Taking A Leak

So I’m standing at the urinal in my office unloading two cups of coffee, a coke, and several glasses of water when I hear a voice behind me. “Erick,” the voice questions. “Sir?” I respond.

It’s our firm’s managing partner.

While I’m peeing, he decides he needs to discuss electoral strategy with me on how to get the President re-elected. He couldn’t sleep last night and dwelled on poll numbers.

It’s a bit disconcerting to be using the bathroom while your boss is discussing poll results and electoral strategy with you, but the point is a new constant. People are worried that the President is going to lose.

It’s time to accept the reality that he is doing badly. We can rah-rah and cheer-cheer, but the numbers suck. While I think he can pull them up, often times perception becomes reality in politics. The vulnerability of Bush is a preception we must fight like hell to make sure doesn’t solidify — for the good of the party, but much more so for the good of the country. Like a dog, the terrorists are trying to sniff out our fear and wavering resolve.

God help us if we abandon Bush.

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