House Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C. smiles as he speaks with the media on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, March 23, 2017, following a Freedom Caucus meeting. GOP House leaders delayed their planned vote on a long-promised bill to repeal and replace "Obamacare," in a stinging setback for House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump in their first major legislative test. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Thank You, House Freedom Caucus

Establishment Republicans are coordinating an attack on conservative House Freedom Caucus members, blaming them for scuttling the Obamacare tickling plan. All House Freedom Caucus members did was insist the GOP keep its promises.

There were several ways they could have done that.

First, they could have sent the Senate an actual repeal bill and let the chair rule that it was in order under the Byrd rule. That was the easiest and best option and could have gotten it through.

Second, they could have used their 2015 legislation that they all supported as the framework for the new legislation.

Third, they could have just passed the 2015 legislation.

It was easy.

But it was the moderates who refused. Moderates decided they could not do full repeal. Moderates decided they had to keep a massive government entitlement plan. Moderates decided they needed to expand Medicaid. Moderates decided they could not get rid of the regulations.

All the House Freedom Caucus wanted was for the Republicans to keep their promises. But the GOP, led by moderates, decided to break their promise.

Now that they have been exposed, they are blaming the House Freedom Caucus. Remember, Senator Mike Lee just yesterday said the Senate Parliamentarian would have allowed repeal of regulations with the plan. That exposes the lie. Moderate Republicans do not want the regulations repealed.

They could have done it and they did not do it.

The House Freedom Caucus deserves our thanks for stopping terrible legislation that would have driven up healthcare costs in America.

The House Freedom Caucus spared the nation the further tyranny of John Boehner and they have spared us the further tyranny of an ever more dysfunctional health care bureaucracy. Thank you!

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