White House Hosts “Generation Next” Summit With Young Conservatives

The summit was put on by Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Labor Secretary Acosta, and President Trump.

Last week, the White House hosted a youth summit entitled “Generation Next” to gauge Millennials on issues relevant to them.

Per Pew Research Center, Millennials comprise over 25% of the U.S. populationand are set to overtake Baby Boomers as the largest demographic.

The schedule of the proceedings is included below:

The Trump administration invited various Millennial thought leaders on the Right to opine on important pressing issues. Personally speaking, it was encouraging and refreshing to see many of my Millennials peers—some former co-workers and friends—who are working the frontlines to advance our agenda across the country.

The forum was broken into three panels: a Q&A with First Daughter and advisor to the president Ivanka Trump and Labor Secretary Acosta, a second panel featured President Trump, and
third panel featured White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway, Department of Justice spokesperson Sarah Igur Flores, and Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Azar.

During the first panel, Ms. Trump and Secretary Acosta answered questions from audience members on a variety of topics including deregulation, technological innovation, small business growth, campus free speech, higher education, paid family leave, and higher education.

Secretary Acosta


, demand-driven education, regulatory relief, and occupational licensing reform can help younger Americans access good, family-sustaining jobs. Great discussion with @IvankaTrump today at the @WhiteHouse.

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To combat fertility problems in the U.S., the First Daughter said this:

Charlie Spiering


“The fertility rate has plummeted to an all-time low” @IvankaTrump warns, arguing for paid family leave

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The White House


Watch LIVE as President Trump, Cabinet Secretaries, and Senior Administration officials participate in Generation Next: A White House Forum http://45.wh.gov/RtVRmD 

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The second panel featured President Donald Trump:

Kassy Dillon


President Trump discussing political correctness and college campuses https://www.pscp.tv/w/bYPqrDFQbUVxWExCYldham98MXlOR2FrbndFcFZ4amqjufdpKc8y_yn7lNWN2MD_UXjCs85Q-0H5oLHllmAU 

Kassy Dillon @KassyDillon

President Trump speaking to a room full of millennial conservative activists.


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The third panel focused primarily on challenging opioid crisis with new initiative called Crisis Next Door, which was unveiled in NH on Monday. More on their efforts can be found here. Trump reaffirmed death penalty for drug dealers while up in New England, which the panel affirmed support for.

Here’s the video to the entire summit:

One forum attendee — Generation Opportunity’s Demetrius Minor— offered the following thoughts about the event:

Demetrius Minor

​Stay tuned for more updates related to Millennials and the Republican Party.

BREAKING: Steve Bannon is OUT at the White House

Given his odd, almost self-destructive behavior over the last week, including calling a leftwing journo to dish dirt on his colleagues in the White House, say there was no strategy on North Korea, and in general, talk like a man who didn’t really like his job, anymore, today’s news comes as no real shock.

Steve Bannon is out, as White House chief strategist.

Bannon has been a controversial figure in the administration, since leaving Breitbart, in order to take a position with the Trump campaign.

It was Bannon who took Breitbart towards the alt-right as it is, today, after Andrew Breitbart’s death.

While the news is still developing, there is some word that Bannon will return as head of Breitbart and continue to push the president’s agenda from that platform.

The President’s Flank Is Failing

“Protect your flank” is a saying that stems from military strategy based on the necessity that a command officer hold troops back from the front line in order to protect from attacks from the side. It is these attacks to the flanks which are most dangerous and ultimately can lead to defeat. Having their flank protected allows soldiers to focus solely on the fight in front of them, which mean they and their officers knew the importance of utilizing superior trained and highly mobile troops for this effort. The saying now refers to being able to trust that you are protected in the areas where you are most vulnerable.

An astonishing, frustrating, infuriating, treacherously treasonous act occurred within the White House within the past few days. Transcripts from the President’s phone calls with leaders of other countries were leaked to the Washington Post (WaPo)

The Post has obtained transcripts of Trump’s talks with Peña Nieto and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Produced by White House staffers, the documents provide an unfiltered glimpse of Trump’s approach to the diplomatic aspect of his job, subjecting even a close neighbor and long-standing ally to streams of threats and invective as if aimed at U.S. adversaries.

Have no doubt, this act of shameful betrayal was also criminal: (WaPo)

The transcripts were based on records kept by White House note-takers who monitored Trump’s calls. Known as a “memorandum of conversation,” such documents are commonly circulated to White House staffers and senior policymakers. Both documents obtained by The Post contain notes indicating that they were reviewed and classified by retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg Jr., who serves as chief of staff on the National Security Council.

