Ted Cruz Is So Lucky or God Really Likes Him

Ted Cruz is up for re-election next year and a lot of Republicans are gunning for him for daring to be a conservative. They don’t like that he has ignored sacred traditions that drive up spending. Some of them are still upset he took so long to endorse Trump, while others are upset he did endorse Trump eventually.

One of the people who is upset with Cruz being an “ideologue” is Matt Dowd, the Democrat turned Bushie turned not so Bushie turned critic of the two party system. Dowd wants to mount an independent bid against Cruz in Texas.

There are a couple of people who think they might want to primary Cruz and a few Democrats who think they can build a coalition with squishy Republicans to take him on. The odds are actually that Cruz is safe for re-election. But Dowd just gives conservatives cause to pour money into Cruz’s coffers and cheer him on.

Matt Dowd running against Ted Cruz is basically God foreordaining Ted Cruz’s re-election.

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