Ted Cruz For President

DISCLAIMER: The following post is my opinion alone and not an endorsement by Erick Erickson or other writers at The Resurgent.

I proudly display a Ted Cruz yard sign in front of my house. I think Cruz is very electable, and will devastate Hillary Clinton in the general election. I support him for the GOP nomination. He’s certainly not the only acceptable candidate for whom I’d vote, but he’s my number one choice. And there can be only one.

Let’s start at electability, which many people see as a disqualification criteria.

General election polling this far out is pretty unreliable, but RCP has Cruz beating Clinton in every poll except PPP (which I consider really suspect). Compare that to Trump, who loses in every poll except the USA Today/Suffolk. Cruz has plenty of room to grow, while Trump has only one way to go.

Rubio’s got the best numbers against Clinton, but again, polling for electability is only the first gate, and a very weak gate at that.

Cruz’s electability is rooted in his consistency and winning record. To me, that’s key. Rubio’s electability is rooted in his–electability. Don’t get me wrong, Rubio tells a great story, a compelling story. I call him my “heart” candidate. But voters are fickle and heart stories can fade quickly. But none of that is the real reason I support Ted Cruz.

The real reason I support Cruz is that he and I share the same unshakeable belief in government being a servant of the people, not a ladder for politicians to climb. At every level–local, state, and federal, our elected officials need to be accountable for their votes and their words. Too many in the history of our Republic have been more interested in their own featherbeds, keeping themselves in office, and favoring those who helped get them there.

Ted Cruz is not that kind of politician. He sticks to his guns, no matter what. You know what you’re getting with Cruz. If it’s an issue related to abortion, he’s on the pro-life side. If it’s Second Amendment, he’s on the citizen’s side. If it’s religious freedom, he’s on the side of faith as an expression of personal devotion, not a disease to be kept from the public square. Cruz believes that our rights as citizens come from God, and government’s job is to preserve those God-given rights, not grant new ones or decide between those rights and government’s power.

Cruz will not compromise on this. He would go down fighting the good fight before surrendering to compromise. This is why so many of his own peers in the Senate despise him. As for raw intellectual horsepower, very few can compete with Cruz.

Where President Obama used his Harvard Law degree and background as a lecturer in Constitutional law to subvert and defeat the will of the people, increase the size and power of government, and turn the founding fathers’ document on its head, Cruz will use his intimate knowledge of that document and how the levers of government, its branches, checks and balances to restore Constitutional Republicanism to the nation.

I am glad to offer my enthusastic endorsement (for what it’s worth) to Ted Cruz for President of the United States.

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