Not only is it a betrayal, not only is it criminal, it is also highly detrimental to foreign policy: (Fox News)

“The unauthorized release of these documents to the press is a crime,” Joe diGenova, the former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, told Fox News. “The series of acts involving release of notes of the president’s conversations with foreign leaders, and these transcripts, are a serious threat to national security.” Doug Burns, a former federal prosecutor in New York, said this in a phone interview. “There is a federal statute that makes it a crime, a federal crime, to disseminate classified information to an unauthorized person,”

Just as in every situation, there are known-knowns and known unknowns. By now, the President knows who his enemies are. Consisting of the Congressional Democrats, the Progressive Socialist Left, the DNC and the MSM, they don’t even try to hide it, their ad-hoc name is “The Resistance”.  An early known-unknown was the President’s support on Capitol Hill. Those who hate the President and all he stands for have by now been exposed, and are actively working to subvert he and his agenda.

But, the true known-unknown is which White House employees are actively and criminally committing treason by betraying the President and the country. This situation must be rectified immediately. This leak was a national embarrassment and has the capability of being a cloud over future phone conversations with other foreign leaders. This situation is so serious, even David From of the Atlantic sounded the alarm (The Atlantic)

Leaking the transcript of a presidential call to a foreign leader is unprecedented, shocking, and dangerous. It is vitally important that a president be able to speak confidentially—and perhaps even more important that foreign leaders understand that they can reply in confidence. Thursday’s leak to The Washington Post of President Trump’s calls with the president of Mexico and the prime minister of Australia will reverberate around the world. No leader will again speak candidly on the phone to Washington, D.C.—at least for the duration of this presidency, and perhaps for longer. If these calls can be leaked, any call can be leaked—and no leader dare say anything to the president of the United States that he or she would not wish to read in the news at home.

He continues with a dire warning:

In March, I warned about the risk of judicial overreach: In response to the danger posed by Trump, other American power holders will be tempted to jettison their historic role too, and use any tool at hand—no matter how doubtfully legitimate—to stop him. Those alternative power holders may even ultimately win. But in winning, they may discover themselves in the same tragic position as that Vietnam-era army officer who supposedly said “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.”  Trump’s violation of basic norms of government has driven people who would otherwise uphold those norms unto death to violate them in their turn. Contempt for Trump’s misconduct inspires counter-misconduct.

As much as Mr. Frum and others can decry this act, one must admit the blame for this ultimately lies within the Oval Office. While Mr. Trump can’t control Congress, nor can he control the MSM,  or the senior Republican bulls and cows who are resolutely mutinous; Mr. Trump can control his own house.

Control must be taken back immediately. Not tomorrow, not next week, today. Shockingly, the People’s House still has Obama loyalist employed in key positions. This is untenable, but even more disturbing are the leadership factions vying for voice and control within those advisors and staffers chosen by the President. This chaotic governance has a miasma which is reaching truly noxious levels.

The individuals leaking classified material from the White House must be found and prosecuted. But, the President also must take responsibility, the buck stops at his desk, and it is high time he cleans out his own house.

BREAKING: White House Civil War as Scaramucci Goes to FBI on Priebus

Overnight, Anthony Scaracmucci tweeted his intention to ask the FBI to investigate chief of staff Reince Priebus for leaking documents.

CNN’s Ryan Lizza went on the air at approximately 11:40pm Wednesday night to confirm the “ambiguous tweet,” saying his sources have said Scaramucci believes Preibus leaked his financial disclosure documents. Never mind that these documents eventually become public anyway, by law, meaning it’s not a felony to “leak” them. But he’s mad the Politico got the document early, and he’s ready to do the dirty work it takes to root out the perp.

As this comes on the heels of Erick Erickson’s scoop on the widespread tension among cabinet secretaries, the sudden resignation of Sean Spicer and other mid-level officials, and the president’s very public shaming of his closest defender, Jeff Sessions, the White House now appears to be in an all out civil war between ambitious, undisciplined leviathans climbing over one another either for power, or to cover their rear end – a House of canards, you could say, where no one trusts anyone, and every piece of news starts off as rumor just to become tomorrow’s [confirmed] news.

As many astute observers will remember, the two men have no love lost since the transition, as Preibus made sure Scaramucci was not part of the administration. The hiring of Scaramucci last week was seen as a shakeup, but no one expected it to be on this level. So much for draining the swamp. Maybe it was just a change of tides?

