Trump’s Problem With Women

For a man who has spent his life pursuing women, who says he “cherishes” them, Donald Trump has a big problem that even the master persuader can’t overcome.

If Mr Trump cannot rehabilitate his reputation among women voters he is almost certainly heading towards a catastrophic defeat in November against Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ likely nominee.

Trump’s sweet spot is white, non-college educated men. He also does well with some white educated men who believe his stump behavior is a ruse. Katie Packer, who runs Our Principles PAC and the website, said Trump’s problem with women is a disaster for the GOP.

Katie Packer, a Republican who is leading an effort to try to thwart Mr Trump, cited another poll showing Mrs Clinton beating Mr Trump by 68 per cent to 38 per cent among women.

Ms Packer said: “Trump would have to win male voters by 85 per cent to 15 per cent to mitigate the loss with women… He’s a disaster for the Republican party.”

Check out the latest video by Packer’s group in which Trump’s own misogynist words are read by women. Would you like a president saying this about your mother, or your sister?

Regardless of Trump’s overblown numbers, and his divide-and-conquer strategy to win the GOP nomination and hijack the party, moving it significantly left, it’s women and minorities who will finally and irretrievably sink his campaign.

Trump as nominee will be the biggest electoral disaster the GOP has seen since Barry Goldwater. He may make Hillary Clinton look like a desiccated witch by the time election day rolls around, but she’ll be a desiccated witch in the White House with Bill by her side.

Blowing Up the “Paul Ryan Will Turn Off Women” Meme

I have always thought it was both vapid and shallow for the left and a whole lot of the supposedly objective media to claim that women voters vote with their uterus, or more specifically whether or not they get to kill kids.

All this talk about “Republicans will defund Planned Parenthood so women won’t vote for them” is ridiculous, not borne out in polling, and all involves a religious devotion to killing kids . . . errrr . . . abortion on the left.

If we’re going to use the left’s presumption that women are so shallow that abortion trumps all, we can play the game as well and presume Paul Ryan will not have a problem getting women to like him. Here are the top four searches on Google over the weekend related to Paul Ryan.

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But hey! Barack Obama will always have the mom jeans voters.