Ted Cruz Won’t Beat a Dead Horse on Graham-Cassidy

Graham-Cassidy is as dead as a horse at the glue factory, but the Senate seems determined to go through its kabuki disaster theater anyway.

At least Sen. Ted Cruz knows better than to beat a dead horse.

“Right now, they don’t have my vote,” Cruz said during a panel discussion at the Texas Tribune festival in Austin that also included Sen. John Cornyn. “And I don’t think they have Mike Lee’s vote, either.”


Consistently, Cruz and Lee have focused on the right thing: making health insurance premiums more affordable for those who have to pay out of their pockets for it.

Sen. John McCain has decided his vote will go to the plan with the most Democrats involved in its crafting, that follows the long, winding road of “bipartisan” support. That means it will be single-payer, but by golly, it will be completely transparent and worked out in every detail to bankrupt the country.

Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins simply want free health care for Maine and Alaska, because those two states are trend-setting in every way and are entitled to make the rest of America suffer to get their way.

In the meantime, America’s health care system, under increasing federal control, is suffocating. Congress will do nothing and we will soon end up with Hillarycare. Then Hillary can write a book about how she planned to lose all along so her health care plan would be passed by Republicans.

Unless Congress can act to repeal Obamacare and restore the proper function of health insurance versus what doctors and nurses do (that’s called “health care”) to the private sector where the economics of supply and demand, unfettered by the Leviathan government-cronyism system can keep costs down, at this point no Republican senator should bother beating a dead horse.

Ted Cruz knows when to trade his horse whip for a fly swatter, because the dead carcass of Graham-Cassidy is already attracting them in droves.

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