Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, poses for a portrait following an interview with the Associated Press in Washington, Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015. Cruz outlined an approach to foreign policy inspired by Ronald Reagan, saying he would restore the American leadership missing from the world under President Barack Obama. But pressed on how he would address specific hotspots of today, Cruz places limits on American action, including refusing to back ground troops to combat the Islamic State. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Ted Cruz Wins Iowa. Media Hopes You Don’t Notice.

Ted Cruz is winning Iowa. His ground game pushed him through and put him over polling that suggested he would lose to Donald Trump.

But Ted Cruz has not only outperformed, he is the only politician in America to successfully turn Donald Trump into a loser.

The media would prefer you look at Marco Rubio’s commendable showing, but given the polling spreads, Ted Cruz actually outperformed Marco Rubio. Cruz is leaving Iowa with a bigger win above polling averages than Rubio gets in third place.

And did I mention that Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump? At a time when every Republican establishment leader in America piled on Ted Cruz and at a time when Iowa’s own Governor led an effort among Iowa Republicans to stop Cruz and at a time when many Republicans decided to ally with Trump to stop Cruz, Ted Cruz beat them all.

Cruz has withstood more negative attacks than Trump, a united opposition from the establishment, and still wins.

He leaves Iowa with more money in the bank than any of the other candidates.

He leaves Iowa the Trump slayer.

And he leaves Iowa as the conservative choice.

Ted Cruz leaves Iowa the front runner.

The media hopes you pay attention to Marco Rubio’s position.

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