Thank Goodness! Trump Gives Up His Personal Cellphone

The moment so many of us have been waiting for has finally arrived: Donald Trump has given up his cellphone.

At least, temporarily.

According to The Hill, Trump will “follow in the footsteps” of President Obama, who gave up his own cellphone for security reasons, trading it in for a secure Blackberry. The article continues, “Personal smartphones are a relatively new problem for security officials to deal with – Obama was the nation’s first president who regularly used a cellphone.”

According to a November article from Fortune, Trump was worried about this very possibility, believing he could “become isolated without the phone.”

Does this mean the end of torrential Trump tweets? So far, no details have been shared about whether the President-elect will be able to use Twitter from the secured device. And Fortune went on to point out that “Trump isn’t very familiar with how to use a computer, and didn’t use email as recently as 2007.” It appears unlikely he would tweet regularly from one.

Still, it is difficult to imagine a President Trump without his preferred method of reaching the public, scoffing at his opponents, lashing out at his critics and causing pharmaceutical and aerospace companies’ stocks to drop.

For now, the dream is still alive that the POTUS will not use social media imprudently for the next four years, but only time will tell.

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