Ted Cruz Made Donald Trump Hide Behind Political Correctness

Below is the interview of Donald Trump with Tim Russert that Ted Cruz referenced in the Thursday night debate. In it, Donald Trump says he is very pro-choice and supports even partial birth abortions because he is from New York and has New York values.

To deflect Cruz’s point last night, Donald Trump had to resort to political correctness. He had to insist that the American values on display on 9/11 were somehow uniquely New York values. Second, he had to make the case that those New Yorkers were victims and you cannot say such bad things about those victims, Ted Cruz.

That is political correctness. Trump tried to shutdown and shame someone by playing the victim.

The fact is that what was on display on 9/11 were American values. And most everyone outside of New York knows those were not the values Ted Cruz was talking about.

What Ted Cruz was talking about was exactly what Donald Trump was talking about to Tim Russert — New Yorkers are liberals and Trump, on Meet the Press, admitted it.

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