Thanks For Nothing Mitt, You Actually Helped Trump

Mitt Romney represents everything the GOPe stands for and everything that’s wrong with party politics. He was the “hold your nose” candidate for many conservatives in 2012. He was supposed to be the political savior who destroys President Obama and reverses everything the Democrats did in Obama’s first term.

It was all a mirage. Donald Trump was absolutely right when he said that Mitt Romney was a failed candidate who should have beaten Obama easily but squandered it. Romney didn’t engage at critical moments in the race. He left Benghazi on the table, allowed CNN  moderator Obama shill Candy Crowley to lead him by the nose, and generally acted like a disaffected rich person who summers at Lake Winnipesaukee with his perfect Mormon family and car-surfing dog.

Romney’s face was the face of shame from the day after election day 2012–which coincidentally was the same day Trump trademarked “Make America Great Again.” Like Batman created The Joker, Romney created Trump.

Unfortunately, Romney isn’t the alter-ego of some scarred justice vigilante with the tools to engage his nemesis. He’s just an investment banker whose political time is long gone. When Romney came out to blast Trump, all he did was remind everyone of everything wrong with the Republican Party, and why people are so attracted to Trump.

Now Democrats are mocking us, who stand against Trump, even more because we’ve been given the golden finger and thumb in the shape of an “L” on our forehead, delivered straight from the Establishment Himself. I normally don’t quote the New York Post, but their editorial board summed it up nicely.

Romney actually popped back in the news half a year ago — when he (reluctantly) opted out of the 2016 race because he figured Jeb Bush had a better shot.

Anyway, on Thursday, Romney speaks at the University of Utah on “the state of the 2016 presidential race.” By all accounts, it’s a bid to rally the anti-Trump cause and set the agenda for that evening’s GOP debate.

Because a one-term governor of Massachusetts — the author of RomneyCare, the model for ObamaCare — is the obvious guy to save the Republican Party.

He’s definitely gunning for Trump — his opening salvo came last week when he suggested there might be a “bombshell” in Trump’s tax returns.

(Hey, at least Mitt’s learned something: That’s the same shot-in-the-dark cheap shot Sen. Harry Reid tossed at Romney for months back in 2012.)

In fact — as Utah’s Sen. Orrin Hatch said outright to CNN — it looks like Romney’s aiming for a deadlocked GOP convention that would then nominate . . . him.

Because he hasn’t led Republicans to enough disasters.

Just go away, Mitt. Just go away.

Romney could not have spoken at a worse time to incite Trump’s legions into frothy paroxysms against everyone-who’s-ever-been-elected-to-office. After Romney’s speech, everything Cruz said became Charlie Brown’s teacher to the Trumpkins. They weren’t even listening. They only heard their master’s voice.

This is why over 55 percent of the 454,816 (as of Friday morning) who took Matt Drudge‘s “who won the debate” poll went for Trump, who could not have made less sense if he were reading Martini’s part in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. These Trumpkins are not insane, but they are reacting to what they see as the GOP engineering the race, rigging it for “their man.”

At this point, Trump has made the definition of “establishment” so malleable and bereft of meaning that he could call Cruz, Rubio, Mike Lee and Ben Sasse “establishment” while accepting endorsements from Gov. Chris Christie, Rep. Chris Collins (Heritage Action Score 48%), Rep. Duncan Hunter (Heritage Action Score 72%), and Rep. Tom Marino (Heritage Action Score 53%). Cruz has a 100% score and Rubio is 94%. The word “conservative” has no meaning (unless you call them “cuckservatives” which means “anyone but Trump”).

All Romney accomplished was to give Trump another millstone to attempt to hang on Cruz and Rubio’s necks. If Romney is against Trump, then by association Cruz and Rubio must be with Romney.

Thanks a lot, Mitt. If we need any more favors, we won’t ask.

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