After Midterms, Republicans Are Endangered Species On West Coast

As midterm election results continue to roll in from California, the extent of the Republican rout on the West Coast is becoming apparent. At this point, it looks as though Democrat gains in the House will be a net increase of 38 seats. Almost 20 percent of these gains come from the West Coast and many are in the one-time Republican stronghold of Orange County, California where Republican congressional districts were wiped out.

Prior to the election, Republicans held four of the six seats in the suburban Los Angeles county. The 46th and 47th districts were previously Democratic districts, but the remainder of the county has traditionally been Republican.

The Democratic gains in Orange County were mixed between picking up Republican open seats and knocking off GOP incumbents. Dana Rohrabacher, the 48th district congressman widely considered to be the most pro-Kremlin Republican, lost to Democrat Harley Rouda and Republican Mimi Walters in the 45th district was defeated by Katie Porter. In the 49th district, Darrell Issa, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight committee, famous for his investigations of Benghazi and Fast and Furious, announced his retirement and saw his seat flip to the Democrats as Mike Levin defeated Diane Harkey. In the 39th district, another Republican retirement cleared the way for Democrat Gil Cisneros to defeat Republican Young Kim.

The Orange County Republican rout is similar to the Republican difficulties in the rest of the country. Orange County is heavily suburban and has a declining population of whites, which make up only 42 percent of the population per California Demographics. Hispanics comprise 34 percent of county residents while 19 percent are Asian. Exit polls show that nationally less than 30 percent of those minority groups voted Republican.

Democrats also flipped two other California congressional districts in California. The 10th district in Turlock, north of San Francisco, and the 25th district in Palmdale, on the north side of LA, both voted out Republican incumbents.

A seventh West Coast district, Washington’s 8th, home to Rep. Dave Reichert, another retiring Republican, is being replaced by Democrat Josh Harder. At this point, Democrats control seven of Washington’s 10 congressional districts. The third district, represented by Republican Herrera Beutler, is now the only Republican district on the entire West Coast that borders on the Pacific Ocean.



There were no flipped seats in Oregon, but four of the state’s five districts were already Democrat. Only Gregg Walden’s second district, which covers the inland two-thirds of the state, is represented by a Republican.


If the Republicans want to take back the House, they will have to become more competitive in suburban House districts like those in Orange County. Reversing this year’s losses will also require that the GOP overcome the current trend of declining minority support.

WaPo: Harvey Weinstein Helped Pay the Clinton’s Legal Bills

Once I saw the headline, I remembered: Harvey Weinstein was one of those Hollywood liberals who helped the Clintons cover their legal bills in the 90’s, and the Washington Post was the outlet that broke it.

Yes, the ironic fakenews bourgeoisie is sharing a WaPo story. Not really “in the tank” after all. Especially now, with all the attention Weinstein is getting lately. It’s been fairly easy to throw a stick and hit another Harvey story, so there’s no point in belaboring the topic. However, the story does remind the electorate how deep the Clinton’s network was built over the years. Over the years, Bill and Hillary Clinton have received nearly $30,000 in donations from Weinstein.

Of course, Harvey wasn’t alone. The Clinton Legal Defense fund, established in Arkansas by Clinton family friend David Pryor, saw over 17,000 donors, 62 of which gave the maximum $10,000. It was a list of who’s who, including Tom Hanks, Barbra Streisand, Michael Douglas, Ron Howard, Norman Lear, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw-Spielberg as well as studio executives Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen, and Weinstein. By law, the operation was not allowed to solicit donations, but was promoted heavily at the time through Hollywood circles. The fund was closed in 1997, leaving the Clintons with more than $3 million in outstanding legal expenses.

It was a nice thought while it lasted. And apparently, it attracted some tawdry characters with it.

“Birds of a feather,” you might say.



The Conservative We Know: Vukmir Joins Wisconsin’s US Senate Race

It was mid-December, and my phone rang with a name familiar among Wisconsin Republicans. State Senator Leah Vukmir was calling because I had posted a picture of her capitol office door on Facebook granting permission to – nay, inviting – safe gun owners to enter her office.

