Ted Cruz IS Eligible To Be President, Let’s Put This To Bed

Like a lice infestation or anti-Semitic blood libels, the issue of Ted Cruz’s birth on Canadian soil keeps coming back, promoted by various anti-Cruz factions, self-promoting idiots, and egged on by Donald Trump.

Even Trump has generally stopped his attacks on the Ted “birther” issue.

The latest waste of judicial time and money was resolved in New York, when the high court there refused to hear the challenge to Cruz’s presence on the ballot.

The only mildly amusing aspect of this expected outcome (the challenge was filed too late) is that one of the plaintiffs had the unfortunate name of William Gallo.

Plaintiffs Barry Korman and William Gallo had maintained that Cruz isn’t “a natural born citizen” of the U.S. as constitutionally required for eligibility to be president.

If you travel back to 1992 with me, you might remember Joe Pesci’s role in “My Cousin Vinny,” in which he impersonates a famous New York lawyer “Jerry Gallo.” I couldn’t help myself from thinking, “Jerry Gallo’s dead. I’m Jerry Callo, with a ‘C'” as I read the story.

I’m sure Vinny Gambini would have done a better job with these cases than the jokers who filed them.

To review, judges in these jurisdictions have dismissed cases or ruled that Cruz is eligible.

Cruz isn’t worried, and you shouldn’t be worried either.

Remember that in 2012, Trump joined the Obama birther bandwagon, forever cementing himself with the tin foil hat crowd. They’re still loyal to him.

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