Teen Las Vegas Shooting Victim: Trump’s Visit ‘Comforting’; ‘He Wasn’t Who We See on Social Media’

REPORTER 1: “What was your conversation like with him? Do you remember what he asked?”
TIFFANY: “Yeah, he was asking like who played and what — like he — he knew that a lot of people knew it sounded like fireworks, which a lot of people did. And so he was asking what I did and where I went.”
REPORTER 2: “Did he offer you words of comfort? Did he say anything that stands out to you?”
REPORTER 1: “You said he was amazing. Why was that?
TIFFANY: “Yeah, he was like super nice; he wasn’t who we see on social media. He was much more comforting.”
REPORTER 2: “What did he say that was so comforting?”
TIFFANY: “I don’t know. I guess tone of voice and just — just the way he was.”
REPORTER 1: “In person?”
TIFFANY: “Yeah.”

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