Wisconsin is one of those “radical” states that allow law-abiding citizens to exercise their constitutional rights on every square inch of state property, unless otherwise requested;  some recalcitrant Democrats have posted the adorable “peace” signs banning defensive weapons. My caption: “suffice it to say, Vukmir’s office is the safest in the building.”

She’s also a trained registered nurse, and knows how to save my life. But her calling  since 2001 has been to serve the public in another way, fighting for conservative principles – before it was cool – first in the assembly, then the state senate. Her first race was to replace the seat vacated by then-assemblyman, and future conservative governor Scott Walker. There was no drop-off.

Now, she wants to take her ideas, our ideas, the ideas that work, to the US Senate. Her only other declared opponent in the primary is a recent Republican convert, Kevin Nicholson. The winner goes on to face incumbent Tammy Baldwin, a lonely liberal Democrat next November.

I’m no fool, nor gullible – no politician of any influence keeps my conscience warm at all times. Every election we send conservatives to higher offices just to watch them appear to change their modus operandi, occasionally opposing things we value, or supporting programs we dislike. Compromise is a necessary evil of governing by committee. Sen Vukmir is human, as I am, and has a mind of her own, as do I.  But in our representative republic, we don’t elect people based on their compatability scores. Or at least we shouldn’t. We select them based on their wisdom, their instincts, and their fortitude.

Leah Vukmir has all three, in conservative spades. And she’s a spitfire, a proud Greek woman who tells it like it is.


The best primary is where you have a clear choice that is conservative because they have 16 years worth of a resume to prove it, not just because they claim to be.

In 2011, Wisconsin took on public union reform with Act 10, looking to break the self-perpetuating machine state Democrats and public employees had built, mandating union membership, forced dues, unaccountable budgets and a political machine that disenfranchised regular voters.

Vukmir had just become the senator for her district, beating a Democrat incumbent. (See? She’s done it before.)

Most Americans remember the drama of the Wisconsin protests at that time, the Democrats who fled the state, tens of thousands of protesters for months, and tree-hugging “solidarity singers” that made life hell for Vukmir and her colleagues. But she stood firm. In the face of death threats, stalking activists and national political pressure, she never backed down.

Not only did she stand firm, but the freshman senator stood in her chamber and persuaded her colleagues, saying “We cannot back down. If we do, no other state will consider doing the reforms we are trying to do here.” And they didn’t. And other states followed.

That’s a conservative we can trust.

But she was no one-trick pony. Vukmir is a policy wonk. She led the fight against Obamacare expansion in the state, proposed reforms to national common core standards, supported concealed carry, castle doctrine (defending your home), veteran benefit reforms, statewide school choice, right-to-work, prevailing wage reform (mandated pricing for public works), holding the line on property taxes, freezing state tuition at state colleges, and dozens of other first-time conservative changes. As Wisconsin has slowly replaced the aging progressive legacy of our state with conservative polices that work, Vukmir has usually been on the front line.

Next year, Wisconsin Republicans will choose the most electable conservative to represent the Party in November. The progress of conservative ideas in Washington depends on winning Democrat seats, and Wisconsin’s senate race is ripe for the taking. Every conservative in the country needs to back one we have seen in action, and send the Democratic anomaly we have in Tammy Baldwin back home.


This column is the expressed opinion of the contributor, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or endorsement of the editor or The Resurgent.


Republicans Should Consider a Government Shutdown

It seems quite clear that the Obama Administration is going to ram through a bunch of major regulations prior to Trump taking office. Incoming administrations are limited in what they can do to reverse those regulations and Obama has 158 major regulations pending, with 88 at the final rule stage. The EPA is already rushing through regulations before Trump gets on the scene.

Once the rules are enacted, the only major recourse would be the Congressional Review Act (“CRA”). It allows an expedited process to reverse regulations through resolutions of disapproval and those resolutions cannot be filibustered under existing Senate rules.

The House of Representatives has passed a bill targeting new Obama regulations.

The bill would amend the Congressional Review Act to allow Congress to overturn many rules all at once by way of a resolution.

But this new legislation would be subject to a veto by President Obama and the Republicans will not have the votes to override that veto.

