Can Hasan Minhaj Make The Circle of Jerks Funny?

They’re not funny, but Minhaj is

For the first time since Ronald Reagan phoned in while recovering from a gunshot wound, the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner–aka “Nerd Prom”–will be without a president. Therefore, the liberal mutual gratification club–aka the Circle of Jerks–has decided to max out their pleasure and booked Daily Show comedian Hasan Minhaj.

You might know who this guy is. I didn’t. I do know he is no fan of President Donald Trump.

Not being a fan of the Daily Show, and being a person who spends about as much time watching comedy specials like “Stand Up Planet” as most White House correspondents spend at church, I had to catch up on who Hasan Minhaj is–aside from everyone else’s hot takes. He’s actually pretty funny, and only marginally profane. Here’s one of his routines (some cussing).

In fact, I rather enjoy his comedy. He’s straight up funny about race and ethnic peculiarities (“The Color of Poop“) and surprisingly not preachy.

Some advice for Minhaj

Don’t try to make the Circle of Jerks funny. As Joe Simonson noted, “Last year, he performed at the Congressional Correspondents Dinner and was met with a silent and ‘stone-faced’ audience. Rather than, you know, tell jokes, Minhaj opted to give a long rant about the virtues of gun control.”

Even liberals get tired of being preached to about liberal stuff.

With Trump not in attendance, there’ll be this incredible temptation to devote the whole affair to a comedy gang-rape of the president.┬áDon’t do it.┬áThe entire liberal world has prostituted itself over and over again. The thrill is gone.

Don’t talk about policy. Don’t talk about politics–except in the most personal terms.

Just be funny and it will work out. There’s nothing worse than a funny guy like Minhaj walking on stage to read badly written jokes about unfunny topics that other comedians have already told. The Circle of Jerks is a bunch of self-righteous, puffed-up, self-important, self-absorbed, prima donnas. They’re not funny in the least.

But they’ll laugh if you can just be your funny self. Trump’s absence might be just the thing to make the WHCA dinner great again.