If he follows through on his tweeted threat, Scaramucci will likely be aiming for the Chief of Staff job himself, once again leaving the communications department in a lurch for true leadership. And the Mooch would find himself in arguably the most powerful unelected job in the world.

All I can say is, “pray, America.”

Pray for forgiveness first, then for the stability of your country. Because this is unhealthy, whether you like this president or not – we should hate that this immature, banana republic behavior is happening so fast, so often that we’ve lost track of the embarrassments.

Spicer Out, Swamp Thing In?

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

So now that Sean Spicer has resigned as White House press secretary, rumor has it that Wall Street muckity-muck Anthony Scaramucci is being tapped for communications director.  Truth be told, I would be just as surprised if President Trump was considering fellow Streeter and Chelsea Clinton hubby Marc Mezvinsky for the job, with as much as the two men have in common in terms of world view.

For instance, here’s Scaramucci on guns in America:

Sounds like he took that bit about America having 5% of the world’s population and using up 25% of the energy and shuffled it around a tick to bash the Second Amendment.  But that kinda makes sense, given his position on globalism:

Wait a second, I thought Trump was all about putting America first?  But whatevs.  Maybe he just misunderstood what the Donald was talking about.  That’s okay, because he’s totally on board with the rest of the agenda.

Um. . .all righty then.  Nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see here.

Or at least that’s what Scaramucci would like the Twitterverse to think, considering how fast he’s starting to delete things from his feed.


So tell me again why this guy is up for a job in the Trump administration?


No, Trump’s Anger and Paranoia Is Not ‘Winning’

In the last two weeks, we’ve seen President Donald Trump get out his shovel and dig deeper when faced with a stinking hole full of sewage. First he fired FBI Director James Comey in the most humiliating, shocking way a president can fire an FBI director.

Trump fired Comey while he was about to give a speech to his own underlings in Los Angeles, then dispatched his personal man-Friday (his former bodyguard before the Secret Service took over), whose title is Director of Oval Office Operations, to deliver Comey’s termination letter. It was a small, mean-spirited, and classless way to dismiss a senior executive, apropos of nothing.

The White House had solid, unimpeachable (forgive the pun) reasoning behind the firing. Indeed, I was all for it, and wished Comey had been given the heave-ho much earlier, although not in the way Trump did it. Except the president couldn’t stop himself from a bout of verbal diarrhea and tweets about “tapes.”

Trump contradicted and made liars of his own staff, including Vice President Mike Pence. It was Russia all along, Trump said, threatening Comey with the possibility of recorded “tapes,” a la Nixon. Who could blame Comey’s friends and associates for responding by leaking his memorialized notes on personal meetings with Trump to the press? Even if those leaks are worthy of blame, they are certainly understandable.

The whole scenario injects chaos into the White House. That’s Trump’s style: chaos.

My friend J.D. Rucker wrote that “this really might be that 4D chess we’ve been hearing about.” Sure. The president publicly praised the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate the whole Russia thing.

Of course, then Trump dog-whistled his base by tweeting it’s a “witch hunt.” But that’s just for his supporters. He’s really distracting the press, while he wants Mueller to put this investigation behind him and clear Trump quickly, exposing the left and the MSM’s mendacious agenda. Rucker wrote:

Here’s the thing. One of Trump’s greatest strengths has always been playing the victim. He is so adept at it that he gets his surrogates and devoted followers to play the victim card for him while decrying its use by others. He and they crave vindication. Nothing makes for a more Trumpish story than hitting rock bottom only to bounce back higher and stronger than ever before.

But if it’s really 4D chess, then Trump must be winning. If he’s winning, then his staff ought to be happy that the brilliant genius who is their boss is playing cat and mouse games with the press, and he is the cat. Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, and Press Secretary Sean Spicer would be playing chaos while secretly concealing Cheshire Cat smiles. It’s all an act.

Except it’s not an act.

Trump’s staff is stressed, to the level of PTSD. The Washington Post called working for Trump “the worst job in Washington.”

For many White House staffers, impromptu support groups of friends, confidants and acquaintances have materialized, calling and texting to check in, inquiring about their mental state and urging them to take care of themselves.

One Republican operative in frequent contact with White House officials described them as “going through the stages of grief.” Another said some aides have “moved to angry,” frustrated with a president who demands absolute loyalty but in recent days has publicly tarnished the credibility of his team by sending them out with one message — only to personally undercut it later with a contradicting tweet or public comment.

