Thanks Buzzfeed For Taking Down The MSM

By releasing the salacious innuendo worthy of any supermarket tabloid just a day before Trump’s first news conference since July 27, the press has effectively killed its own credibility to ask real questions today.

Even the New York Times got in on the act, using the fig leaf that they were covering Trump being warned by the FBI, not the unproven allegations themselves.

The appendix summarized opposition research memos prepared mainly by a retired British intelligence operative for a Washington political and corporate research firm. The firm was paid for its work first by Mr. Trump’s Republican rivals and later by supporters of Mrs. Clinton. The Times has checked on a number of the details included in the memos but has been unable to substantiate them.

A grab-bag of outlandish and even unbelievable claims, many of which fly in the face of what is publicly known about Trump, is not worthy of newsprint in the legitimate press. Now the legitimate press has sabotaged its legitimacy to ask Trump about Russia.

Everything Trump has claimed about the press being dishonest and biased was proven true by this breach of journalistic standards. They are going to ask him about Russian hacking, conflicts of interest, Obamacare, and immigration. Trump is going to respond by telling them how they are a bunch of lying scumbags. Outside of those in the media, the beltway, and the political elite, who will Americans believe?

They’re going to believe Trump.

For a year and a half, Trump has called the media dishonest, and they’ve proven him right by publishing half-baked, paid opposition research as news. Even reporters who rightly reacted with horror at this orgy of self-indulgent wishing will be rendered less effective by it.

Why? Because the PEOTUS is tweeting Laura Ingraham’s to debunk Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed tried and failed to become mainstream news (“We have always erred on the side of publishing”–Ben Smith), and now they’ve taken down the mainstream news media with them. In the Trump era, there will no longer be such a thing as a news organ of record. It’s going to be every one for him or herself, and Trump will divide and conquer as he always does. The NYT vs. Buzzfeed vs. Ingraham vs. Breitbart (or the National Enquirer); it’s all the same in Trump world.

Instead of a serious examination of what Trump knew about Russian hacking, disinformation, and manipulation, we’ll have a circus today. Instead of questioning Trump’s appointment of his own son-in-law as an official White House adviser, we’ll get to see Trump make mincemeat of his questioners. Instead of getting the truth about Trump’s relationship with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the anti-vaxxers, we’ll get trolled.

It’s certainly possible that Trump will stand up and be completely forthright and transparent today. I hope he is. But nobody really expects that.

Now the press, by being so stupidly and blatantly biased–Erick called them the “resistance”–has emasculated itself and destroyed its own ability to make Trump accountable. They’ve only empowered and encouraged him to cling to his worst attributes.

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Steve Berman

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