Until Obama’s last minute regulations are repealed (if at all) through the Congressional Review Act, businesses in the country would see crippling costs as they rush to implement Obama’s regulatory state to avoid paying fines and suffering penalties. And you would be foolish to have faith in the GOP to actually repeal all the regulations.

During a government shutdown, the Federal Register can only publish regulations that “are necessary to protect human life and safety or protect property.” Likewise, because the regulatory function of agencies like the EPA are not paid for by sources not subject to a lapse in appropriations, they would have to shut down their regulatory making processes.

If Congress cannot get the regulatory agencies to stop moving forward with the destructive and costly regulations rushing through Obama’s leftwing agenda at the end of his term, Republicans should shut down the government, which is only funded for another week or so.

The Line Between Islamic Extremists and Gay Rights Extremists

We have another life targeted for destruction by the gay rights community. Barronelle Stutzman, an evangelical Christian, declined to provide flowers for the homosexual wedding of a long time customer of hers. The customer was gay and, again, a long time customer. Barronelle Stutzman is now going to lose her business, her life savings, and possibly her own home for putting her faith into practice. Both her customer and the State of Oregon are taking everything she has for not bowing at the altar of sexual sin.

In Denmark, France, and elsewhere we have seen Islamic extremists take lives because of the Islamic extremists’ beliefs. They do not want tolerance. They do not want pluralism. They do not want to show respect to the views of others. They will take life for being offended. There will be no magnanimity and there will be no mercy.

In taking life, the Islamic extremists want the public spectacle. They want not just revenge, but they also want to make others fear and second guess doing the same. They want to silence others and drive them from the town square. They use death and violence to do it.

Gay rights activists, with few exceptions like Floyd Lee Corkins and the guy in North Carolina last week, have not turned physically violent. But they are intent on destroying any who disagree with them. They will take the homes, businesses, and life savings of any who defy them. They will use the tools of the state and mob action through boycotts, fear, and intimidation to make it happen. They will not kill but they will threaten and scare.

Someone on twitter the other day noted that the struggle for civil rights and gay rights are not the same. You don’t need a rainbow sticker on the back of your car to let people know you’re black, the person on twitter noted. Nonetheless, gay rights activists have decided to equate their struggle for marriage with that of the civil rights movement. They are not, however, going about it peacefully or in the same way. They are not, as Martin Luther King, Jr., did, urging white Christians to be better Christians. Instead, they are using the state to ruin Christians who try to practice their faith. There will be no magnanimity and there will be no mercy. There will be no going down the street to another florist, baker, or photographer.

The divide between Islamic extremists and gay rights extremists is at death. They meet on the line at destruction. Barronelle Stutzman is going to lose her business, her savings, and possibly her home. She will be financially and publicly ruined for her Christian faith. In Oregon, for the same reasons, Aaron and Melissa Klein and their five children will lose their home, business, and income. They would not bake a cake for a homosexual wedding. These people served gay clients. Their faith compelled them, however, to not provide for a homosexual wedding — that ceremony creating the one relationship between people in life ordained by God to be between a man and a woman.

In Atlanta, Georgia, for professing his belief that his chief job was to “glorify God” and for treating all sexual sin as sin, Atlanta’s Fire Chief was driven from his job by gay rights activists. Any who defy gay rights activists are labeled bigots unworthy of attention, jobs, or meaningful opportunities in the town square.

You will be made to care on this issue. Yes, you will first be made to shut up. Through fear, intimidation, and lawsuit you will be made to shut up, driven from the town square, then made to care. And if you care the right way you will be able to live on the fringes of society. Otherwise you will be driven out of society.

The gay rights activists who yell “bigot” at those who disagree with them are the Imams of America’s cultural ghetto. They will incite injury, financial or otherwise, to those who disagree with them because they tire of the debate and never wanted it to begin with. They want victory and know the only way to get it is to destroy, ruin, and shut up any who get in their way. They hide being polling showing gay marriage should be legal because of plurality or majority support, but then reject polling that shows a clear majority of Americans think people should not be forced to provide goods and services for homosexual weddings.

Christians should, however, take heart. The faith that continued to flourish and spread while its adherents’ bodies were being used to light the streets of Rome will survive this present turmoil. At a minimum, Christians have more children than homosexuals. We also have a God who stands with us, loves us, and will see us through to eternity.

