Ted Cruz: Not All Heroes Wear Capes. But None Wear RompHims.

Just yesterday, the Internet briefly united behind a fantastic new meme.  The Washington Free Beacon shared the picture of a straight-laced & suited Tom Cotton, a coffee-holding & peace-sign-giving Chuck Schumer, and a gym-clothes-clad Ben Sasse hanging out on the Hill along with the caption “Caption Contest”, and the responses were truly a glorious sight to behold, uniting the Twitterverse in some much-needed glee near the end of one of the most tumultuous political weeks in recent memory.







All truly hilarious responses.

But then came Ted Cruz, with the best response yet:

Slow. Clap.


For those somehow unaware (oh how I envy you), the RompHim is the KickStarter creation of ACED Design and is likely the most atrocious – but most easily mockable – fashion invention ever. That’s just a scientific fact. Worse than the fedora-worn-with-a-t-shirt look. Worse, even, than the man bun. And when a hero needed to arise to oppose the RompHim, Ted Cruz proudly answered that call.

Senator Cruz’s response set the Internet ablaze with laughter, but not everyone was happy. GQ – which apparently has decided to moonlight as the Fun Police when it isn’t hosting the truly absurd video rantings of the fired-from-ESPN-and-fired-from-MSNBC Keith Olbermann – was none too amused by Cruz’s tweet, putting out an angry article entitled “Ted Cruz Somehow Already Ruined RompHims” (as if that were somehow a bad thing). The article said, in part: “Few people look at Ted Cruz and think, Boy, now that’s a guy with a sense of humor. He has the comedic timing of a bag of rocks and yet, somehow manages to have the confidence of the actual Rock.” Wow. Someone’s mad – almost as mad as DeadSpin (I believe now legally renamed TedSpin) was when Ted Cruz mercilessly dunked on them earlier this year.

As Texas Monthly would put it in their Quote of the Day section today:

“Cruz was weighing in on a caption contest for a photo of Senators Ben Basse and Chuck Schumer, implying the New York Senator just bought a few RompHims, a fashion item geared toward men that blew up on the internet earlier this week for some odd reason. Shortly after Cruz’s tweet, the men’s style gatekeepers over at GQ promptly asserted that Cruz had just “ruined rompers for men.” The RompHim is dead, and Ted Cruz killed it. RIP, RompHim.

Ted Cruz: Slayer of Big Government, Crusader for Liberty, Killer of the RompHim. Let’s be very clear here – if Ted Cruz did just kill off RompHims, then he did the nation and indeed the entire world a great service. “Vote Ted Cruz: He Somehow Already Ruined RompHims” might just be the greatest campaign slogan of all time. Here’s hoping he has the same level of success in getting rid of Obamacare. So thank you, Senator. Not all heroes wear capes – but no heroes wear RompHims.

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