VICE Says It’s Criminal For Women to Join, Belong to NRA

Last fall, the media company was revealed to have a toxic office culture teeming with sexual harassment.

On Friday, VICE tweeted how horrible it is for the National Rifle Association (NRA) to want to train preachers, school teachers, club goers, and gasp, women, on gun safety.

Here’s the complete list of people the NRA wants to arm, which is apparently offensive in VICE’s eyes:

Women should be allowed to safely handle and use firearms? How dare they want to protect themselves against attack? How dare they choose to empower themselves? How dare they have options to defend themselves? The horror, the horror!

Is VICE projecting its shortcomings? That appears to be the case. The media is fending off criticism for boasting a toxic office culture that invites and breeds an environment encouraging sexual harassment. Here’s more on the media company’s troubling office culture:

Phoebe Barghouty, a former associate producer for Vice, told the Daily Beast that in 2015, her boss, Kaj Larsen, would inappropriately touch her and take her to parties in Los Angeles, which she thought was unusual.

Barghouty, then 23, said she went to a human resources representative to voice her concerns and was reportedly told, “When it comes to talent, we can’t really tell them what to do.”

“They bring in the money and attention and you just have to deal with it,” she claimed she was told. The rep disputes those remarks.

During another occasion after a meeting, Larsen reportedly told Barghouty, “If you’re going to get anywhere with Vice guys, you’re going to have to be a lot sweeter,” she told the site. She added, “It felt like a threat.”

“The way he looked at me, the way he grabbed my arm. I remember feeling scared,” Barghouty recalled.

It’s undeniable that women, especially Millennial women, are the fasting growing bloc of gun owners and hunters (see herehere, and here). It’s criminal for women to trained by or a part of the National Rifle Association, apparently. This is the usual Left calling into question womanhood if females choose not to subscribe to subservience and groupthink common in the female establishment. Remember the Colorado state lawmaker who said the best deterrent against attack is for women to induce vomiting, to resort to screaming, or best of all, to urinate on themselves? VICE seems to be on the same page.

As we have learned over the last few days, it was the fault of Broward County Police Department—not the NRA or Second Amendment advocates—for ignoring warning signs about the Parkland killer. Sheriff Scott Israel received 18 calls about the Parkland killer’s questionable behavior, and the department received 39 calls about the killer over the course of seven years. More specifically, four deputies hid as Stoneman Douglas High School was ambushed by the killer. This has rightly prompted calls for Sheriff Scott Israel, who berated NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch and the NRA for inspiring the Parkland killer, to resign.

It was recently revealed Sheriff Israel rewarded political favors to supporters by awarding them and their family members jobs doing public relations and community outreach for his department:

The outreach workers, who mainly attend community events, are in addition to political activists and others Israel hired into community affairs roles, writing and designing printed pieces about the agency, and sharing it on social media. The employee log shows six hired into community affairs roles, their salaries totaling $388,729.

Israel’s opponents say he’s built a publicly funded political machine, paying back supporters with jobs and using them to keep him in office. They say the money could be better spent, particularly after the sheriff complained about not having enough funding to secure the county courthouse, where a murder suspect recently escaped.

Moreover, comedians like Amy Schumer and Jim Gaffigan are coordinating with Everytown for Gun Safety to bully Google, Roku, AppleTV and other streaming services to drop NRATV with calls to #DumpNRATV and #BoycottNRA.

It seems like finding reasonable solutions won’t be achieved anytime soon, as the Left and anti-gunners continue to scapegoat innocent and law-abiding Americans for the crimes of a sick depraved individual and negligence by authorities who abdicated their duties by not stopping this guy in wake of warnings. But yes, let’s attack women who choose to involve themselves with the NRA.

I’m proud to be an NRA member and hope you consider joining too. Register here.