House GOP Will Stop Stoners, but Not President Choom Gang

House Republicans intend to stop Washington, D.C. from legalizing marijuana. They’re going to attach the legislation as a rider to their continuing resolution/omnibus.

But they will not stop President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty.

The most amazing thing about this is that Washington, D.C. decided to legalize marijuana through democratic action and a referendum.

Barack Obama declared his own actions unconstitutional just two years ago. The GOP has held the same position. But the GOP has decided to stop the constitutionally democratic actions of Washington, D.C. and will fund President Obama’s unconstitutional actions.

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Leave Us Alone

The Circle of Jerks is going blind over the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. It spells doom for everyone. In a nutshell, Americans hate the President, hate the congress, hate the Democrats, hate the Republicans, and want to burn Washington, D.C. to the ground.

Politically, it is worse for the Democrats than the Republicans because Barack Obama and not George W. Bush is in charge. But it is an all around mess. Voters hate Washington.

The Circle of Jerks are all abuzz about it, but exempting their own behavior from the problem. It’s just the elected guys, not the unelected guys, according to the Circle of Jerks. But they are wrong.

Over the past two years, the Republicans and not the Democrats, have had a contentious set of primaries as grassroots voters agitate for change in Washington. Overwhelming, the same people in Washington rattling sabers over this latest polling were peddling Washington establishment talking points against the grassroots’ candidates. The Republican voters were willing to up end the status quo. The reporters and pundits now all abuzz about how the public hates Washington’s status quo were attacking those who want to upset the status quo.

And that’s the problem. Many of the reporters, pundits, and commentariat class have married or slept their way into the status quo and have no real problem with preserving it. They see that most Americans hate them and they only fret because of their superficial desire to be liked.

Very view pieces of commentary out of Washington these days mention voters or constituents except to note they are pissed off. Instead, we get articles about what the Chamber of Commerce wants, what unions want, what conservative groups want, etc. What about what the voters want?

Often, the press doesn’t know or understand. They misread the voters. They take their presumptions and shape poll questions on policy that don’t really reflect what the voters mean or want. They fail to nuance. Everything must be outsider vs. insider, red vs. blue, and Republican vs. Democrat. The “objective” commentary is incapable of anything but binary and therefore dumbs down reporting and view points.

On top of this all is something else. When the Circle of Jerks see that Washington is hated, they blame the dysfunction and think if only Washington worked efficiently, all would be well. The reality is that if Washington did not play as big a role in our lives and left us to our own devices, we would actually be well. Until Washington and the Circle of Jerks leave us the hell alone, we will find no improvement here. Washington is the problem. It must be reduced to reduce the problem.

But the press corps, above all biases, is biased in favor of government doing something. Shrinking, to them, is not doing something.

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Commentariat Is Not Constituency

“Government is not supposed to be efficient. The Founders recognized how bad things happen in efficient governmental systems.… Efficiency breeds tyranny.”

On Thursday, House Republicans failed to pass a piece of legislation related to the border crisis. The commentariat in Washington roundly criticized the House Republican leadership. On Friday, instead of trying to ram through a piece of legislation, the House GOP found consensus among its members and passed the legislation.

The commentariat roundly criticized the GOP for passing something that could not make it out of the Senate. Never mind that the Senate had already fled Washington. The Wall Street Journal editorial page assailed conservatives, Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, and the House GOP for bringing to the public’s attention to the rift within the GOP. Ironically, for a bunch of hand wringing about exposing rifts, the Wall Street Journal does a very good job of exposing it.

The media-centered commentariat has been wholly dismissive of the House GOP, Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions, and the conservatives. The media wants a deal. The commentariat wants a deal. The institutionalist factions of Washington, D.C. are desperate for a deal. They have created their own echo chamber and feedback loop in favor of a deal and because they did not get what they wanted, the House GOP must have broken down in some way.

