Ted Cruz Owned Deadspin and It Was Glorious

Leave it to the lifelong Duke Blue Devils fan and former Ted Cruz presidential campaign volunteer to write this one up, I suppose.

If ESPN is “MSNBC with footballs,” as Ben Shapiro sometimes refers to it, then the sports gossip website Deadspin is “Vox with a field hockey skirt.”  The site is partially a half-assed attempt at Barstool Sports-style “humor” and partially just inane left-wing propaganda.

It seems that an agitator at Deadspin named Ashley Feinberg took a peculiar interest in the fact that Sen. Cruz has taken it upon himself to organize a recurring Capitol Hill pickup basketball game for his fellow Senators.  Deadspin then tweeted out a request for photographic evidence, and, well, Cruz took it from there:

That Duke’s Grayson Allen looks shockingly like a young Ted Cruz has been an ongoing Internet meme for well over a year now.  To my knowledge, this is the first time Cruz has acknowledged it.  The more cordial “new Ted Cruz” may not want to emulate Allen’s somewhat infamous likability problems—I would submit that he is probably the third-most widely despised Duke player of the Coach K era, behind only Christian Laettner (that shot, though) and J.J. Redick (those three-pointers, though)—but one must confess that the Allen/Cruz resemblance is rather uncanny.

Deadspin, whose editors surely must all now see a proctologist over their overwhelming butthurt, responded to Cruz in typically vulgar fashion.  But not content to let them get the last laugh, Cruz responded with a classic Ron Burgundy GIF:

Scoreboard: Ted Cruz 1, Deadspin 0.  Well played, Senator.

Now, if only Duke might regain its mojo this season on the actual basketball court…

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