Ted Cruz SuperPAC Goes Nuclear on Marco Rubio

That mushroom cloud you see over Miami is the result of the hardest hitting ad of the campaign season so far — Ted Cruz’s primary Super PAC launched this ad against Marco Rubio. (H/t to CNN’s Teddy Schleifer)

It has Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, and members of the press either endorsing or announcing Marco Rubio as the provider of amnesty.

This ad is going to have a pretty devastating impact in SEC Primary states where the issue remains a big one. More importantly, I have had several pollsters today tell me that while Cruz and Trump’s voters will go to no one other than those two men, Rubio’s voters are gettable by Cruz.

That his super PAC is doing this seems to be an indication they are pulling out all the stops to get Rubio voters to change their mind hoping, based on their data, that the minds of the voters will be changed to Cruz.

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