‘Take That, Wisconsin!’ Trump Invents A Story About Himself With Vince Lombardi

Donald Trump is so in love with his own voice, and so enamored with being interviewed by the great Bob Woodward, that Woodward got him to spin himself into a story so unlikely that it makes Brian Williams’ Iraq tall tale look truthful in comparison.

Woodward, the Washington Post reporter who brought down Nixon–who spoke directly to Deep Throat–tried to pin Trump down on when he plans to start building a coalition to unite the GOP (hint: never).

DT: The coalition building begins — I believe — when it’s decided who wins. Hopefully I’m going to win. The coalition building for me will be when I win. Vince Lombardi, I saw this. He was not a big man. And I was sitting in a place with some very, very tough football players. Big, strong football players. He came in — these are tough cookies — he came in, years ago — and I’ll never forget it, I was a young man. He came in, screaming, into this place. And screaming at one of these guys who was three times bigger than him, literally. And very physical, grabbing him by the shirt. Now, this guy could’ve whisked him away and thrown him out the window in two seconds. This guy — the player — was shaking. A friend of mine. There were four players, and Vince Lombardi walked in. He was angry. And he grabbed — I was a young guy — he grabbed him by the shirt, screaming at him, and the guy was literally. . . . And I said, wow. And I realized the only way Vince Lombardi got away with that was because he won. This was after he had won so much, okay? And when you have these coaches that are just as tough as him but they don’t win, there’s revolutions. Okay? Nobody. . . . But Vince Lombardi was able to win, and he got — I have never seen anything like it. It was such a vivid impression. You had this big powerful guy, and you had Vince Lombardi, and he grabbed him by the shirt and he was screaming at him, he was angry at him.

On the surface, this could be a plausible story. But (and Woodward may very well know this, but why not let Trump be Trump and talk himself into a trap?) those who know about Lombardi have reason to question it.

Todd Milewski shared in The Capital Times that WaPo’s David Maraniss was really dubious on Trump’s story. In several series of tweets, Maraniss, an associate editor, took Trump to task.

Maraniss apparently knows his Lombardi. Sure, it’s possible Trump saw what he saw over 50 years ago and didn’t embellish his facts. It’s possible, but knowing Trump, very, very unlikely.

Not only that, Maraniss chides Trump for totally missing the point of everything Lombardi believed–twisting it to match Trump’s own “winning” life mantra.

In short, Lombardi is spinning in his grave to hear Trump tell this likely tall tale.

But the Branch Trumpidians will defend it to the death, because Trump cannot be wrong, even when he makes stuff up. Brian Williams is green with envy.

Oh, and “take that, Wisconsin!” because we know you love your heroes to be used by a crass billionaire to puff himself up.

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