Ted Poe’s Clip

We played this on air on WMAC yesterday and I’ve gotten over 100 emails, plus phone calls, since then begging me for a link to the clip and to play it again.

In the 7am segment this morning, we’re going to do just that. In the meantime, here’s the clip:

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  • I heard the Ted Poe speach on the radio this morning for the first time and was totally amazed! Ever since the Democrats have taken over the congress we have literally gone into the toilet. This proves without a shadow of a doubt that they are simply stupid and think that we are even more stupid than they! Please keep up the good work and tell us what we need to do to insure that you stay on the radio. I quit listening when Kenny B left and have only returned as a regular listener since you came on the air. Why they ever hired someone from another state to do a local talk show is beyond me. Beware if you do decide to go to work for Cumulus. They have done some really stupid things in the recent past. Get everything they promise in writing!