Taking Down WaPo

Josh Trevino does a very good job of it here.. For those who don’t know, the Washington Post has a website. On the website is a column by a Dan Froomkin called the White House briefing. A lot of reporters don’t like it and a lot of conservatives don’t like it. Froomkin is a snide liberal who, I think, sometimes has difficulty with the truth. In fact, even a large number of liberal/left sites have a problem with Froomkin.

Well, the Washington Post has had enough. The Ombudsmanspends a lot of time today trying to make the case that though the WaPo website has most of WaPo’s content, uses the same logo, and uses the same name, it is not in fact the Washington Post. I call BS on that.

It’s called branding. You put your name on something and all that something to use your name, well you become responsible for it. It’s like my baby Evelyn. She may not be me, exactly, but she looks just like me and has my genes. WaPo.com is WaPos’ baby. And holding out Froomkin’s piece as the White House Briefing, tends to make people think he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the White House. For the record, Froomkin is not even a WaPo employee.

Today, it seems, the Omsbudman supports changing the name of his column to something more honest. Good for them.

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