Ted Who?

Apparently some preacher in Colorado has been fornicating with some gay prostitute and doing crystal meth. At least that is what the media tells me.

For some reason, the media seems to think that all Evangelicals are led by someone and apparently this guy is suppose to be our leader. I don’t know who the heck he is. Never heard of him until today.

I guess in the media world this is par for the course. After all, they talk about “Black Leaders” and “Hispanic Leaders” and “Catholic Leaders,” so I guess we evangelicals are suppose to have one too.

Well, the leader of my evangelical movement is named Jesus Christ. I have no idea who this Ted guy is or if what the media claims is true is actually true. I take it, based on the reaction of some, that I’m suppose to criticize this guy like I’ve criticized John Kerry’s remarks.

I don’t really know why. I mean, some guy I’ve never heard of did something, apparently, with another guy and all the people who think there is nothing wrong with that want me to beat the guy up. But, the former Democratic Presidential Nominee for the Democratic Party insulted our troops publicly in the middle of a series of appearances on behalf of Democratic candidates — and it wasn’t the only time he’s done that — and I’m suppose to not say anything? Yeah, right.

Again, I’m an evangelical. My leader’s name is Jesus Christ. When I figure out who this Ted guy is and why I’m suppose to care, I might have more to say, but I doubt it. It’s not like he’s running for office like Jim Webb (Perv-VA).

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  • You are lieing here deliberately, Erick. You know this guy is the head of the NEH. You know how close he is both to President Bush and the attempt to pass initiative legislation in Colorado.

    You know this. Yet you lie.

    Why? It’s a completely useless lie.

    And it’s pure Pilate. You wash your hands of him, just like Pilate.

    Instead you have to add a lie about what Mr. Kerry said, and claim that deals with it?

    You sound like Rev. Ted.

  • Dear Dana,

    What is your problem? This Ted is not our Lord, as he is simply a mortal man that happens to have been leading Christians who relied upon him not to become a fallen man. Where God is, the Devil resides trying desparately to make the church fall away. It will never happen because I, as a Christian, pray for the those that are hurting right now. Those that are very shamed are the family of this minister, and his congregation. Jesus is Lord and King of Kings, and he is going to take care of his flock, and you need not mock him or those that follow in his love and his word.

    Is that all you care about, Dana, which is to gloat over someone else’s fall from grace? You, as a liberal, are the one that needs to seek help for your joyfulness over the sorrow of so many.

  • And I do not wish to sound arrogant that only I am praying as a Christian because I am one of billions of Christians that are praying throughout the world. I am small when compared to Jesus.