Tell Pollsters You Like Gary Johnson, He Needs To Be In The Debates

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian (though Republican) candidate for president, is polling between 7 and 13 points. After Donald Trump’s post-coronation bump, it’s trending to the low numbers, and will stay there as Hillary Clinton rebounds after her crowning.

The threshold for Johnson to join Trump and Clinton on the debate stage is 15 percent. We need him on the stage, if only to give our military something to watch. One thing he appears to have that Trump and Clinton lack is a clear preference from active duty military. Brandon Morse at RedState wrote:

The poll Johnson mentioned by Johnson at the end of the video is in reference to a survey done by a popular military centered Facebook page called “Doctrine Man.” The poll itself is unscientific, but according to it, active military troops prefer Gary Johnson over the other two candidates by a decent margin.

The poll revealed that 38.7% of active duty members prefer Gary Johnson, with Trump and Clinton trailing with 30.9%, and 14.1% respectively. It should be noted that this poll does have a margin of error, so more precise numbers may be different.

Marines, Air Force and Army respondents chose Johnson on top, while the Navy went for Trump (with Johnson a close second). I won’t speculate on why that might be so (not to inflame interservice rivalries) but you can draw your own conclusions. (I lean toward the Wild Blue Yonder myself).

Why do they like Johnson? For one thing, he just did 22 pushups–one for each vet who is lost to suicide every day–as part of a challenge highlighting the terrible plight of our veterans. Let’s see Trump do 22 pushups. And don’t give me that seventy-year-old excuse. If Jack Palance could do one-handed pushups at the Oscars, Trump could at least try.

But the main reason Johnson should be on the debate stage is to force Clinton and Trump to put a bit more money where their big fat mouths are. Having just the two of them duke it out in what’s guaranteed to be an insult-fest and sound-bite overdrive, is, honestly, boring for me. It’s like watching WWE–contrived and scripted.

Johnson would add just the right degree of realism, along with an actual loony pot-growing Libertarian on stage, it would push Trump to be even more of a tinfoil-hatted paranoid prepper baiter than he already is. But my main goal in having Johnson on stage would be to force Trump to stumble into admitting he is pro-choice.

Because Trump is and has always been pro-choice and he’s lying his orange head off to make himself seem pro-life. Johnson is unabashedly pro-choice, and Hillary is beyond pro-choice–she’s positively celebratory about every unborn baby killed in utero up to the moment of birth.

So if a pollster calls you, and you’re like me, with no dog in this hunt, or you’re truly undecided, tell the pollster you are hard over for Gary Johnson. Answering a poll isn’t like casting your vote, but if you poll for Johnson, he may win a spot on the debate stage. You have nothing to lose.

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