s wrong with the government: waste, inefficiency, and–gasp!–unions. Without support from friendly and hardworking members of Congress, many of these people would end up in the unemployment line with Trump as president (Obama has also threatened their livelihoods but pork prevails with a Democrat in the White House).

From the Trump Tower in New York, which was built using illegal Polish immigrants who didn’t even get to wear hard hats, to housekeepers at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, who picketed Trump’s motorcade, the billionaire can’t stand unions–if they cost him money. And that’s really obnoxious considering that New York City is the capital of the world for blue collar unions.

I remember years ago at the Javits Center, I was setting up a booth for a trade show, and couldn’t even plug a computer into an outlet. I had to wait for a union electrician from the local IBEW to do it. And that electrician would not move a partition to install another  outlet; he waited for another union worker to do that. And you got charged for their time.

It was such a problem in the early 1990’s that Federal prosecutors brought a civil RICO suit alleging corruption.

As with so many things, Trump must have “evolved” on unions, which he has used in the past to build various projects, sometimes cutting shady deals with shady mobsters. In his 2000 book “The America We Deserve,” Trump wrote that “unions still have a place in American society. In fact, with the globalization craze in full heat, unions are about the only political force reminding us to remember the American working family.”

But Trump plays hardball with the unions in Vegas.

“I don’t understand,” said Vargas, one of more than 500 hotel workers who in December voted 238 to 209 to join the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and Bartenders Union Local 165. “It’s weird why he doesn’t want to negotiate a contract with us.”

Ever since the vote, Donald Trump’s managers have fought unionization every step of the way. They filed 15 objections with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging intimidation and forgery by union officials. After the claims were either withdrawn by Trump or dismissed by the labor board, the unions were officially certified as bargaining agents last month.

But the Trump Organization still refused to negotiate, and last week, at the last possible moment, the hotel filed for a review of the case with the labor board in Washington, further putting off contract talks.

Trump sees workers like he sees everyone else: As useful objects to manipulate to get what he wants. If unions help him, he’s for them. If they don’t help him, he brutally opposes them. This is hardly the behavior of a man who proclaims himself friend to the working class.

Those blue collar workers who so ardently pull for Trump will be (like all his supporters) sorely disappointed should we end up with this man in the White House. They will get everything that’s coming to them.

The Greatest Conspiracy

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As you can see, it is a flat out lie that the left was outspent 7 to 1 in Wisconsin. In fact, considering the money unions spent on things like “voter education”, which are not even tabulated as political activity, the unions probably outspent everyone. We don’t know because they don’t exactly have to disclose it all right now.

But the more important question is “why?” Why did the left immediately seize on this idea that they lost because they were outspent.

They did so for the same reason people are protesting the Bilderbergers this week. They did it for the same reason Ron Paul fanatics blame the media for Ron Paul’s lack of success. They did it for the reason most everyone in the world concocts conspiracy theories to explain their defeats.

They did it because if they did not they would have to admit that the American public has rejected them and their ideas.

Ron Paul’s supporters say that if only the media would cover Ron Paul, he would be winning. But when the media covers Ron Paul, they claim the media is biased against him. In reality, Ron Paul comes off sounding like your loony uncle you keep in the attic. You and your “Who is John Galt?” bumper sticker don’t come off much better.

It’s not that politics is lost in Ron Paul. It’s that Ron Paul is lost in politics.

People are protesting the Bilderbergers this week because they are convinced the Bilderbergers are puppet masters pulling strings wrecking havoc in the economy and their lives. No, the odds are the people protesting have crummy lives because of the choices they themselves made. But instead of confronting those life choices like the unemployed Occupy kid with the degree in puppetry arts, they’d rather blame the Bilderbergers or Wall Street or The Man.

On CNN Tuesday night, a leftwing activist cried out in anguish that democracy had died. Democracy is alive and well. But it was far easier for this person to believe democracy died because the voters were duped by the Koch Brothers than to believe voters rejected his preferred policy solution into which he had poured his heart and soul.

In 2010, the Republicans made massive gains at the local, state, and federal level. That November night, I was on CNN with a bunch of Democrats claiming they had gotten the policy right and the message wrong.

They could not bring themselves to admit they had been destroyed because of their policies.

People tell themselves lies big and small and convince themselves that someone did them wrong or there was a conspiracy against them when the lose. The truth is often too painful to face — it really isn’t them, it’s you.

The Koch Brothers did not buy the Wisconsin election. The right will not buy the White House in November. The left will tell themselves that and the media will report is as gospel. Otherwise, both the media and the left, but I repeat myself, would have to fact the cold, hard truth of reality — the majority of Americans really don’t like them and their preferred policy solutions.

Taking on the unions

The lefties are rather mad at me this morning.

The other day some of the police officers here in Macon, GA where I’m on city council suggested they were going to form a union. I, in turn, suggested I was going to push to shut down the police department and contract with our local sheriff for police protection.

Makes sense to me. A public sector union pits public servants against tax payers and a police union pits those who protect against those they protect.

I have a column on this today in our local paper.

Here’s an excerpt:

Admittedly, we need to do something to improve our police department. Pay is crummy and morale is bad. I have long advocated changes in the department’s leadership, and I think we should still consider it. Likewise, we have the ability to implement a pay scale if Macon’s City Council were willing to make tough choices about benefits.

Nonetheless, a unionized police force would be cutting off the officers’ noses to spite their faces. We should probably consider firing them just on principle.

According to several lawyers I have talked to, unionized police in Georgia do not get the benefits of collective bargaining with the city relating to the terms and benefits of employment. Likewise, they do not get to strike. But they do get to join and pay dues. If they want to throw their money away, sure, let them unionize. Knowing, however, that we have officers on payroll who have no problem throwing money down the drain suggests a purge might be worth considering.

Unions served a useful purpose in this country once, but that time has long since passed. We know that unions drive up costs. American car manufacturers are a testament to union costs and inefficiencies. Non-union automakers routinely out perform union automakers. Union work costs more than non-union work. Union rules regarding employee discipline incentivize lazy, undisciplined and selfish workforces.

We know that unions take thuggery to a new level. All one needs to see are videotapes of health care town halls throughout August. The assemblies might have been vocal, but were without violence until the SEIU and AFL-CIO showed up. A unionized police force would be just one more gang our police would have to deal with.

You can read the whole thing here.