The words "THANK YOU" written in vintage metal letterpress type sitting in a wooden drawer.

Thank You

The fundraiser for The Resurgent met our goal. Thank you very much. We have ordered the equipment and some of it has already arrived. You’ll start to see more live-streaming of my radio show soon with a nicer look. We’ll also be hitting the road soon to start interviewing people.

As you can imagine, the last year has been daunting, but health-wise and politically. On a near daily basis I am inundated with some of the nastiest hate mail I have every gotten and it is all from Trump supporters. Obama supporters and gay rights activists have sent some pretty awful stuff in the past, but it all pales in comparison to what I’m getting now.

So your generosity and also kind emails in the past few days have been very encouraging. I cannot thank you enough. We not only met our goal, but we received donations from all over the world, which was stunning. Lots of Americans around the world have emailed their appreciation for The Resurgent and I’m very overwhelmed.

For those of you who are interested, if you have a business, good, or service that might like to sponsor The Resurgent, please click the “contribute” tab at the top of the site for information on how to be the exclusive sponsor of The Resurgent for a week. For those who would like to still contribute, you may use the secure form below or go here.

All the best and thank you,


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