They blame Rush Limbaugh for the break. They blame RedState. They blame Heritage Action, FreedomWorks, the Senate Conservatives Fund, Madison Project, For America, Tea Party Patriots, and a long list of others. They say the House GOP is too interested in the opinions of these groups and catering to the whims of these groups. Really what they mean is that the House GOP is not catering to the commentariat, the Gang of 500, the DC institutionalists, and other like mind groups.

What they miss is simple. The House is not listening to them, but the House is not waiting with bated breath to take orders from Heritage Action, RedState, Rush Limbaugh or any other outside influencer save the most important — their constituents. The circle of jerks in Washington is so focused on their own needs and interests and so used to getting their way, they forget there is a more important constituency and it is actually made of up voting constituents.

The circle of jerks in Washington sometimes forgets the slow and grinding pace of government is all a feature and not a bug. They are used to getting their way. In the past few years they have had a harder and harder time getting their way. While this has made the allure of a go-it-alone President more intriguing for them, they forget the Founders designed the system to be extraordinarily difficult to get things done.

Consider, for a moment, the masturbatory gleefulness of the Circle of Jerks and their acolytes to this Steve LaTourette piece. LaTourette posits that conservative outside groups and their insiders like Ted Cruz are “grifters”. He posits they are a “grifter wing” opposing a “governing wing.” What LaTourette is really saying is that there are outsiders who more and more in Congress are listening to and there are insiders who Congress used to listen to and he wishes Congress would go back to listening to them. LaTourette’s firm made over a million dollars in 2013 and wants to be listened to.

Notice please that LaTourette never mentions two words: “voters” or “constituents.” He does not care about them. He cares about his profit and, in an act more and more common these days, projects his own sins onto others because it is the only way he understands them.

Given that LaTourette’s two greatest skills in Washington have been adultery and profiting from his tenure, I assume his next op-ed will accuse Ted Cruz of infidelity to conservatives. Yes, we should not be surprised that the man accusing conservatives of “grifting” cheated on his wife with a lobbyist who, some reports have noted, had business before the committee on which LaTourette sat while in Congress.

In fact, though the Circle of Jerks, their acolytes engaged in masturbatory glee at LaTourette’s crying, and guys like LaTourette himself ignore it, don’t mention it, and presume they are the constituency, there are in fact two houses of Congress with two different constituencies, plus a President and a court system — not to mention several states with the same systems duplicated in them. Government is not supposed to be efficient. The Founders recognized how bad things happen in efficient governmental systems. This gets to Ross Douthat’s excellent column on where Barack Obama is headed with the Circle of Jerks cheering him on. Efficiency breeds tyranny.

Whether one likes what happened in the House of Representatives or not, it is operating within the system the Founders created and they are listening to the constituency they are constitutionally chartered to listen to — voters in congressional districts. What the Circle of Jerks view as aggravating bugs hampering the system, the Founders viewed as a feature of the system. We may be at the “halt and catch fire” point of this feature, but that then is what elections are for. When the country is ever more divided, the congress necessarily works ever more slowly by design.

The bug in the system is a Washington of permanence. The Founders did not intend that to be a feature. The politicians were supposed to go home. They were not supposed to be a fixture of the swamp creating a new aristocracy. That is what they have become. The system is on the verge of a constitutional crisis because of this permanent class of politician turned lobbyist befriended by a commentariat who whore each other for gossip, sleep with each other for pleasure, dine with each other for frivolity, and circle the wagons against the outsiders. Steve LaTourette, who laments that he is not being listened to anymore, is a perfect example of this. He cheats on his wife with a lobbyist, leaves office, and stays to turn the system and taxpayer dollars toward his preferred interests. Then he has the audacity to accuse others of “grifting” in a publication that itself profits from the present system of permanence. Pot, meet kettle.

They are so used to the bug of permanence that they turned it into a feature to grease wheels and speed things along. When the system corrects itself, when elections change things, and when the gridlock by constitutional design rears its head, they would rather add more bugs to the coding than step back, take a breath, and remember things are supposed to be slow and they themselves are not supposed to be permanent.

We head now to a constitutional crisis because the political class that should have never been permanent cannot get its way from a system working as its founders intended it — a system where the members of the House of Representatives listen to their voters in their districts, not to general public opinion polling, editorialists, commentators, pundits, or politicians turned lobbyists.

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