Ted Cruz, Conservative Icon, Delivers Speech of His Life in Cleveland

Ever since he announced that he would be speaking at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, many of us in the constitutional conservative/Ted Cruz/Mike Lee wing of the GOP have frantically wondered whether a formal endorsement from Cruz might be forthcoming.  I quickly came to this site to write down my own thoughts on what I thought Cruz should say.  Would he toe the party line?  Would he let down his many anti-Trump ardent supporters by endorsing the man who brutally savaged his family during the primary season in the most personal terms possible?  The man whose love of dictatorial strongmen and anti-rule of law would-be despotism is so anathematic to the very constitutional principles Cruz holds so very dear?  The man who once tweeted this?

Ted Cruz did no such thing.  He stared down the establishmentarian party men who used Kremlin-esque strong-arm tactics to illicitly quash conservative dissenters on the convention floor during Monday’s shenanigans.  He stared down the party poobahs who preferred NeverCruz to NeverTrump—the very spineless political consultants and K Street-ers who disgracefully revealed themselves this primary season to be exactly who we always suspected they were.  And, most importantly, he withstood a legitimate tsunami of angry Branch Trumpidian personality cultists, many of whom resorted to frantically booing the Texas senator.

In short, he did what Ted Cruz has done over and over again since arriving in Washington, D.C.: he stood passionately on conservative principle and defended conservative priorities against those who would have preferred he take the easy way out and just meekly endorse the orange-hued clown.  He spoke of the Constitution, and of the rule of law.  He movingly spoke of the recent police tragedy in Dallas, and then proceeded to speak of unshackled markets, of federalism, of the right to life, and of defeating the jihad.  He spoke of the Republican Party’s abolitionist roots, and how it is proudly the Party of Abraham Lincoln.  He delivered an incredibly red meat-packed speech to a crowd that seemed very receptive to such red meat before it soured due to Cruz’s failure to kneel before the alt-right’s god-king.

Ted Cruz did exactly what I, and so many of his other most passionate supporters, said he should do.  He refused to sacrifice his own integrity in order to appease the hapless Reince Priebus and Mitch McConnell.  He properly encouraged conservative constitutionalists to turn out in November, but did not stoop to the level of endorsing a borderline-deranged carnival barker.  He stood up to the haters and eloquently delivered, in a methodical and optimistic cadence, the best speech of his political career.

No one in his right mind can complain any longer about the false perception that Ted Cruz is merely a conniving political actor who only does what is best for his narrow political self-interest.  He did no such thing tonight.  He did not do the easy thing, but he certainly did do the right thing.  And Republican primary voters who gave us Donald J. Trump now have egg on their face, upon seeing in action what might have been.

He gave the best speech of his life.  He has, indeed, emerged as the true leader of the conservative movement in America.

I am so very proud of Ted.

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