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Heritage Action for America is our sponsor this week. Remember, clicking on the sponsor let’s you tell them you appreciate their help keeping The Resurgent clean and easy to ready.

Heritage Action has the best scorecard of any political organization to measure the conservativeness of members of Congress. Their scorecard, unlike some, actually measures the conservativeness of the member and now just how well the member aligns with Republican leaders in Washington.

But Heritage Action does more than that. Heritage Action also has a Sentinel program. They train conservative activists around the country to mobilize, get engaged in the political progress, and hold members of Congress accountable. Their Sentinel program is driving conservative change in America.

I’ve been a big believer in Heritage Action since they started and the fact that Republican leaders in Congress routinely complain about Heritage Action holding them accountable is a testament to their success.

Find out more here and become a Sentinel today.

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