Ted Cruz Endorses Mike Crane in Georgia’s Third Congressional District

This is a hotly contested runoff in Georgia. Mike Crane is the conservative in the race. I’m supporting him and he also has the Club for Growth and others supporting him. He is running against an establishment squish who the entirety of the establishment world is vomiting over about how awesome the opponent it. It is because Mike Crane’s opponent will just be a yes man.

Mike Crane is a solid conservative who has stood up to his own side on issues of taxes, religious liberty, and even whether police should have the right to knock in your front door without a warrant. He is getting attacked for saying they should not be allowed to do that.

Ted Cruz is throwing his support behind Mike Crane, recognizing Mike as the only conservative left standing in the race.

“We need conservative fighters like Mike Crane in the House of Representatives,” said Cruz. “As a small business owner, Mike has seen firsthand the heavy burden of government red tape and regulation. And in Congress, I know Mike will stand up to the career politicians in Washington because that is exactly what he has done in Georgia. Today, I’m proud to join thousands of Peach State conservatives in supporting Mike to represent Georgia’s Third Congressional District, and I look forward to fighting alongside him for jobs, freedom, and security for Georgians and all Americans.”

Good for Crane. I hope you too will support Mike.

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