Texas Governor Greg Abbott Sacks NFL on Twitter

Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted out a scalding attack on the NFL this week in response to their meddling in state politics. The NFL threatened to boycott Texas as a potential Super Bowl site over a rather simple and straightforward bathroom bill. Oddly enough the bill doesn’t event apply to professional sporting events Texas Senate Bill 6 states,

“A school district or open-enrollment charter school shall adopt a policy requiring each multiple-occupancy bathroom or changing facility accessible to students that is located in a school or school facility to be designated for and used only by persons based on the person’s biological sex.”

Abbott was having absolutely none of Goodell’s nonsense. He wasted no time going for the jugular with this fantastic response on Twitter.

I admit as a native Georgian, the tweet didn’t exactly bring back fond memories. While watching the home town team blow such a huge lead is never particularly fun, I did take some comfort in seeing the dismay on the face of Arthur Blank as the Super Bowl slipped away. Blank, in conjunction with Goodell, worked tirelessly to pressure Governor Deal to veto Georgia’s religious freedom bill last year. After using the 2018 Super Bowl to help coerce the veto, Blank had to watch helplessly as Brady orchestrated a historic comeback to rob the Falcons of winning the 2017 Super Bowl. Brady demonstrated, yet again, that no disciplinary measure from the commissioner’s office is enough to stop the Patriots.

Frankly, I am sick and tired of seeing the NFL meddle in state politics. If a bill directly effects the NFL, that’s one thing. But this bill has absolutely no impact on the NFL or the Super Bowl. Goodell is just trying to use his position as a bully pulpit to force his social views on Texans, just like he did in Georgia. Unfortunately Deal caved to the pressure and sold out Georgians for the all-mighty dollar. If Goodell thinks Texas will do the same, he’s going to be sorely surprised.

With the decline in ratings over the past year, the NFL might want to rethink this crazy political activism. Football isn’t like Hollywood. Goodell can’t rely on coastal leftists to prop up the NFL. A huge portion of the NFL’s viewership comes from the south and mid-west, and active social progressivism on the part of Goodell is just going to alienate that base. Back in the early 2000’s NASCAR started an active campaign to appeal to viewers in New England and the west coast, and it failed miserably. In the process they alienated many of the southern fan base, which was largely the driving force behind NASCAR’s popularity. Selling out Texans to gain the support of New Yorkers and Californians might work for Democrats, musicians, and actors, but it’s going to be a losing proposition for professional football.

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