Thanks To AT&T For Saving The World

One of the top trending apps on the iPhone app store is AT&T’s Call Protect. I received an email from AT&T last night about it and installed it this morning. Yesterday I must have received at least 10 telemarketer calls from real but unknown-to-me numbers. Today, my phone rang and the caller was tagged “Telemarketer.”

I literally squealed with delight as I declined the call. Then I went into the handy app and blocked the number, which at least 71 others have done according to the app.

This app is a heaping helping of awesome slathered with awesome sauce.

If you’re an AT&T customer and you don’t have it, get it.

I was mocked and criticized for switching to AT&T from another carrier a few months ago. I did it for the extra data and free streaming of DirecTV content. Believe me, when you’ve got two kids under 10 years old, it’s worth the mocking.

Although other networks (namely Verizon for one) have better service coverage, this app alone justifies my decision. Oh, and it’s free, as is the service.

Apparently, you don’t need the app to use the Call Protect service, but having it makes the world a lot less crappy. The app is available for iPhone and Android.

Thank you, AT&T, for saving the world. Now if you’d make your customer service and websites as great as this app…that might be asking too much.

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