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Texas and Tennessee Mock Meddlesome California’s Quixotic Travel Bans

California’s tolerance knows no bounds, except when traveling to conservative states like Texas and Tennessee, where the left-coast brand of virtue signaling doesn’t fly so high.

The Golden State banned state-funded travel to the two states, along with Alabama, South Dakota and Kentucky for supporting such things as Texas’ protecting religious adoption agencies against being forced to provide same-sex families adoption services. When faced with that choice in Massachusetts, Catholic adoption organizations closed down versus violating their own conscience.

The moral busybodies on the left coast seem to believe that they’re somehow superior to all the other states, and therefore get to dictate what is and isn’t acceptable. It’s laughable and worthy of being mocked without shame or mercy.

For his part, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott didn’t hold back pointing out that many businesses and individuals are fleeing California for such places as Texas, where the business climate is measurably friendlier.

“California might be able to stop their state employees, but they can’t stop all the businesses that are fleeing over taxation and regulation, and relocating to Texas,” said Gov. Greg Abbott‘s press secretary, John Wittman.

But we all realize that California’s little tirade has no teeth at all. It’s just political grandstanding and moral preening.

Several Texas political leaders saw right through the stunt, citing the hypocrisy of Gov. Jerry Brown’s visit to China, where LGBT rights areย practicallyย non-existent. California doesn’t ban travel to China…but they do oppose another kind of travel ban.

It’s funny how the very state that is so adamantly against keeping terrorists out of our country — they oppose the President’s travel ban — now wants to keep Californians out of Texas,” said Marc Rylander, communications director for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. “I guess that’s California logic.”

In Tennessee, a group of lawmakers made their response official, with a joint resolution noting, among other things, “Tennessee is pleasantly surprised that California will not be sending its economic development teams to Tennessee to recruit our businesses, but we can still send our teams to recruit their businesses…”

It was, indeed, a marvelous trolling.

But being trolled is the least of California’s problems. Its economy, while large, is being eroded by the state’s draconian regulatory environment and toxic need for social conformity. The state’s signature industry: Hollywood, was bested by Georgia in 2016.

Seventeen features filmed in Georgia in 2016, meaning the state has outpaced the previous frontrunner, California, as the top location for feature film production.

California’s epicenter of leftist intolerance, San Francisco, is losing people like East Germany after the wall fell. Only the rich, the liberal, and the trapped will remain as everyone who can load up and drive away will do so.

Indeed, since 2010, the Golden State has seen an overall net outflow of $36 billion from these migrants (and that counts only the first year of income). The biggest gainers from this exchange are where Californians are moving, to such places as Texas, Arizona and Nevada. That some California employers are joining them in the same places should be something of a two-minute warning for state officials.

So, let California have its Quixotic travel ban. As long as America remains a free country (anathema to the dogmatic statist radicals), people in California will continue to pack up and move to greener pastures, like they have in Texas and Tennessee.

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