Ted Cruz Stands Against UNESCO Plan To Remove Jewish Ties To Temple Mount

UNESCO, and in general the UN as a whole, is a joke and a hive of Jew haters thinly disguised as “diplomacy.” Now the body’s World Heritage Committee is preparing to vote Wednesday to ratify a resolution removing references to Jewish and Christian ties to Jerusalem’s holy sites.

Israel–the world’s only Jewish state–claims Jerusalem as its “eternal capital,” conducts all its national government business there, and Jews around the world recognize the city as the cultural and religious center of Jewish life. Both Jews and Christians recognize Jerusalem as the place where Jesus taught, the site of Solomon’s Temple, and later the second Temple, and King Herod’s Temple complex, of which only the western retaining wall still stands.

These people really lived and these events really happened–just because they are in the Bible doesn’t make them mythical religious stories. King David, King Solomon, King Herod and Jesus of Nazareth were real historical people (regardless of what you believe). They were not Muslims, because they lived hundreds, or thousands of years before Muhammad.

Now the Temple Mount contains a mosque and an Islamic shrine, the Dome of the Rock, where Jews are not allowed.

The Times of Israel reported on Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida’s 27th Congressional District, encompassing eastern Miami-Dade and Homestead) and their leading the effort to let UNESCO know how most Americans feel about this travesty.

In a bipartisan, bicameral letter similar to the one sent to the executive board before its vote last week, and initiated by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida), the group of senators and congressmen call the proposed resolution “yet another attempt to rewrite history by denying Jewish and Christian ties to Jerusalem.”

“The upcoming resolution at the World Heritage Committee is every bit as divisive as the Executive Board resolution, despite Jerusalem’s inscription as a holy city for Judaism, Christianity and Islam on UNESCO’s World Heritage list,” the letter, which was signed by 10 lawmakers including Cruz and Ros-Lehtinen, read.

The lawmakers warned that “attempting to erase the Jewish and Christian connection to this sacred city will further damage the prospects of peace between Israel and the Palestinians,” calling on “member states of the World Heritage Committee to respect and protect the religious, cultural, and historical significance of Jerusalem and to uphold the values and ideals enshrined in UNESCO’s Constitution.”

Cruz said the resolution was another “pernicious effort to delegitimize Israel” and urged members to “vote against this resolution that attempts to rewrite thousands of years of Jerusalem’s Jewish identity, which has been scientifically reaffirmed by the archaeological record.”

Once again Ted Cruz takes a principled stand for Israel. You’ll never hear Hillary Clinton speak a kind word supporting Israel, or its sovereign right to maintain Jerusalem as its capital. Donald Trump promised to support Israel, but we’ll never know what he would have done, since he’s thrown the election to Clinton.

It’s not a slam dunk that the UNESCO World Heritage Committee will ratify the resolution, which was approved by its executive committee last week. But the Times wrote that it’s expected to pass “with a comfortable majority.”

Finland, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Peru, Cuba, Jamaica, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Angola and Tanzania will be voting in Paris.

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