Tax Appraisals in Macon

Allow me to vent about this. It just hacks me off. As you all know from a prior complaint, my home was assessed at a taxable value of over $160,000.00 a year after the bank assessed it at $122,000.00.

In filing my appeal of the assessment, I used the tax assessor’s own website to find comparable sales to my home. Our house is a three bedroom, two bathroom brick house with 2,454 total square footage. Below are sales of homes in my neighborhood of homes that are very comparable in design, make, age, etc. But, all of the sales were done AFTER the tax appraisal.

Date Sold

Sq. Ft. Sales Price


2330 $122,500


2687 $115,000


3478 $130,000


3257 $121,500


2456 $128,900

Again, all of these houses are brick 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom houses built in the same neighborhood in the 1950’s. Ironically, several of these homes were appraised at the same time for roughly the same amount at which our house was appraised. And yet, when sold in the free market, the sales price was substantially less.

That, to me, is a clear indication of a flaw in the methodology of the tax assessor’s office. And it is a frustration to taxpayers who have to deal with this mess.

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