The other day, aides turned up the volume on televisions in the press office so reporters would not overhear shouting between Spicer and Bannon. This isn’t acting. Nobody could act that well–Hugh Jackman and Tom Cruise couldn’t make that role work. (Maybe the late Heath Ledger could do it.)

There’s no discipline or consistency in Trump’s chaotic White House. WaPo quoted former “60 Minutes” producer and author Chris Whipple. “The White House staff system is completely broken, maybe beyond repair,” Whipple said. “It is inconceivable that something like that could have happened on James Baker or Leon Panetta’s watch.”

If Trump is winning, why would his staff feel like he’s losing? Why would they be going through “stages of grief?” Why would they be stressed to the breaking point? The answer is simple: Trump is not winning. Anger and paranoia reign in the White House. If Trump does not change, he will almost certainly lose.

Melissa McCarthy, Scoot Over.

Well, Sean Spicer may be back from his partial week off the podium for Naval Reserve duty, but his deputy, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders made a splash of her own during perhaps the most tumultuous news cycle of this new presidency. He didn’t seem to miss it much, even though he quipped about the press missing him while talking to the press today. Perhaps she doesn’t want to give it back. Either way, Spicer would do better to stay out of (or, AWAY FROM?) the bushes during stressful stories in the future.

It’s safe to say though that regardless of who maintains press sec duties (that is, if the president doesn’t cancel them as he threatened to do today), either performer will provide plenty of comedic inspiration for America’s weekend SNL fetish. After a sustained ratings renaissance this last year, SNL has managed to hang onto most of it’s momentum with it’s cast and guests having tapped into the idiosyncrasies of both the press secretary and his boss behind the talents of Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin.

McCarthy prepared for Spicer’s return this week by a return of her own to host of the weekend show, prepping some film for Saturday by driving her infamous motorized podium down 59th st in New York City on Friday morning. [See video above] It was something you had to be there for.

Meanwhile, the White House was working on transitioning back to Spicer return, who many say may be on the rocks after the last week, and his bush incident, with his deputy showing she can handle a few questions, even if it was amusing at times. Her tough as nails persona and a few combative, mic drop moments this week (like this one with Jon Karl) even earned her own hashtag: #Huckaboom. You haven’t truly arrived until you get your own hashtag.

With the kind of week Huckabee-Sanders had, anyone could empathize with having twist like a pretzel while answering a barrage of questions from a legitimately stumped press corps. Nonetheless, even the best of intentions serve to make us laugh when the impressions are done well.

And I think there’s no one better to handle this week’s press briefings than six-year cast member, Vanessa Bayer. I think she can do it. What do you think? If it happens, you heard it here. And it means SNL reads the Resurgent!

Oh, and don’t forget to keep your sense of humor, America. It’s only politics!

Support Your Favorite Small Businesses This Week

This week marks National Small Business Week. This celebration will take place from April 30-May 6, 2017. Since 1963, the country has celebrated this week honoring American small businesses. Here’s more about it from the Small Business Administration (SBA), which is under the leadership of Linda McMahon:

Every year since 1963, the President of the United States has issued a proclamation announcing National Small Business Week, which recognizes the critical contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Per SBA estimates, more than half of Americans “either own or work for a small business” which help create “two out of every three new jobs” here each year. In January, the SBA found there were nearly 30 million small businesses that employ 58 million people:

Credit: Small Business Administration








The White House issued this press release on behalf of Vice President Mike Pence to commemorate the week:

Since 1963, the White House has honored America’s small businesses by marking this National Small Business Week and recognizing the tremendous contributions that small businesses make to our country every single day.

Just this weekend, President Trump declared that “small business owners embody the American pioneering spirit and remind us that determination can turn aspiration into achievement.”

I know firsthand how true that statement is. I grew up in a small business family in a small town in Columbus, Indiana. I went to work at my father’s gas station when I was only 14 years of age. And as the world knows, President Trump grew up in a family business, too.

We both know the sacrifices that are required to make a business work. And we know that when small business is strong, America is strong.

A stunning 99.7 percent of all American businesses are small businesses. And no fewer than 57 million Americans work for small businesses – nearly half of all private-sector jobs in the United States.

Our economy, from coast to coast, depends every day on small businesses.

Here’s how social media users are spreading the love of small businesses:

How will you honor small business this week? What a great way to celebrate and appreciate American free enterprise!